Maulana Sheikh NazimO believers, it is the last third of the blessed month Ramadan.

(Short summary of the Turkish part of Khutba: )

O believers, it is the last third of the blessed month Ramadan. The last
ten days have arrived. Allah Almighty is opening the Doors of His divine
Mercy, of His divine Faiz, Allah is giving us, what we are asking. The
first ten days were the days of Rahmat, the second the days of
maghfirat, of forgiveness.

In these last ten days there is the Laylatu-l Qadir. Every year Allahs
Grants are different and this year His divine Mercy exceeds the Rahmat
of the 14oo years before!

Be careful, what you are speaking in these last ten days! Everything
should be clean, your heart should be for Allah Almighty. At least for
one hour a day be with Allah and say: "O Allah Almighty, I am now in
Your Presence!"

People now have become hard and ignorant, because they left Islam. It is
the second time of Jahiliya. O Allah, please send us someone to save us.
Help is coming from You alone. One person is enough!

The English part of Khutba:
O people, just we reached the last, the 3rd part of the holy Ramadan and
it is the most precious days of the most precious month, the holy month
Ramadan, and also through that 3rd part, its ten days and ten nights are
the most precious days and nights of the whole year. And Allah is
granting believers, Muslims, to be happy with His endless Mercy Oceans,
endless Blessings.

O people, come to yourself! Don't follow Satan and satanic ways! Satans
ways- leave it! Come to Islam, come to Allah!

Through these ten days there is one night that its value no one can be
able to say about the greatness and holiness of that night, Laylatu-l
Qadir. That night whole Heavens are just dressed with such blessings and
Nur, Lights from the holy Throne, Arshu Rahman, is coming down on 7
Heavens and 7 Heavens are going to be in such beautiful magnificent
Glory from Allah Almighty. Just He is dressing that Night!

O people, try to reach to you also something from that heavenly Lights,
to make you accepted servants in His divine Presence, to be your Lord
happy with you! O people, try this! O mankind, come to Allah, don't run
away, you run in(to) Hells!

Allah Almighty is calling you to eternal life, eternity, eternity, eternity!
May Allah forgive us!

Allah Almighty is hiding that holy Night, so that people may ask every
night if it is the holy Laylatu-l Qadir, Night of Power, that just
appearing (in it) as an atom from that Power, (from the) Power Oceans of
Allah. Only one dharra, one atom, is coming and appearing that Night and
making all creation through divine Lights. (That is) through that (one)
point of oceans of Power! Allahu akbar! Allah the Great!
May Allah forgive us!

We hope that it should be Thursday night, Wednesday to Thursday. We hope
that it should be that night, but it may be tonight, maybe 21st, 23rd or
25th or 27th or 29th night. but we hope it should be this year on the
27th night (that) the Tajalli, the Appearance, of Allah Almighty is
coming on earth to make it clean!

O people, beware and try to be awakening! Wake up, o mankind, to welcome
that holy Night! You should be happy here and Hereafter for eternity,
eternity, eternity.
May Allah forgive us!

Lefke, 13.10.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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