Our hearts, when the light of faith enters into them, are going to be wider, wider,
wider. Even if you put all the oceans into them, they may hold them. But our present
faith is taqlid, imitation, while the other kind of faith is real. That is imitation, like a
figure without a soul. Thus, that real faith has not yet entered into our hearts. When
it enters, the whole world is going to be changed, our view is going to be changed.
Understand? Totally changed; everything is going to be changed. When real faith
comes into our hearts and lights them, it will be as if a person has been blind but
when his eyes are opened, he sees something other than what saw before.
Therefore, don’t suppose that now we are in real faith. No, not yet.

Grandsheikh was in the First World War from the beginning up to the end. He made
jihad, the lesser jihad and the greater jihad, he completed them both. He said to me,
“O Nazim Efendi, if I were to tell you about all that the people and I suffered during the
First War, in which I saw so many terrible events and sufferings, this whole place
would be filled with books, you could write so many books about it. But everything
passes. The events of yesterday are buried, finished; today new ones will come, new
ones. If they are going to stay with you, all of them not passing, no one could bear
this life’s heavy burdens. That has passed away. This is our Lord’s will."

“In our division there was an Armenian (Christian) sergeant. He asked one of the
solders, while I was looking on, “What is your name?”
“My name is Ali.”
“Yes, You are Muslim?”
“Alhamdulillah, I am Muslim.”
“But if you say you are Muslim, I can also say that I am Muslim. What I believe is
enough to say that I am Muslim. I also believe in one God Almighty and the angels
and the holy books and the prophets and the Last Day and Qadar, the Divine
Decree,” that Armenian sergeant said. “I say what you say. But is that enough to be
a Muslim?”
“Then what is the sign? If it is only saying as you say, I do that, also. If you are
talking about namaz, prayers, I do them, also.” (They lived as neighbors in Muslim
towns and villages).

Then Grandsheikh said, “Look, you are asking for a sign. I am saying to you that it is
not enough only to say with your tongue, “I am a believer, I am a Muslim”. You may
even recite the Holy Qur’an. But the sign of a Muslim and a real believer is that he
has a light from his Lord Almighty. When he looks down, he can see up to the end of
this world; when he looks up he can see to the end of the universe. If he looks at he
East he can see up to the end of the farthest East; if he looks at the West, he sees
up to the end of the Western regions. If he looks toward the Qiblah, he sees the K’aba.”

Then that sergeant fell upon the hands of Grandsheikh and kissed them.

Grandsheikh said that the real sign of belief is that a person has the light of faith in
his heart, which comes from Allah Almighty. Nothing can keep back that light.
Understand? What can keep back Nurullah, Allah Almighty’s light? Distance never
prevents that person from seeing; darkness never hides anything in itself. Therefore,
when real faith comes into our hearts, they are going to be lighted. Everything in the
universe is going to be in front of us; nothing may be hidden from us. That is the
degree of real faith.

We are now within limits, and our sight is as if we are within four walls. But when Allah
Almighty dresses one of His servants in Noor (Divine Light) there shall be no
hindrance to his sight and his vision. Distances, walls, buildings, mountains etc. none
of these shall obstruct the vision of this servant. Nothing shall prevent him from
looking and seeing. He will be able to look in any direction and every direction. He
shall be able to see without distraction up to the end of that direction.

Distance shall not effect his vision. Neither will darkness in the night be a veil over
his sight. Night shall appear as day to him. This is because he is dressed in this Noor.
Every cell of his body is also Noor and like the shining of the sun he shall be inside
and outside of everything. Such a person shall be in the Divine Presence.

If Allah Almighty questions such a servant it shall be in the form of speaking to him,
only in order to honour him. When Allah Almighty speaks to and addresses such a
servant more and more honour comes to that person. This is only for honouring as
His servant has done his best for Allah Almighty and has reached already to
perfection. This is why he shall not be questioned. He has realised and reached to
what Allah Almighty has asked of him, and to what Allah Almighty has appointed for

If a person does his best in trying to fulfil the purpose of his Lord, he must somehow
reach to that station. When a servant of Allah Almighty reaches to such a station it
shall never be lost to him. It shall be forever. When the real Power of Iman enters his
heart he shall change from being a Worldly being into a heavenly being and his
relationship to his heavenly stations shall be for always and ever.

In unity he shall have no more troubles, no more problems, no more sadness and no
more hopelessness. He shall be granted by Allah Almighty to be able to say “BE” and
it shall become. When he reaches to that station he shall have no more egoistic
desires. Finished. No more shall he belong to Dunya nor shall he even belong to
himself. He shall belong to Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty shall accept him. To live
for Allah Almighty is the highest horizon of servanthood. We have been asked to
move towards this horizon. This is our target.

When a person belongs to Allah Almighty he leaves everything and says Innee
Wajjahathu Wajjhiya Lillazee Faathiras Samawathee Wal Arla Hanifa. ‘Oh my Lord I
have now turned my face to you’. Do we really mean it when we say this or do we say
this only with our tongues. Allah Almighty is asking us to say it and mean it. To say
“Oh my Lord, I belong to you and I am leaving out every other relationship in this life
of mine. I am asking for a relationship with You in Your heavens”. Then we shall be
given this relationship with Heavens.

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