Maulana Sheikh NazimLaziness

In Fajr time, they would leave the village when the sun rose, and they would arrive at the city.
They brought the villagers to the city. People came there, the people who were in need. In the
time between the noon and afternoon, they would go to the villages. Depending on the distance
for a villager, they would leave from Lefko?a and go back to the village. There were buses in the
villages. They were not calling them buses – 'leoforio'. It is leoforio, isn't it?

M: We call it 'Otomobile'.

Otomobile, it was called otomobile in the village. 'Tomofil', it is called tomofil for short.
Nowadays there is a cord on the roads, the cord from all the cars, [following] one after another.
People would go to the door of their bedrooms by car, if possible. They might be going to their
beds by car, and get down on the bed directly from their cars. No help for them … No help
arrives to them. Everything is degenerated so much. Extreme laziness … Laziness surrounded

What is the only thing they work for? For eating, drinking, for enjoyment, for night life... They
are having appetite - not laziness - for these things. They are not becoming lazy and they are not
tired for these things. However, for something beneficial, like for serving Allah and his Prophet,
they say, "I don't have time for this. I am so busy. I don't have free time. I don't know; I can't do".
That is their thing. But for enjoyment and playing around, for eating and drinking, going around,
consuming, spending - they have time for all these things. They have power and appetite for all
these things. They don't have appetite for worshipping. They say, "We don't have appetite for
this. We don't have time". They say, "We don't have power. We can't do it". They say, "We can't
do it. We can't make it".

The nature of humanity became like this. Here, just 50 or 60 years ago … It is because there was
just one car. We used to go from one village to another on foot. The 'vehicle' that a villager used
was an animal, was a donkey. Hasha minal huzur. The pack animals were being used for
transportation. Nowadays, there are three, maybe five cars in front of every door; and the streets
and roads are full of cars. And for people of these times, the help coming to them became zero,
as we said.

They want to lead a comfortable life. Laziness became their slogan. There is nothing left about
serving the Truth. Forget about serving other people, they give no benefit even to themselves.
They don't do any useful things; but they want from the others.

In the morning, they open their eyes and go to the coffee houses. They hit the table or play that
silly game called backgammon, playing it from evening until morning and from morning up until
evening. They throw dice or play cards. If their women come and call them to get up, they curse
at their own families. They curse them or hit them. At this time, people of the 20th century
became brutalized. Laziness - Tembellik üstlerinden akar.

But the villagers are not too lazy to go to the coffee houses. People in the cities, as well - the
cities have different kinds of places. Anyway both the village and the city are in Cyprus. They
almost became the same place. Binaenaleyh … Every night, maybe eight or ten old people are
left in the village. The young people have their own cars, their own vehicles. They want to get to
places quickly – in as little as a half hour, or 15 minutes, or one hour maximum. They search for
places to enjoy. Most of the villagers, want to go to the center, which takes half or one hour.
They say, "We go as quick as birds".

Where are you going? Following the shaitan … This is the call of shaitan, running after him.
For shaitan, that jamaat will not have a future. The jamaat living in that way cannot have a
future. They will become zero. They will finish because they don't work seriously for something
else. They don't care at all, no curiosity, no appetite. The only curiosity they have is for eating
and drinking and playing football, as well.

They talk about a ball, just a ball. It is just a ball that they always watch on that shaitan box [TV].
"Which one of the teams will be the first?" They fight about it, sitting down from morning until
evening, continuously - the shaitan box. They watch on Turkish TV, then Cyprus TV. Turkish
league finishes, then European. Europe league finishes, then American. American league
finishes, then the World league.

They say to me, "It is World League, ?eyh Efendi. You don't understand".
What is that league? Such a thing? Electric? League. That is a league? What kind of league is
"We don't know why; but they call it a league."
The World League ... What does it mean?
"I don't know. We aren't that much educated; but we know what it means."
What is 'leagueness'? They say 'World league' or 'Turkish league', the '?? league'. Really? What
does it mean? - 'league'? Bu mu manast?r ligi?..........
"Ey what else is there? This is our purpose - sitting down from morning until evening, or from
evening until morning."

