Maulana Sheikh NazimKnow for what you are coming here! Or: Follow the ways of heavenly people!

As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to you! You know for what you are coming (here)?...
No one...

Subhanallah, wa-lhamdulillah wa la laula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah wa la ilaha
illa-llah wahdahu la sharikalah, yuhyi wa yumit wa Huwa ‘ala kulli shayin qadir.
Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded! Meded, o holy ones! We know nothing, except
what you are teaching us! We don’t know to speak, except what you are making us
to speak! We are not listeners, only if you are going to make ourselves to be
listeners! Because our egos (are) worst, (the) worst creature through creation!
Destur, ya Rijalallah, Meded! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim. O our Lord, don’t leave ourselves in the hands of our egos! And
you are trying to ‘ikram’, to give your best to your ego, but that is never
trying to give his best to you, always (it is) insisting to be on (the) top
point, on (the) power point, and always (it is) insisting to make you his
servant. (It is) never accepting that you can do a service for anyone else. Your
ego, our ego, (is) worse than Shaitan! Our egos (are) saying: “Don’t work for
anyone else except me! You must work for me, you must try to make me happy! I
don’t like that you (are) going to be for another one, except me! I am your
Lord, I am your King, and only you must try to make me happy!”

And people now they are trying to do that. Everyone (is) asking to make himself
happy and to be Nr. 1 everywhere and everyone (is) asking to be (the) most
respected one. Our egos (are) never happy to make anyone else through himself
respectful. (Our egos are) saying: “Eh, to where (you are) going? You are going
to do something that you are trying to give your full respect to another person
and I am here? Why you are going to (the) mosque? For what?” To give... because
prayings is the most respect to our Lord. And he is saying: “Why are you going
to mosque? I like that I must be respected one. I don’t like anyone else! You
should be most respectful for me! And also I am asking for whole people that
they are going to be most respectful to me!”

Therefore trying everyone... elementary school...You finished elementary? Eh,
Scheich Shahzad? You have (a) certificate from elementary school?... Too
much!... And (our ego is) saying: “No, it is not enough (to have an) elementary
school certificate! I must have on second... on elementary school, I must follow
secondary school, to take a higher certificate!” When finishing, he is saying:
“So many people they have it and they are not giving to me high respect, when
they are graduated from high-school or college or university or academy!
Therefore you must try to reach (the) top point of science and knowledge, so
that people must say... No, I must try to bring!” And I am saying: “Ya Hu-
(there is) no any job for you!” “Doesn’t matter! When I am speaking, I am
carrying my graduation (with me, for people) to know only that I had a high
graduated diploma, (so) that people must know how they are addressing to me, to
say: ‘Oh Sir, o our Master! Oh, you are lecturer, oh, you are professor!’ They
must give respect to me!”

That is a secret desire through the hearts of people, whom they are under their
egos control! “For what I am studying? To be respected!” If I am saying... So
many girls (are) coming and saying: “We finished now secondary school and we are
asking to go to university, to study.” I am saying: “For what? You must marry!”
”No, no! If I haven’t any diploma or certificate, people they are thinking:
‘That one (is) coming from (the) desert or coming from villages, they know
nothing!’ They are not respecting to me! But when I am making a high school
studying... And I am making three copies: one copy I am putting outside of my
door, (so) that people (who are) going, coming (are seeing it and saying): ‘Oh!’

When they are coming to a visiting my family, my home, I am putting that diploma
high, high, high...” “Who is that?” (I am asking). “(It is me,) when I was
young!” “Eh, you were young... This (is) yourself?” “Yes, Sir, yes Sir! I have a
certificate from Oxford University” or Sorbonne University or Toronto or
Moronto... “(So) that people must give their respect to me according (to)
that!” “(You are) married?” “Unmarried.” “For what?” “Because I was trying to
take that paper.” “(And) now?” “Eh, I am waiting...” “Eh...” Her mum (is)
saying: “I am looking (for) a good one, (a) respected one for my daughter.” And
I am asking if he can’t find any suitable one? Like Buraquddin.... high and good
jumping person... “We are thinking to make our daughter pickle...” Going to
be... they are making her (pickle), they are buying a jar, to make her pickle
in it... ”But we are now thinking, if we are using an ordinary jar or (a)
Venetian jar... they are saying that you can find in Cyprus (such a) jar...!”

That is that Shaitan teaching people: “You must try to be VIP person, to be
respected!” Wrong, wrong, wrong! And they are mistaken! Respect (is) for those,
whom they are respected from Heavens, not with that paper!

“Yes, you may do so many copies, changing (the) name and putting (it) there...
How many years she was in university?” “Eh, now she is 33 years and she is
trying through university 18 years...” “Ehhh, okay... ma sha Allah! Capital to
your daughter, because she reached 4o years old and never finding a suitable
one!” “No, no, no, Sir, it is enough to have such a certificate! Eh... Marriage
is not important! Important (is), that I must be respected everywhere, because I
am just graduated from Bonn University or Berlin University or I am coming from
Wien University...” “We are coming from European Lefke University...” they are
saying. We never saw this ‘Lefke European University’... Therefore I am sending
Buraquddin there... he may jump very good... when he is walking, ten this ones
(are) running after him... Yes? You can do? ... Yes Sir!

Bela-un ‘Adhim! It is cursing; cursing (is coming on) people through shaitanic
ways! Everywhere you should find in front of you one Shaitan or you can find one
servant of Shaitan, to make mankind down, down, down... deep, deep, disappearing!
We are saying: “We have (a) certificate from Cambridge!” Everything... our ego
is saying: “I must be Nr. One! I never like to respect anyone else!” (Our) ego
(is) saying (this) and teaching foolish people and ignorant people: “You must be
respected one! And you must respect me more than anyone else!” (The) ego (is)
saying (this). Therefore people they are wholly under the command of their egos!
They are not servants of Lord! They have been thrown away and cursing... They
are putting (something) on (the) necks of animals... they are going to be, their
ego is asking to be with him in such a way. And mostly people (are) using this
for their horses and donkeys... a different colour necklace... Subhanallahi
‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim!

Therefore I am fearing not to fall (in) what they fall in it. They are losing
their Dunya as well as they are losing for their eternal life. If you are asking
eternal life with full pleasure, with full love, with full respect, with full
wisdoms, with full powers, with full beauty, you must follow the ways of
heavenly people! Now no one (is) following a heavenly person! They are saying: “No, we are
not in need. But we are trying to follow anyone else from those holy ones. Leave thatholy ones
that their time is over! Finished, they are... no value! We must look
another way!” This is their another way and Shaitan is making them to be like
himself. Because he was always insisting and was trying to be (the) Nr. 1 deputy
of the Lord of Heavens. Even he was asking to be further, one step from the Lord
of Heavens! Therefore Shaitan, when Allah Almighty (was) ordering: “Fall (into)
Sajdah for Adam”, he said: “No, I am not going to do that one!” That means: “I
am not listening to You also, I am not making Sajdah to You also!” Therefore (he
was) kicked down!

O people, make your ego under your feet and make it to be servants, to accept
their Creators and their Lords Command! You must try this: that the Lord of
Heavens (is) accepting you as His servant! If you are not doing that, you are
going to be slaves of your ego and Shaitan!
May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely
Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!
Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala, Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan tadumu
wa tughda ilay, mamarra layali wa tula dawam...

Lefke, 7.10.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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