It is the first Friday of the holy month, the holy month Muharram, the beginning of the New Year - one thousand four hundred and twenty, 1420. Shaitan is on full alert to take away Islam but Islam is still standing up. Can man can do anything to take away the Himalayan Mountains? Is that possible? If it is possible, do you think that man can stop the moon from moving? If that happens, do you think that man can stop the sun rising, or if it rises, stop it setting? Is it possible? No, never. Or that, perhaps, may be, but to remove Islam - that is impossible. Oh, they have been trying for fifteen centuries to take Islam even a little bit away, but Islam is standing up. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. They think that the Serbian pigs can finish Muslims, they are not, they are not even imagining that behind those pigs lions are coming. The pigs are the pigs of Shaitan, and the lions are the Lions of Rahman, the Lions of Allah Almighty are coming; and everything that is happening is for the benefit of Islam, Allahu Akbar. Everything that is happening; throughout every 24 hours there are 24,000 appearances from the Divine Presence coming to earth and changing, coming and changing everything.

Everything may be changed, but Islam will never be changed. Shaitan used his chances to change Moses' book, the Torah, the Old Testament, he changed so many things, but he wasn't able to change it completely. The Jewish rabbis hide something from the Torah but they couldn't remove it. They hide so many things and Allah Almighty made this clear through His last Prophet, Sayyidina Muahmmad, sal Allahu aleyhi wa sallam. He said "Bring the Torah here, and open that page and show what is written there, what they have been hiding, show how they have not been saying the truth": Rasul Allah, sal Allahu aleyhi wa sallam, had never read their books, and they thought that the Seal of Prophets was an ordinary person, an ordinary illiterate person, so they were playing tricks, saying this and that. Then Archangel Gabriel came and said, "Oh Muhammad, sal Allahu aleyhi wa sallam, they are cheating, or trying to cheat, they are hiding the reality. Call them to bring their Torah to you." And he called them, saying, "Bring the Torah here." The Torah is not Arabic book, it is in the Hebrew language, and he said, "Open that page and read it to me, recite it." And then they were ashamed, because of what Rasul Allah, sal Allahu aleyhi wa sallam, said, the truth was clearly revealed and blame came on them, they were ashamed.

Satan just played with their books, they hide so many things, they changed so many things. If man interferes with a Holy Book, then immediately that book loses its sacredness, it is finished. Holy Books, all of them, are virgin (pure), if man then interferes with it the virginity of that book is finished. Man interfered with the Old Testament, and the New Testament, they took something away, and added something else. Or they hide things. Therefore the Old Testament, and the New Testament, are not virgin books any more, now they are not original books, their originality is finished. Therefore, they can't carry people through their Cathedrals, through their Churches, through their Synagogues, they are empty now. Monasteries are empty now; people only come to look around and their places of worship have become like museums. Gold, silver, statues &endash; shining. Paintings. People never come to pray, they only put matches to candles and leave. No more Christianity. Christianity is finished. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Christians are finished.

Jewish people never accept anyone except themselves to be Jewish, therefore they're closing their communities. No-one can be from their nation unless they are born into it. They are closed, they are closed, the Children of Israel are closed. They never accept anyone else. No. And they also interfered with the Old Testament, Torah. The Torah was such a big book among Holy Books, it was much bigger than any other Holy Book - but they lost it, it is finished. Shaitan played with them and finished it. Shaitan also came to Islam to change the Holy Qur'an. No. This can't be, the Lord is saying, "I am sending, I am looking after it. No-one can put his hand on it, not even to one letter. I am its Guardian, I am its Protector. I am the Supreme Keeper of that book. No-one can change even one letter. It is one Holy Qur'an through East and West from North to South." Allah Almighty is always victorious. Whoever is with Allah Almigthy is also going to always be victorious. Who is going to be with Shaitan will always be down, down, down, finished.

This first of Muharram, 1420, is reaching to the Christian third millenium, it is a bridge. Perhaps next year all Christian calendars are going to join, by themselves, and pass across that bridge and over to the real calendar, the Islamic calendar, their calendar ending. To be only one calendar, the Islamic calendar, next year, 2000, reaching now through 1420. And Allah knows what is going to happen, no-one can expect, no-one can imagine, no-one from common people can even dream what is going to happen through this year. They are only saying something that is imagination, no more, not what is really going to happen from the big events that will make everything upside down. Only those who are with the Lord Almighty Allah, should be left standing up and others will fall down.

Batil; Shaitan is going to be like a donkey and everything that he brought from batil, batil, what is batil; it is the opposite of haqq. It is false, faults. Every fault that he made up to today; he is going to be like a donkey, and every fault that he showed people, encouraged people, taught people, and brought through technology will land on him and he will be taken away, finshed. Ah. Time is over. Time is now ending; ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one; Boom! (Sheikh Efendi claps his hands and laughs) I will kick his tail end too! Finished, Shaitan; all the batil, the opposite of haqq, every fault, every falsehood, should be loaded on him and be taken away, when Jesus Christ comes - jahannam. May Allah grant us a real faith to believe in such things. Islam is not some rules that only belongs to this life, measures of this life.

Lefke - 17.04.1999

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