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You must speak now, you can't have any time later?

//Questioner from Germany: Yes. Among Europeans there are many groups making courses on self-knowledge, self, um, experience, they want to reach something, but they are mixed, many times they are mixed - women and men are mixed in these groups and they make all this to open themselves and then I think, from myself, I don't have a good feeling, so I run away from these things, but many people come in this way to open themselves, they try to go to heaven but I think it's a trap.//

Bismillah hir-rahman nir-rahim.. Now we are reaching to an end, and every end we reach is at the same time a new beginning. A beginning and an and ending. Here ends this period, and this second period begins from here. Now the whole world is going to reach the end of a period and a new period is going to begin. As people are saying the second millenium is finishing and the third millenium is just beginning, the twentieth century is just ending and the twenty-first century is just going to begin. That means a renewal is coming, the old book is closing and a new book is going to be opened. So many things are just going to pass away with the twentieth century, there is no more room for them in the twenty-first century. It will be that with this renewal, that that which could not be, and which was not in existence through the twentieth century will come with this renwal through the twenty-first century. For example, the economy and everything that belongs to the twentieth century economic system is never going to work in the twenty-first century, also twentieth century social work is never going to work - those systems that all nations are now using are never going to work in the twenty-first centutry, also all political systems that we are using in the twentieth century are not going to work in the twentieth century, also every educational system that works now will not work in the twenty-first century and also every belief that has been in the twentieth century will not continue to be as they are now in this century, they are never going to be the same in the twenty-first century. Health, wealth ; every kind of work will never be the same in the twenty-first century. Never be the same. You are understanding?

//Questioner:Yes. //

Everything is just going to stop, to finish, at the end of 1999, stopping, and a new term is going to open for all mankind. What you are now asking about, all of these groups are based on imagination, it is all their imagination, there is never any reality through them, nothing. All imagination. If a person can stand on water then those ideas are going to be stable in existence - but there is no base for such ideas to stand on. Therefore, don't occupy your heads, your minds, your hearts, with such imaginary, nonsense ideas. In the twentieth century Shaitan has thrown so many useless, nonsense, lies and false ideas to make chaos of truth, and to make confusion of such things, and to tell people that they can select for themselves what is good and what is true, from what is false. But when the twenty-first century, the third millenium comes, such nonsensical, foolish ideas will not work anymore.

Now they are saying, as an example, that when it rains the earth gives so much grass of so many kinds, and also among these grasses trees are growing, but to begin with the Almond that you plant looks like grass ; you can't chose…(TALK continues on other side of cassette)…will become dry, but the Almond tree will grow, it grows with power, but at first it was among the grass, like the grass, but with time the Almond produces nuts, and there are also cherries, apples, pears, fruits that all began like grass, but when the summer comes they grow, they do not dry, but grass finishes, the grass becomes dry.

In the twentieth century every kind of idea has been planted good ones, bad ones, good ones, bad ones - they are growing together and no-one can see which is the real one ; if that is a real tree or only grass. No, you cannot see the difference. And what you are asking about ; these groups are like grass. But when the twenty-first century comes all those false ideas, that are satanic teachings are going to dry up, but the trees will stand up and grow. Such foolish, nonsensical ideas are cheating people because all of them are alike, but when the summer comes trees stand up you will see their green, but the grass is going to be yellow, it will dry up and die. Therefore, don't occupy yourslf with such foolish ideas. Wait and see what is going to happen.

We are now worrying about what is going to happen after 1999. There are going to be such big changes because all nations, all mankind, all Children of Adam, are trusting in something from technology but it is like a roof that is carried by only one pillar - if that pillar is not there then that roof will fall down. Now, for the whole world, their pillar is technology, and that pillar is going to be destroyed, or it will destroy itself, technology will destroy itself by itself. We are not shooting it from outside ; no technology will just destroy itself by itself - and when this pillar is destroyed the whole roof, the whole building, is going to fall down. That is important ; not such foolishness. And everything that you can imagine when technology is finished or has vanished ; it means you can't move one step outside your home and that means you can't bring something and you can't take something away. It means you can't use water, you can't use electricity, you can't use anything that you have been using in the name of civilisation. The means of civilisation is going to finish. The pillar that is keeping civilisation up is going to be destroyed, and that means all civilisation, of which Western countries are very proud, they are very proud of technology, when this technology disappears they are going to fall very badly. Very badly ; who can climb six floors, ten floors, twenty floors, eighty floors, a hundred floors? Who is able to do this? You will begin in the morning, and reach in the evening! And it so dark that you cannot know who is facing you on the stairs… No security, no safety, no safety. The chaos that is coming after that foolish technology destroys itself is terrible, horrible - billions are going to die, billions. Where can they go? It is the middle of winter, the whole world is frozen - where are you going to go? What you are going to do? No water is reaching up, no electricity is reaching up, no fire is reaching up! And no-one can move from one place to another place easily…

I am thinking about here, how the houses here are so simple, I am not in need of a lift but, foolishly, in towns here they are beginning to build high buildings, concrete buildings, that in summertime are like ovens and in winter like fridges. How you can live? Those people can't move three steps without cars, people are accustomed to live by pressing a button - how are they going to live? This is important - not such foolish ideas! Their water comes from 300 or 400 feet below, when there is no electricity how will water reach you? Cars can't move. Therefore, I am looking to move, to move to such a place where water is nearby, for using for drinking. Therefore, those in the countryside; all of them in the countryside are much safer, clean and safe.

