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As-salamu alaikum!
Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitan rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l 'Aliyu-l 'Adhim.

O people! We are asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. We are so unimportant beings, not so important (as we think); this (is) among ourselves, (we are) unimportant beings. But in Divinely Presence (we are) so important! No one can be able to speak on it, the importance that (we have been) granted by our Creator. In His Divinely Presence mankind (is the) most important being through creation, but among ourselves we are not on that level or on that understanding or to ask and to learn the importance of mankind. It is (the) most important point to be taught on earth, but we (are) never taking any care to speak on it. No, we are occupying ourselves for everything that (is) surrounding our physical being.

You may look through East and West - (there are) so many teaching centers everywhere, teaching children. They are so keenly taking care (that) now people for their kids they are even trying to register them (and they are still in the womb of their mothers)…They are thinking; if a woman (is) getting pregnant, beginning herself and her husband to think: "Now (there is) coming a child for ourselves and now everywhere (is) full with universities and teaching centers. What do you think, O my darling, what do you think for that child, to where we can register his name or her name? The beginning is a very important point! Because we must try (for) our kid to reach to be on top level people. Therefore we must think on it, I think! What do you think, if we are beginning to take this wire and putting (it) on your womb to prepare? We may speak (through it) and that one, new one, may try to understand something, (and) when that one (is) coming outside, we must register his name. Because he may learn so many things through your womb. What do you think (about) that?"

People (are) becoming crazy ones for teaching, teaching, teaching… "We are teaching you. At least, O my darling, we may teach that one (the) ABC": alfa, beta, gamma, delta or a,b,c or alef, be, te… (but) they are not interesting in such a things (in the Arabic Alphabet)… They are so keenly following in teaching their kids- thousands, ten thousands [of] education centers, that their aims (are) only: earning money, more money, to save much more money… (and) that people (are) making everyone to learn.

What they are leaning? You know what they are teaching! They are teaching nonsense that it is not something (that is) giving benefit, no. Mostly… so many hundreds of books they are writing to teach people and they are trying to reach impossible targets; and every level that they are teaching (and) their children (are) getting up, they are beginning to forget what they learnt at the beginning.

And everything - that is the point that I must speak on it - everything that they are teaching their kids, their children and (the) new generation (is) running and saying: "You must learn!", (when) I am asking (someone): "What you learnt?" (and) he was surprising and saying: "O Sheikh, nothing." "For what you wasted your time?" "Because, O Sheikh, they are offering us to learn (about) hundreds (of) matters, (so) that it is impossible for our physical being's capacity to reach or to keep it." That is in our days (the) teaching system from governments for mankind!

Governments (are) running in such a things. For what? To occupy (the) youth with learning and to leave them to do everything that they may be on their stations or on their chairs or on power center longly, as much as possible.

(But)- Subhanallah - the Lord of Heavens (is) making for everything a limit. When that limit is reached, you can't push it forward or you can't pull it forward, no! Subhanallah - since one week or more I am hearing that in France all students (are) leaving their schools, their learning centers, (that) they are leaving (the) universities and (are) running on streets like violent beings, like jungle people - they never look like people of forest, no, (in a) forest you may go around safely, but (in a) jungle you can't - and they are running on streets, burning and breaking and throwing stones and making such a things that it is not for a student who learnt something to do this! That means the summary of their teachings was so bad that they prepared youngsters to be like violent beings through jungles.

We have a saying in Islam (?): Before everything…there is Adab that (it) is a real way that first everyone whom they are coming to learn[ing]-age [ought] to be taught.

One of Heavenly servants that they are living among people was saying: "O people, I was asking: 'What is most important in Divinely Presence?' Because people (are) coming to be unto two ways or directions: One group of people are running to learn, to learn, to learn much more knowledge about (the) creation or about this world. But some (other) people are not interesting to learn so many things about this material world, but they are interesting mostly how they can be in their Lord's Divinely Presence, which thing is going to be much more important and lovely and respected and acceptable in Divine Presence. And", he was saying, "I was so long looking, looking, looking… but whom they were getting closer, more closer to their Lord's Divinely Presence, they were coming closer not with so much knowledge of this world, but they are coming closer, because they are interesting to keep their Lord's high respect. They were running to give much more high respect to their Lord. Therefore I was looking and seeing that those people, whom they are asking to give much more respect and glorifying to their Lord they are acceptable and they have been invited (by Allah Almighty): 'Come closer, come closer, O My good servants!' But those, whom they are not interesting for their Lord's respect and glorifying, (they are) never invited; no one (is) saying (to them): 'Come closer', because they are running away from their Lord's Divinely Presence, (instead they are) running to such a (material) things that this whole world no value in Divinely Presence. They are running after so cheap and no value things, therefore Allah Almighty (is) never accepting (them)."

What do you think: If a group of people (is) asking to visit their lord, their King, their Sultan and everyone (is) bringing something with them, what do your think, if (the) Sultan (is) looking (to) those people and looking what they are bringing, how should be his dealing with those people? For example: Some of them (are) bringing diamonds, some of them (are) bringing golden, some of them (are) bringing emeralds, some of them (are) bringing red rubies, some of them (are) bringing not white, but pink pearls.

(But) some (others) of them (are) loading on their shoulders straw, some of them (are) bringing fertilizer, some of them (are) bringing (something from the) dustbin, carrying garbage with them… What do you think he is saying? "Come, first you… ehhh, so bad smelling! From where (you are) bringing (this)? Take them away!"

Dunya, this world is not so valuable; (it really has) no value for Allah Almighty, and He never looks (to) Dunya. If Allah (was) looking to Dunya, Dunya (was) going to be immediately a big ruby! (A) big ruby! But (He is) never looking. (Dunya is) so dirty, (a) so disliked thing, and whom they are running (rushing) on it, how He is going to say (to them): "Welcome to you"? (He is going to say:) "You are leaving your Creator and (you are) running for (this) dirty life, no value life, (therefore,) if you are bringing something (of) no value, you are also (of) no value in My Divine Presence!"

But people now they changed everything; they are asking to learn more and more and more useless things and (they are) leaving their Creator, their Lord. And they finished their chances (here) and finally they are going to be such (garbage)…

(It is like with) a person, who is cleaning his home or his garden and (then) making a heap of garbage, what he is collecting, (and then he is) bringing a match and making (a fire)…Now people (are) making themselves (of) no value and (a) fire (is) coming to burn them and to clean (the) world from those no mind people, no Adab people, no respect people, not believing people, to finish them to take them away!… And they are trying to make that fire now!…

May Allah protect us on His Good-Adab-Way! We are trying to be much more good mannered, good quality ones, much more acceptable ones in His Divinely Presence, not to be like garbage. People mostly now they are like garbage. Only few ones, few ones, few ones (that) they have some good quality, they should be protected.

May Allah forgive us! Therefore I am asking: O our Lord, forgive us, because people are drunk with democracy; (they are) sleeping with democracy, awakening with democracy "Democracy, democracy"…daily. There is (the prayer-beads, representing the) 99 Names (of Allah), but they are saying (instead of Allah's Holy Names) "Democracy, democracy, democracy, democracy…100…

We shall begin second day another: democracy, democracy, democracy"… their Dhikr (is) going to be "Democracy, democracy, democracy" …Everything for democracy! "O people, you must know that everything must be for democracy!" "Say that: "Everything must be for Allah!" "No, you are wrong, you must say: Democracy, democracy…, every day!"

May Allah forgive us!

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah…
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah…
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah…
We are asking You, O our Lord, we are not asking democracy!

May Allah forgive us and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam,


Lefke, 26.03.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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