Maulana Sheikh NazimLight of Awliya is Light of Anbiya

May Allah not cut us off from the faith that is coming from the Prophet’s heart. If it is cut, we become like a dried out well. But when it flows even a little bit, it gives life. Where there is no water, there is no life. With spiritual faith the spiritual life awakens…Haqiqi ilham…

Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. We need daily sustenance. As we need for our physical being, our spiritual being is asking daily sustenance. Every day coming new appearances; if you catch that appearance through your spiritual being, you are lucky. If you are sleeping, perhaps the river is running, but if you don’t open your land, the water is going and your land remains dry. Therefore you must be awake and, Subhana man ‘azzu wa shanu, glory to Allah Almighty, it is difficult now on our island to find another gathering sitting freely as we are sitting here; you can’t find. Because people just sank through darkness oceans; nothing they are seeing. People are in darkness.

And Allah Almighty was saying that: ’Should be a darkness’. The Holy Quran is informing about past times, from the beginning of time up to the time of Rasulullah sws, as well as showing coming days. It is its speciality, the holy Quran is not an ordinary book, but it is Umm-ul-Kitab. All knowledge that is just registered or written through books is coming from that holy Book. Millions of books, all of them take their material, their essence, from the Holy Quran. Seeds of knowledge, countless seeds of knowledge. If anyone may plant one, it will grow and grow, and that plant of knowledge will never fall down. It is not like our plants. A knowledge plant is forever, you can take and take. And the Holy Quran is giving countless seeds of knowledge to people. It can’t be like an ordinary book. Astaghfirullah! It is an endless ocean, you can take from it countless pearls and jewels.

Therefore its speciality is to show from the beginning of time to the time of Rasulullah sws what happened. You can take every knowledge with details or as a summary. You can reach details, perhaps deepest details what happened from the first time when Allah Almighty said: ’I am going to make (a deputy on earth) - and to make (ja’al) is not like to create; so that the creation of Adam in the divine knowledge was ready, the divine will was signing the appearance of Adam and that he may be dressed as a Khalifa, as Allah’s deputy on earth, and that title Allah Almighty gave to Sayidinna Adam..

Then Allah Almighty informed the angels, so they knew it before Adam’s creation, and they said: ‘O our Lord, we are ready for that importance, for that purpose, we are most suitable to be Khalifa, and You are going to make that new creature that they are going to fight each other?’ Angels knew about the Children of Adam and therefore they said: ’We are doing everything as You say, as You order. We are not getting out from what You order. Why You are not making a Khalifa from us and bring a new creature in existence and dress him to be Your Khalifa?’ That means they knew before Adam’s appearance in existence about him and the Children of Adam.

From the Holy Quran you can take every detail about the time that no sun was shining, no moon was turning and no earth was moving. And you can take every detail about the creation of Adam and his becoming titled as Allah’s Khalifa. And also for every time and century you can find what is happening through East and West between men, the Khalifas of Allah Almighty; what they did, what they do and what they are going to do in future, up to end, also. The Holy Quran is informing about everything that we are in need now and for coming days.

And it is a big ignorance to object on Anbiya and Awliya when they say something from the news about the future. Very ignorant people object and say: ‘No one knows about coming news.’ Those people are no mind people, never understanding.

As well as Rasulullah sws was saying that in the Holy Quran you find news about the past and the future. This is enough for who has any understanding. He must not object if a Wali speaks about coming days’ events and say: ’No one knows about coming days, what is coming.’ That is ignorance, because the Prophet said: ’You can find in it everything belonging to past times, as a summary and with details.’ And the word ‘khabar’ is something like news, but in Arabic it has a different meaning: prophecy. These ignorant people are asking to make prophets like ordinary people and say: ’They don’t know also.’ But prophecy gives them authority to look and to know what is written on Preserved Tablet for coming days and from events, and they must warn their nation. How you say: ’Even prophet not knowing’? How? He is prophet? If he is like me and you, what is the difference between an ordinary person and a prophet? But the Wahabis make beliefs up and down…mixing. May Allah make them down.

