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The Last Wednesday Of Safar

Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O people, stand up.
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillah al Hamd. Today is the last Wednesday of
Safaru l-Khair from our Hijri years. Fatiha.
O Sultanul Awliya, we ask for your Heavenly support. O people! You have forgotten Allah (jj).
You are never mentioning the Prophets. Your occupation is to quarrel, swear at each other & to
fight one another in a race in which each one of you tries to get a larger piece from this world.
Such a pity, shame on people for forgetting Who Created them. They forgot Who created this
world. They forgot different kinds of situations that happen in this world. No one in their schools,
in their sohbats, or even in their temples give an advice that will awaken the people. If you ask
them "Who created you?" what do they say? "Well, we.. we come from the nature. We lived with
nature & will leave this world being collected to the nature". These are false words. They can't
say "There is the Lord, the Master of this world".
It showed at night in this shaytan's instrument that the world is in the form of a sphere & it is
spinning, it is moving. They show all this. No one takes it into consideration, no one pays
attention "How did this world form? Who placed it? If no one placed it, it could not be here by
itself". Our dunya, the vacuum that we are in-which they call the space, it can't be vacuum, it
can't be empty. Calling it "vacuum" is a false word. If it was an emptiness, emptiness means nonexistence.
Where do these existences come from that are in the non-existence then? The closest
one is the dunya that we live in. It is not four-squared, not three-squared. It is not like the shape
of an egg. It has a shape that is specific to itself. We call it the spherical shape of earth, the sphere
of our world. What they mean by sphere there is no one that can describe it. The sphere, the
sphere of the earth. What is it? Then, on this spherical earth, Who filled it with all these
mountains, oceans, continents and all kinds of astonishing creatures?
They don't teach this. They don't teach it. People have become zindiq/unbelievers, they are
ashamed to say Allah. But their limit is up to a point, they can't go beyond it. Their existence will
turn into non-existence one day, they will disappear. Who is He that makes them come to
existence & who is He that throws them into non-existence from existence? Why don't they teach
this in schools? They teach nonsense things. Do they mention the name of Allah once, especially
these Muslim countries? They are not ashamed. They fell into such a low level that they don't
allow the mentioning of Allah's Name- they don't allow them to say "Who created us is Allah".
Can they find goodness?

Allah Almighty is "As-Sabur", the Patient. Allah Almighty has Patience. He allows it up to a limit
& after that He touches once with his Hand of Qudrah & makes it all upside down. Today,
among the Arabic months, is the month of Safar that we are in. The month of Safar is the
heaviest month among the 12 months. And in it also, the most difficult day is the last Wednesday
of this Safar, which is today. There are disasters in many places. In many places, there are
countries that are covered with snow or lit with erupted volcanoes or over flown oceans, seas with
huge waves that cannot be stopped. By Whose order are these?
A mosquito, O people, a mosquito flies with the order of Who created it. Who gave it that shape?
Who is He that created it? Did the mosquito create itself? Why do you not teach? People have
become Nimrods. They say "I am!" It can be you but He (swt) disciplines you. Now the
manifestation of this year is the manifestation of qahr/severity, wrath. The Wrath of Heavens is
approaching. When it approaches, it makes the world upside down. And today is the last
Wednesday of Safar. Among the 360 days, today is the heaviest day. The most severe day is
today. The day that the most unbearable troubles come is today. In some places it makes the
volcanoes erupt. In some places it makes the icebergs move, melt. In some places with tornadoes
it makes everywhere all upside down.
The man, the little man.. The little man is in a helpless position now. Neither America nor
Russia.. Neither Turkey nor Arabs can do anything, they are all left bewildered. O you, says
Allah! Today is the heaviest day, the last Wednesday of Safar. May Allah protect us from the
disasters of today. Wash & pray at least 2 rakats. Shame! They left everything. The Wrath of
Heavens is not like the wrath of earth. If He wants, He can make it rain stones. And the people
have become helpless. If He wants, they look at night & see that their roof is gone. O people, fear
Allah! Repent, we should all repent. "May Allah take away the disasters from us. May the
severity of today go to the mountains. May the children of Adam be protected" we pray.
They find it difficult to pray even 2 rakats for Who created them. They find time to do all kinds
of games & fun but they can't say "let us pray 2 rakats & be servants to our Lord Who created
us". Because they are not trained this way; they have no maktabs, madrasas. Look, the sky is
dark- it is moving to wherever He wants, it is taking it to wherever He wants. How many degrees
under zero is it according to their measuring system? Keep yourselves from it. Pray at least 2
rakats today & beg that the roof above you may not fly off all of a sudden. May it not be flooded,
that it floods in many places. May volcanoes not erupt, that they are erupting. O little men, fear
Allah! Be ashamed before Allah, don't do evil. Live for Allah, worship Him & be servants to Him.
May Allah forgive us. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah.
Today is the last Wednesday of Safar, it is the heaviest day of the year. After today is passed, it
will get lighter. Aman Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. This is enough for who
understands & listens. If not, what can we do? I also don't have strength to speak that much.
What can we do? May Allah forgive us. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba
Astaghfirullah. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. If You lift up the
mountains & throw them on us, who can stop it? We are fighting, quarreling, battling with each
other. For what? You are man, get used to living like a man. Don't be a blood-shedding creature!
Be human, that the Mercy of Allah descends upon us.
O people! What can I do? I have nothing in my hands, I am not even in a position to save myself.
Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. For the honour of Your Beloved- May
He take this heaviness off us for the honour of our Beloved Prophet, for His Beloved (s). May He
send us a Sultan, may He send us a Master, may He send us the holy ones who will teach us our
religion & faith. May the darkness & disasters be far away from us. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah.. Tawba
Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. For the honour of Your Beloved, Allahumma
salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad salatan tunjina biha min jami al ahwali wal afat wa taqdi lana
biha jami`a al hajjat, wa tutahiruna biha min jami`a as-sayyiat wa tarfauna biha `indaka ala
darajat wa tubalighuna biha aqsa al ghayat min jami`a al khayrat fil hayati wa bad al mamat.
Shukur Allah, Ya Rabbi.
May we strengthen our faith, may You grant us this O Allah. Fatiha. Do at least 2 rakats of sajda
everyday O people, so the disasters are taken off from us. If not, He can lift up the countries &
then drop them down! Beware of Allah! Be ashamed from Him, fear Him. Aman Ya Rabbi. We
also cannot worship & be servants to You (as we should). May You forgive us O Lord.

Lefke, 09.01.2013

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