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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Lakum dinukum wa liya-din...**

You have to protect yourself against your enemies... In our time they are saying that Haqq, truth, is Batil, false, and that Batil is Haqq... There is such ignorance, and it is now the second period of Jahiliya, Ignorance. The first period was before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad sws. Don’t occupy yourself with ignorant, square-head people, who never understand anything. There are even learned people who confuse wrong with right. They are saying for example: “What is the difference? A Hajji is going to greet and kiss a Black Stone, saying: ‘Allahu akbar’; what is he hoping for from that? And we are saluting in front of a black statue...”

Like that they are making demagogy, comparing things which can not be compared. Therefore say to them: “Lakum dinukum, wa liya-din, to you your belief, and to me my belief.” Don’t dispute with them, it will only weaken your faith. Our time is like that now.

The Holy Prophet said: “A time will come to my Ummah when your guides will make you happy and you will run to please them and give your life for them. And another time will come when your guides will be so ugly”- men and women without any lights on their faces, because they turned away from Allah...

When you look into the mirror you must be thankful if Allah gave you Adab. Ask Him not to make you ugly so that people turn away from you. Whose face is turned towards Allah, who is making Sajda, can’t be ugly. But who has turned away from Him and who is not praying will become ugly. Open the graves and look, how their faces are...

Tubtu wa rajatu ila’llah... Rabbi, zidna Nuran... Oh Allah, increase our lights, ya Nuran Nur... Pray for lights from Allah. Lights can’t be burned by fire, or lamps would not shine. But light, Nur, is governing fire...

Why are Non-Muslims seeing Muslims as being ugly? Once Sayidina Abu Bakr r.a. came to the Prophet and at the same time came Abu Jahl, the biggest enemy of the Prophet. S.Abu Bakr said: “Ya Rasulu’llah, my spirit and soul are at your feet. You are the most beautiful person I ever saw.” “ You are right, ya Abu Bakr.” But Abu Jahl said: “Oh no, you are the most ugly one.” “You are also right, Abu Jahl.” The Sahabas were surprised: “How can both of them be right?” And the Prophet sws said: “Because I am like a mirror- Abu Bakr saw his own beauty in it and Abu Jahl his own ugliness...”

A Muslim can’t be ugly, that is for Kufar, the unbelievers.


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