We believe that the Prophet knows, because he takes from the Holy Quran what he is saying: the signs of the last days and up to the Last Day, everything. Allah is giving meanings, He is teaching Rasul. No teacher for Rasul sws. ‘ArRahman, ‘alama-l Quran…’- Allah Almighty taught the Quran to his most honoured Prophet S.Muhammad sws. What Allah taught him, Gibrail can’t know, and never going to know. When saying: ’Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, Alif, Lam, Mim…’ only the Prophet knew, Gibrail was not knowing. Gibrail was saying: ‘Alif, Lam, Mim’, and Rasulullah said: ’I understand.’ That is like a code between Allah and His most beloved servant.

Now we are looking to this verse that signs for coming days view, panorama: Should come a time that if a person makes his hand in front of him, making it from the side to his front, he can’t see, because of the darkness in that time.’ That is also a kind of sign that should come on earth ‘duhan’, a smoke, covering it for 4o days, so that one can’t see the second one. So many people are going to die; they can’t breathe, millions of people. And after 4o days opening. And this also signing now that is death of materials of people, but that darkness, if a person takes his hand in front of him asking to see it, he should not be able to see even his hand from dark darkness.

Now we are in it; people don’t see anything. They are through dark darkness. Therefore I say that now you can’t find another group like our small group through East or West. You can find perhaps very few groups, but not such a group. And the majority of people is heedless, in darkness. They can’t see what is reality, to where going and moving, can’t know what they are doing.
Therefore Awliya ask from Allah Almighty to send Mehdi a.s. with the lights of prophecy; to be open once again the light of prophecy on earth. If he is not going to bring that light of prophecy, can’t bring any progress for him. No, he is going to be like other people that may carry candle, but a candle can’t give enough light for all people- we need a sun. A torch also is not enough, only a little bit showing where you are walking. But this huge world can’t be in light with a torch. And millions or billions of candles can’t give even one billionth part of what the sun gives to the earth.

Now all Awliya ask and expect to be granted that light to Mehdi and to open. Awliya can’t do anything with their candles for taking people from darkness to lights… mina dhulumati ila nur… Only if Allah Almighty is giving to a person, that person is enough to take the whole world from darkness to lights, so that everything and everyone is going to see: ’What I am in?’
One person, one Mureed, was coming to his Sheikh and said: ’Every night I am sitting on Arsh, on holy Throne, and I am speaking with the Lord of Heavens.’ The Sheikh was looking: ’O my son, take this knife, and when tonight you sit and speak with that one that you say he is the Lord of Heavens, cut his ear.’ ‘Yes Sir, I can do.’ The next night he was also seeing the same film, movie going on. And he took that one’s ear, cutting and putting in a cloth, quickly bringing to his Sheikh. ‘You cut it?’ ‘Yes Sir, I was speaking last night also.’ Opening the cloth and looking- it was the ear of a donkey. Shaitan was bringing him to a stable, making him to sit where they put straw and barley for the animals for eating. He was sitting there, in that place, and in front of him his donkey was eating, and Shaitan was telling him: ’This is your Lord, speak to him. You sit now on the holy Throne.’

Now people are so heedless. Shaitan makes them to think: ’O, you are so civilized, no one reached to where you reached.’ Everyone, 21st century people, say: ’We are most civilized’, with Blue Jeans, men and women… all sit in sewage like big rats, jumping… When Mehdi comes, opening and showing them where they are, what is their civilization. There'll be big rats jumping, every day taking bath, every moment… Till Mehdi coming and that light comes on people and they see: ’Ohh, where we were?’ Now they are not knowing, because it is so dark now. They are like that Mureed who thought that he is sitting on the holy Throne with the Lord of Heavens. But when the light of prophecy comes and that sun is shining, people will look: ’Where we are?’, seeing that just all are in dirtiness.

Now only for a few people we can use our torch and show them, but we can’t do more than this, because it is nighttime. All Awliyas’ power, if coming together, can’t reach, they can’t show ll nations or mankind what they are doing, where they are sitting, after what they are running. But then Mehdi a.s. is coming and therefore Awliya ask him to come with the light of prophecy… We are looking after it… Some square-head people say: ’You are Wali, Qutb, why you don’t stop these things. Not enough power, our power is not reaching to all people. Only we are as an oasis through a huge dessert, a limited place, going to be a little bit water there, giving life around. But for the whole dessert must come rain from up and make the dessert to be green yards with everything… We ask from Allah Almighty, because when Mehdi comes, they say, our power must be more and more…

Shukr! Every day new sustenance for the honour of Rasul salallahu alayki wassalim.

Lefke - 04.03.2002

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