Maulana Sheikh NazimKingdoms are blessed

According to our traditional knowledge, if a person does not give thanks to people, he will also not give real thanks to his Lord. When you say, "Thank you!" to someone, you are also thanking your Lord. I am thanking the English people that they more than any other country welcome holiness. Other countries give much more trouble. I feel good when I reach London. Every place has its own degree of spiritual atmosphere. Some places make you feel good, others bad. Here I always feel good.

London is like an ocean. All kinds of people come to visit and they all find their freedom to do and to think and to act as they want. That is why I come as a guest to Her Majesty's Kingdom. Originally I am conservative. I hate all new things which people bring against our habits and against our attributes which we have had in the past times. I hate all changes. I like old type people, old style buildings and old style attributes. Those are my habits. All renovations which fanatic people bring, disturb me. I don't even like to pass through their buildings or meetings. That is why I like Kingdoms. I don't like republics. No Turkish Republic, no French Republic, German Republic... I hate all that. Where there is a Kingdom, people have good behaviour. Kingdoms teach people respect on a high level. People say, "God save the King!", but I have never heard that anyone says, "God save our President!". Instead everybody always want to get rid of their president as quickly as possible.

When we were young in Cyprus, during the reign of late King George V, the grandfather of Her Majesty, we were celebrating his Silver Jubilee. I am a royalist, and I want Kings and Queens to have their power back like before. They should have full responsibility. I hate parliaments and the French Revolution. That was the worst revolution which has ever happened in history. Still people do not understand. It put the feet as the head and the head as the feet. Until today! They bring people from the market to rule and put the heads on the market.

Even if the Kingdom is only here as a symbol, I am happy with that. The Lord of Heavens likes kingdoms. Throughout all the Holy Books Kings are mentioned, not presidents. Kingdoms are blessed. I can feel it. My spirituality feels it every time when I come here. It is blessed, for the sake of Her Majesty the Queen. Republic systems are business systems. People want to make business with them, big business! That is why the more people get power, the more benefits they get out of this life. It is the reason they do not want to give the power to the King.

I am conservative. I am for Kings, Sultans and Caliphs. That is what I like. So when people ask me, "Why do you always go to London?" I say, "Because Her Majesty the Queen is there!" To France I only go for 3 days. Through Germany I pass in transit, but London is like my home and I like to stay there. And we have rights to stay here as much as we want, because we were trained in the colonies that we are British Citizens. Yes!

Here we are now, in St. Ann's Priory. It was a holy place. There is still a scent of holiness, because throughout the century sincere people were living here and worshipping in high respect to the Lord. I can still smell this holy scent. I am happy to be here. We were able to buy it. That is a favour of our Lord. I am so sorry, because I would have liked to keep the place as it was before. But many bad people stole the doors, floors, roof, everything! The builders who came to repair it were worse than the thieves because they were changing everything from good to bad! Originally it was so beautiful. Now since 6 months they are destroying the building behind this one. It had good wood and now they are replacing it with materials that are useless, to make money out of it. Not only are builders bad, but the ones looking after it too. I like the original style like it was before. It was used for the sake of the Lord for a whole century. Then, according to His Will that period was finished. But the Lord wanted it to continue with other servants. The level of servanthood of the Lord becomes less every year. At the beginning of the century there were up to a hundred nuns in this convent, but now, at the end, only a few were left. They are now next door. The oldest one of them comes to visit me all the time. She is a lady with such good qualities. She served the Lord for so many years.

Even holy people are getting weaker in the present current (state) of the world. My heart cries when I see the conditions in our days. I read in an old book, that when the last days approach the hearts of sincere people will cry. They will be so sad and their hearts will be like salt in water, it will melt through the badness it will see. The TV broadcasts only bad news. The newspapers have bad news. Where-ever you look there are bad news. You can hardly find good news to give our hearts joy anywhere. That is why people prefer to be drunk, so that they will not hear, know or understand. People run to drink more and to be even more drunk. They don't want to feel anything. This attitude is increasing all the time. Even though it is prohibited in Islam to drink, the habit of drinking in Islamic countries is also increasing. It is a sign that people are unhappy and that they don't want to know what is going on. When they awaken they see that they are in the same condition.

We are not at the beginning of this world, we are reaching the end of this period. The Last Day must come, it is coming. Just like a person getting older whose eyes, ears, heart, stomach, back... will start troubling him, the world in the same way is very old. That is why there are so many sufferings everywhere. We are seeing this and saying, "Oh, our Lord. We cannot do anything by ourselves. You must send a Heavenly Power. Christian brothers are expecting Jesus Christ. We also expect him. The Jewish people are waiting for the Messiah. They are even writing on their cars, "Messiah is coming". They know that everything is out of our control now. What I am saying is, the control is not in the hands of good people. The control of the whole world is in the hands of devils, bad people. A new name for that is: Mafia. It is a worst group of people who are doing every worst thing for humanity. You can find the mafia in every line of life, in every group of people, in every country and they are connected to each other. They are controlling everything. Our lives are controlled by the mafia. Youth is controlled by them by what they eat and drink and by the poisons they take, also with the fashion and their customs. All this is directed by the mafia. What can we do? Churches, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues and temples, what can they do? It is like a river which is running. Try to stop it with a straw. That is what is being done now. The mafia is controlling the youth from east to west and north to south, everywhere! This terrible mafia is controlled by the satanic kingdom. That is why we cannot do anything.

Every Sunday a small group of people come to church, but 99% of the people stay outside. Out of 100 people one, or even less, maybe from 1000 one is coming. What is happening? We have lost the control over people. The church was powerful at the beginning of the century. In Islam also the learned scholars were powerful, but they also have no more control.

That is why we are only praying and asking the Lord Almighty to send us who the Jews call Messiah and we believe is Jesus Christ, like the Christians do. He is coming. We are expecting him to come before the year 2000. Before this century is completed we hope that he will be with us. This hope makes me happy. This hope makes me to ask to be alive until he comes, so that I can be with him. Every good-one is looking for that. When Jesus Christ comes he will put everything in the right way. He will change wrong into right, unbelief into belief, cruelty into justice and he will bring mercy and respect. He will put everything back into place.


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