Maulana Sheikh NazimLet the Rocket in Your Body Fly

A religion cannot exist without mysticism, which is what we call sufism. What is the mission of sufism? Religions work within your soul. It moulds your personality to a degree of perfection which allows you to enter Divine Perfection in the hereafter. Every religion and every line of prophecy has sufism within. All religions which were sent down to mankind also contained the methods of sufism. After thousands of years methods were outdated.

Some people tend to think that the change into modern age came with the Renaissance, but the real opening was the revelation of the Last Testament, the Holy Quran. It was only one book which came, but now you can find tens of thousands of books based on that one book. The meanings which can be derived from it are endless. Muhiddin Ibn Arabi wrote more than 500 books, but one lifetime is not enough to understand even one of them, a whole institute would have to study it for years and years. These books are full of solid knowledge. After the Renaissance the Lord granted western people an opening to such Oriental culture.

The Old Testament and the New Testament contain methods for people living 2000 years ago, or even further back. Those methods are of no use today. They are like factories with old-fashioned machines, not enough. Within this difficult period of stepping from one century to the next, we need stronger methods.

Anyone who is interested to find out anything about their Heavenly Station in Divine Presence can use whichever way they want. But you cannot surpass the gravity of the earth and reach the outer atmosphere with an helicopter. You will need the kind of rockets which Naqshbandis have.

There are Seven Heavens, one on top of each other. They are all enlightened and brilliant. In Islam there are 40 tariqats. All of them reach the level of Archangel Gabriel, representing the Level of the Mind. After that station our minds cannot function. Whoever wants to develop spiritually must find someone who is authorised to teach them. Everyone has been granted spiritual powers from their Lord, but most people are not interested in how to use them and die without their jets even having left the runway.

If anyone is interested in the spiritual path, they can find out more. The more they learn, the more they can practise. The more they practise, the more their spiritual awareness will open. Allah grants an opening to everyone who wants to reach Heavenly Stations. It is our duty to ask for such methods. People find out so much about this life. If they are interested in mystic ways they are welcome. You cannot fool me. I recognise whoever is an authorised teacher in this matter. We are reaching the 21st century. The last days of the century are not the same as the first. The first years showed an increasing materialism and atheism. This is now disappearing and the sun of spiritualism and mysticism is rising. People are fed-up with the philosophy of materialism and atheism. They are vomiting with disgust. They are asking for something which will give them enjoyment and peace within themselves. They see that technology is taking over the activities of mankind to enable them to rest and enjoy themselves, but they are unable to do so. They cannot be in peace. Instead of finding peace they are quarrelling, fighting and destroying each other even more. Why? This huge technology takes away so many heavy burdens from mankind. You can just press a button and cause a gigantic plane to rise. You can press another button and an enormous vessel will start moving through the ocean. You can take a small box in your hand, say "Hello! Are you Elizabeth? Where are you now?"

"I am in Los Angeles."

"What are you doing?"

"I was just sleeping."

This box is incredible! How can it function without a wire connected to it! The jinn carry the messages from one place to another. But in spite of all this advanced development sufferings and problems are increasing. In this university you are selected, chosen people, which gives you a lot of responsibility. Make a balance between your physical desires and your souls. Don't imprison your souls by only following your physical desires.


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