That is the thing young people always talk about. Kiraman Katibin is fed up and writing about it
too, writing about the ball, writing about the league. “Who do you support? Who will be the
winner? Allah may give them what they are deserve. Such a non-stop league!”

I sometimes watch that shaitan box. Nowadays all the countries calling themselves Muslim -
they all have it. Maybe for a thousand candles …
"What thousands, ?eyh Efendi?"
Each lamp is 1000 Watt. (Herbir ampulde binlik var.) There are millions of lamps
to light a huge stadium. There are electric lamps for what? - for a league. Take the European
League ... So, how about day time? (E gündüz çuvala m? girdi?) No, nothing happens in the day
time. It is just easier to hide the people in the night time because they run in the day time. Night
time it is easier to catch … It is like milking an animal that came back from the meadow.
"It is called 'night league', ?eyh Efendi."
Which one? They say, "Arsenal [football club]. Arsenal is the World Champion".
Couldn't we win over them?
"Ya ?eyh Efendi, how will we beat them? How is it possible to compete with them? - they are
the trademark.”

Herifin alameti farikas?. It is like brand factory: the trademark is the ball. So, you can't compete
with them, [so then] Liverpool ... In short, night is better. (The animal is milked at night time.)
"Everybody is busy in the day time. They cannot pay attention [to games]. We do this carnival
in the night time."

It is good to hide the curious ones in the sack. Put them all into the sack. We milk them all. How
much are the tickets? One million [TL]? How one million? - 50 million [TL]! It is like a monthly

M: Black Marketing.
?E: Mehmet Naz?m, how much for entering there?
M: More or less - 7 million [TL].
?E: Ee, for that? What about in Istanbul?
M: 15 millions.
?E: In Europe? More, more!
M: 50 pounds.
?E: Really! How much is the entrance?
M: 50 pounds.
?E: Ha! 50 Pounds. Can it be 50 pounds? It can't be - 100 pounds! The Liverpool league
is 100 pounds. If you want to go to the Arsenal football match, you must pay 200 pounds. It is
like depluming the chicken's feathers. It becomes hairless, becomes something else.

"People want to watch it standing. It is an important issue, ?eyh Efendi. You can't understand it."
You became ball head, football head. How don't I understand it? What is it I should understand
about it? The eleven crazies are on this side; the eleven mindless on that side. Half of them are
crazy and half of them are mindless, all battling on the field. Look at the craziness! When
that ball crashes to that goal post, "He heeyyyy... [cheering]", then - falls down. When it enters
the goal post, "Ooooooo".

Arabs are like them. They can run fast. I will buy [a team] and send them to play there. Abdullah
will play there. It makes sacks full of money.
M: This is the Hak head, not ball head.
?E: No, no? Abdullah runs fast. How is it Abdullah? The Arabs, how much do they pay every
one of them? They say one million dollars. What? He is playing with a ball!
Such an appetite! Their eyes are opened. Their hearts waken up. All are standing. But about other
things? They are like a dead body. Did you play football?
M: Yes, 5 years.
SE: You are among the foolish ones.

Allahümme esk?nal'gayse
ve lâ tecalnâ minel kanitin.............
Ya Allah Anta Allah.
Ya Rabbi ya Allah.
Ya Rabbi, send us the clever ones,
for shepherding us. We are fed up with balls.

Ya Allah. Ya muhawwilal hawli wal ahwal
hawwil halana ila ahsani hal.
Allah Allah, Allah Allah
Allah Allah, Aziz Allah.
Allah Allah, Allah Allah
Allah Allah, Kerim Allah.
Allah Allah, Allah Allah,
Allah Allah, Subhan Allah.
Allah Allah, Allah Allah,
Allah Allah, Sultan Allah.

Nov. 1986

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