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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**This Life's Desires are Surrounded by Disliked Things **

To be one of the best servants you should try to learn more. All prophets advised this to their nations. And we, who are following their path, are trying to do as they did. We want people to learn to practise serving their Lord. That is our aim. Sayyidina Muhammad* used to say that if one day is like the next, you have lost. It means, you must try to improve a little bit every day. Don't stay on the same level. Push yourself further and further and further.

When we are trying to move in the direction of Allah, He will also come closer to you. If a servant comes closer to his Creator, his Creator will come even closer to him. Allah is watching whether His servant is trying to come closer, or not. Are people nowadays trying to come closer to their Lord? No, they are trying to come closer to dunya and its pleasures. The more people ask for more pleasures in this life, more problems will run after them and surround them. This life's pleasures are surrounded by disliked things, so by the time you reach these pleasures you will be exhausted. Still people are running after their physical body's desires and enjoyments! There is probably only one person within 100 000 who wants spiritual pleasure within the Divine Presence instead. Most people are only running after this life. But the more you run after it, the more you will be surrounded by disliked things. Beware of physical desires! Be careful! They will occupy you uselessly and waste you. Finally they are like a mirage. It is like when you see water on the horizon of the desert and you run there to end up finding nothing. In the same way we are running after this life's pleasure and will find nothing in the end. We will have wasted it. There will be no chance to come back and start from the beginning again. You will only have one chance.

That is why we must have a control on ourselves. Beware of your ego. It just asks for more and more and then runs away. In the end you will have wasted yourself. Ask yourself whether you were created for eating and drinking only. No! We have been created for something else. Our eating and drinking is only meant to strengthen our physical body, so that we can use it for serving the Lord. Nowadays in the west the presumption is, that we have only been created to eat and drink and have our sexual enjoyments. We would then be no different to cattle. People do want to eat non-stop, they are chewing all day long, like cows. They do not realise, that if you eat all the time, you lose your taste. Like if you eat a spoonful of honey you will enjoy it, but if you have to eat 5 spoons in a row, you will refuse. This happens even with honey! Satan encourages people to want to eat all the time.

In the old days the Romans would eat, then go and vomit and then continue to eat. For animals it makes sense to eat as much as possible because they are producing meat and eggs and milk for us to eat. But for us? It is forbidden for us to do things limitless. We must follow Divine Limits, Heavenly Rules. They give us a discipline for this life. When you are disciplined, you will find peace within yourself. When that has been established, common peace will come. If people haven't found peace within themselves, crowds of people will not be peaceful.

To fast is the biggest wisdom which Allah has ordered his servants from the beginning until now. Fast, and you will find health, physically and spiritually! Someone who doesn't will be sick physically and spiritually. It is a command coming from Heavens. It is for the full benefit of mankind. Sometimes an illness will come to people and the physician will order these people not to eat and drink for several days. If people die without having fasted they will be hungry and thirsty.

If we keep His Holy Orders it is like glorifying the Lord. Try to understand Islam. Try to understand the Holy Commands in Islam. Try to understand the fasting in Islam and don't accuse Islam in a foolish way. Whoever accuses Islam does not know anything about it. Islam is full of diamonds and pearls. Try to take some of them.


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