Man will be forced to come back to nature, because twentieth century civilistion has lead man to run away from nature. Twentieth century people are fighting nature, killing nature with their foolish factories, with their foolish demands, foolish waste, they are killing nature. Now the Lord is punishing them, "Enough!" Oceans are dying! What is that! For what? For quick supply, for speed ; because wastefulness, they are wasting everything. That is the base of economy ; fast supply, fast waste. No more nature reaches to fooolish mankind now, and Allah Almighty is going to punish them to stop that foolishness and people should then keep even one cup of water. They must learn to keep it, not to waste, and that time to learn is coming now. It is time. Over ; (demonstrating water tap that is on full and gushing excessive water) for one glass, they are wasting half, one gallon water! You must look after this point everywhere. You must not use high buildings, you must come down, and you must prepare simple houses, for a simple life, you must learn not to waste anything and you must try to join with nature once again so that nature is not fighting against you. As much as you are fighting against nature, nature fights you.

Perhaps in that time foolish illnesses are going to disappear, when you are getting in peace with nature, nature helps you for your life. That is important. Look everywhere there are crowded centers that will be impossible to live in in the third millenium. People must spread everywhere in the countryside, digging wells to use. And you must not throw away animal fat because candles will be made from it. Candles. No more electricity, no more lamps in which you can use paraffin or petroleum for light, for lighting, no. Only wooden lights as before, burning them to give light at night. And in every place fireplaces will be used for cooking and for heating inside. And you are going to use your clothes as much as possible, for a long time. No more new clothes every month, every week, no more changing every day, no more morning-dress, night-dress ; finished. No industrial works ; finished.

You must look on it, that is important for all of you. If not, so many people are going to die. Not millions but billions will die. When electricity is sometimes cut off just for one hour or two hours they go crazy to be crazy. What about when it is for days and days, without hope that it will be connected again? For one hour your electricity is cut off and you hope that in one or two hours it will be finished, reconnected, but that in time there will be no more hope that electricity will return, there will be no hope that that power will work once again, finished. That will be terrible, very terrible, they can't use anything ; those who live through computers, TVs and such a things are going to die. To die, because they haven't any hope for the coming days.

We have hope we are believers, we know that that is on the bridge from one side to another side. Materialism is going to finish, it is going to die, and we will pass over this bridge to another part of life. The people who reach to that second life in this world should find another source of power in action. Therefore, we are not hopeless, we are hopeful people, but I am only saying that for a short distance you must put your attention to how you can pass freely through that temporary period. You are understanding?

//Questioner: Yes, thank you very much. Just one question about hijab, because some people do not know the meaning of hijabs ; how precious they are and what is their protection. How they work? //

All of them depend on beliefs. If they are believers we can say something and they should believe, some do not believe in spirituality, and they can't carry that for a belief. If they are believing in spirituality in Islam, it is useful for them, if they are materialist people, asking only for things from the material life they will not use it and there is no hope for them. Yes?
Questioner: Some people in Germany with whom I have met, have groups, Christian groups, and they are all saying something, they also have some ideas about these coming times, about these three months, some say three days ; but we know it's a longer time which is coming ; zuspitzen (coming to a head) ; we say we have to prepare, and these people maybe they need something from you so that they will have a new idea about…//

I said.
Questioner:Oh it is inside? Okay, thank you. //

It is imagination, no reality, what they ae saying. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. Anything else?

//Another questioner: Maulana, what can we do for our relatives and for our friends? //

They should carry much more difficulties through their lives, but my advice is to run to the countryside and to have a well, because life depends on water. Without water there is no life. Simple houses and try to come to a simple life, simple living. No more TV, no more instruments; they must keep everything with care so that they do not waste what they have, because wasting is going to finish nations.

//Another Questioner: Is there three days during which we must really stay in our houses, or more than three days, maybe three months? My friend asked me, should we stay, like khalwat people, for three months in our houses not going one meter out or…?//

No it is not… when you are in the countryside you may move as Allah orders us to go on earth, but do not come to big cities ; in big cities there will be so many problems and difficulties ; gangs of robbers, countless robbers, countless satanic groups. Everyone who is caught in their places and uses these words ; Bismillah hir-rahman nir-rahim, should be protected.

//Questioner: Three days, er, in some books I have read, in many books I have read in Germany, they say that there will be three days of darkness ; can you say something about this? Because they fear that something from the universe is coming to this planet.//

That is another thing. We have ; when the sun is going to rise from the West, that for three days the sun will not shine, and then when it comes, it will rise in the West. It will rise to its midday place then it will set as it was rising. That is the last point that people may repent, tawba, repent. When it sets, when the sun has set, that door is going to be closed. But what they are, what it is written in some places for now, about three days of night darkness, I am not sure what is going on in those days. If that is a real thing or Prophets' signs? Only Allah knows, so I don't like to ask about it. Yes, wa min-Allah at-tawfiq, bi hurmatil-fatiha.

Lefke - 01.05.1999

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