Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim A lamp will burn and finish

(English sohbet translated from original Turkish)

Auzubillahiminashaytanirrajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim

This is a lamp. For a given time it will burn and will finish. A lamp that is living now after a certain period of time will become a dead lamp. Its life will end. There is a sirr (secret) in this lamp. Up until now, no one knows of its secret. Man is only looking at its burning and extinguishing. That secret has not been touched, you can not touch it, you can not control it.

This secret kuwwa (“strength”) is in our physical being. This secret pushes us to action; we walk, we listen, we see. It has many functions. Everyone has a given period of time in life. And their life leaves their body. And their body can not hear, can not speak. And that perfect being vanishes.

Millions of books have been written about our physical existence. It is impossible to explain our body. How it comes into existence, how does it vanish, how does it see? How was the skin created? Is it like a bag where Allahu Taala put all the organs into it or was it created after the organs? Who can say anything? Who can explain?

For example if I say to take one part from this clock and then attach it, can one that is not an expert attach it? No one can understand the creation of man. How was man created? With Allah’s hand of qudra (“power”)… He created, He designed, He gave shape.

If they were to put a man’s organs into a container; his nerves, his bones, his muscles…would you be able to design this? Who can do this?! This is a miraculous thing, this is beyond our understanding. My doctor grandson says that some blood-vessels are thinner than our hair and long enough to circle the equator. To know how to arrange it is impossible. And the Creator of this takes this secret strength in a second and we die. This is how the body is such a miraculous being.

Allahu Taala says “Be” and it becomes. He says ‘leave’ and being is left. What does that “Be” mean? This is sirr (“secret”). What is it? How can you explain this? Where will it hide? With whose command does it appear? This is how miraculous our creation is. When that hidden secret is taken away, that valuable thing falls down. By the second day you can not look. That beauty, that freshness has vanished. It becomes earth and only a skeleton remains. After some time that skeleton too becomes dust. You think that Allah (jj) created the skeleton at the first stage and placed the organs on top of that?

We are between two commands. The first comes from above, the sky, and says “do this”. This is a command. And the other command says “it is forbidden”. You are appropriate within these two. To do or not to do. To abandon or not to abandon. To live or not to live. You have a will.


We have been commanded to obey Allahu Taala. We have been commanded to be solely for Him. We have commanded to work solely for Him. We have been commanded to obey only Him. But man has lost their ways. This is the summary of the four Books. And it is the summary of the other divine messages. TO BE FOR ALLAH.

If you hold on to the divine commands, if you live for Him, His divine light will never be extinguished. Rise and fall like the sun, but never extinguishing. The sun will dawn and set but light is not received from it. Those that live for Allah will come on Judgement Day shining brightly.

And those that have extinguished their shine will come in the manner of losing their shine. They will come surrounded by darkness. Millions upon millions will come as having lost their shine. The moon shines but it is veiled. And these men have lost their chance. They are lessening their light. And they have entered into dark worlds, they have entered into dark areas. There they will be Zulmet (“tyranny”). They have imprisoned their ruh (“soul”) with their actions.

Prophets came to bring you up, to give you more nur (“light”) unlimitedly. Ya Rabb, we want even more, we want even more and we do not say enough. But at this time people have lost their faith. They lost their faith in the darkness of this madda (“material”). Madda is a very heavy load. And along with this heavy load comes distress, pain suffering always comes with this load.

Allahu Taala decress- “What I give you is enough do not ask for more. If you want more ask for Me, give for My sake. Ask for Me, give for My sake so that you may not feel the heaviness of this matter. If not you will be like Qarun. Qarun acquired and acquired, hoarded, and in the end fell to the earth. And underneath it everyday he suffered pain. He was squashed like a metal plate.

21st Century man has two natures. They have a very special character. Two groups of people Nemrut (“Nimrod”) and Qarun. The first, ‘I want to be like Nemrut’. The second ‘I want to be like Qarun’. More and more I want to acquire they say. They rule over other people. They want to be like Abu Jahl. Even more material they want to acquire. They want to be like Qarun. Other than that…they have no interest in anything else. The desire to be like Nemrut is a very widespread sickness. Very well, what is the future for both? For this reason do they kill, they burn, they destroy. This is the way of shaitan (“satan”). Wa minallahu tawfiq.

Fatiha. Amin.

Lefke, Nov. 2004

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