Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Know the Power of your Lord!

As-salamu alaikum! A’udhu bi-llahi mina sh-shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani
r-Rahim. Allahumma j’alna mina-l ladhina yastamiuna kaulan fa-yatabiuna ahsana. Amin.
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi madadikum.

If Allah Almighty (is) asking to do something, nothing (is) going to be
difficult for Him, (the) Almighty. Tariqatuna as-sohba wa khairu fi jami’at.
That is our ways. We are Naqshibandiyin, Alhamdulillah, Allah Almighty (is)
granting us that honour to be followers of (the) most distinguished Naqshibandi
Order. Allahu Qadirun; Allah Almighty, He can do everything. Only He is saying
for something: “Be” and (it is) coming in existence or going to be.

O people, what do you think? You know mosquito? Hah? You know? Don’t be drunk
people in front of me. You must give your hearing (to) what we are saying. I am
not claiming that I am an ‘Alim, (a) knowing person. I am only (a) weakest
servant for those distinguished servants of Allah Almighty. (The) distinguished,
most distinguished servants after (the) Prophets Sahaba, disciples (or)
companions, (are the followers of the) Naqshibandi Order. Listen!

If Allah Almighty (is) asking to hang this world on a wing of (a) mosquito, He
can do (it)? And (He) may tie it like this... (on) a beard, (on a) hair (of a
beard)... (He) may put on it whole this world and hanging (it) on a mosquito.
Are you believing (that)? Haha! Eh! He can do everything! Allah! Allah Jalla
Jalaluhu. You must try to know about your Lords Power! (His) Power and His
Possibility, that He can do (everything). Everything that may come to your mind
or through your heart, He may do. Beyond that that you can’t reach, He can do,
(He can be) able to do (that also). Allah!

Those people (are) just going to be punished, because they are not asking to
know Allah Almighty’s Power and Ability, Capability. (He is) able to do
everything and beyond that, that you can think on it. That is (the) biggest
mistake for mankind living on earth now, because they (are) never thinking, who
is their Creator. Qadiru Muqtadir; (He is) able to do everything that you can
imagine. (Even) beyond your imagination, He is able to do everything. Allah the
Great. You must try to know.

(There) should be (a) Last Day, a) Day of Resurrection, (the) Day of Judgment,
Judgment Day, and (there) should be (a) Balance in (the) divinely Presence that
He is going to look through that Balance what they did from goodness or (what)
they did from badness.

Through traditional knowledge for the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad (Sheikh is
getting up)...Destur, ya Sayyidi... (we know that if) two Rakaat from the Seal
of Prophets, Sayyidi-l Rusul Kiram S.Muhammad sws, may be put (on) one side of
(that) Balance and (if there) may be put (the) whole (of) his nation’s
servanthood, their prayings (along) with (that of) other nations (on the other
side), two Rakaat of the Seal of Prophets (are) going to be down, heavyier. You may
use your imagination. Two Rakaat - how it is going to be more heavy , heavier
than whole nations’ servanthoods? How it can be? It is a very very difficult,
but very important point that man must try to know something about their Lord.

The Seal of Prophets, (the) most glorified servant in (the) divinely Presence,
that one, (his) two Rakaat, how it is going to be more heavy? (It is,) because
no one (is) knowing about the Greatness of our Lord Allah Almighty (Sheikh is
standing up) (like he knows). And praying is a grant from servants’ side to
their Lord. Some (are) bringing this water in a pot (that is made) just from
earth. Some of them (are) bringing (it) in such a glass, some (are) bringing
(it) through (a) plastic cup. And therefore this (water is) taking a value
according to its cup. No one (is) knowing about the Lord of Heavens and earth
and the Lord of (the) divinely Throne like the Seal of Prophets. No one (is)
knowing. Therefore (the) Prophets ta’dhim, respect, towards his Lord about (is
coming from) his knowledge (about) the Greatness of the Lord Almighty Allah.
Therefore, his respect that (he is) granting in (the) divinely Presence, (is)
about his ma’arifat, (his) knowledge, about his Lord. Therefore, o people, your
value in (the) divinely Presence (is) only according to your knowledge about the
Greatness of your Lord, your Creator!

Now people from East to West, (in the) Muslim world (and in the) Non-Muslim
world, they are not taking any care about to know (the) Greatness of their Lord,
Allah Almighty. And I am sorry, I am ashaming, that you are doing, (that the)
whole (of) mankind (is) doing so many bad things, because they are not giving a
real respect and they are not running to know about their Lord’s Power and
Greatness. Whole cursing (is) coming on people on that point. Therefore, o
people, ma’arifatullah. Asta’idhu bi-llah: “Wa ma khalaqta insi wa-l jinni illa
liya’budun.” Allah Almighty (is) saying: “I created mankind and jinn only for My
obedience, only (for) My servanthood.”

That is their most important mission. (The) mission of mankind (is) to give
their highest respect to their Lord Almighty Allah. And I am sorry to say that
even (in the) Islamic world people (are only) running after to know how they are
reaching more, more, more money, Dollar, Dollar, Dollar..., or Euro, Euro, Euro,
Euro... that is... or golden, gold gold, gold... Gold, they are making gold
their god. And (gold is) going to be (their) god. (They are) running after gold,
not running after the Creator of golden, Allah Almighty.

O people, therefore sometimes they are making me to speak. I am not collecting
such a things from books and coming to speak to you, but our Masters (are)
giving something according (to) our understanding level. If anyone (is) reaching
something from such a speeches, from such an association, they should be
happiest ones here and Hereafter. Leave to run after (the) world and its
treasures. All of them they are like imagination. When you are closing your eyes
– (it is) finished. And one day (is) coming that we are closing our eyes, not
opening - finished. O people, when you are closing your eyes, another world
(is) coming in your sight and you will see what you did or what you are not
doing through your life. And (then you will be) repenting, but (it is going to
be) useless.

O people, give more time for your Lord and His divinely Existence, to know more
and more and more! And (there is) no way to know from (about) your Lords
Identity without reaching to (the) Prophet, His most selected one, S.Rasulullah
sws. Through his way you can reach! And you can’t reach to (the) Seal of
Prophets, only if you are reaching someones from mankind, whom they have a way,
whom they are in relationship with S.Rasulullah sws. You must look after such a
people. Then they should be able to show you something else, something else,
some other levels. Then, after that level, another level, another level, another
level - endlessly levels for reaching to Allah Almighty’s divinely Presence!
O people, welcome to you. You are coming from far distances. (May) Allah bless
you and I am (a) weak one, but I have been ordered to make association with
people. And don’t blame me, when I am speaking something that it is difficult
for understanding to you and when I am getting angry, swearing (to) everyone
here...Don’t blame me.

May Allah forgive us, may Allah grant from His endless Mercy Oceans to you and
give His Blessings. Be happy and be “ghayretly”. You must try, you must have
“arzu”. You must ask something more, something more for your souls to reach
levels that (there are) never-ending levels. And every level it is enough for a
person for eternity, but the Lord of Heavens (is) giving more and more and
more... Today we are here, when we are closing our eyes, finishing everything...
O people, don’t waste your lives for nothing! For nothing. Finally they are
taking us to (the) cemetery to bury our bodies. Our souls then they should be
called in(to the) divinely Presence to see, to know and what they did and what
they left (to do).

May Allah forgive me and you also and give you much more (of) His Blessings to
you also, to understand and to be day by day a good one. Good one. Today we must
try to be better than yesterday and tomorrow we must try to be more than today.
May Allah grant you here and Hereafter from His endless Mercy Oceans and Glory
with the glory of His most glorified servant S.Rasulullah sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 08.05.2009

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