Some holy-people need physical power, others don't. Grandsheik was in seclusion and his wife Halima was bringing him a small cup of soup, put it through the door and left. One day she came and saw that Grandsheik had not eaten, so she brought one more but the same happened for the next 10 days. Sheik Abdullah did not eat. So she went to his Sheik, Sheik Sharafuddin, and told him, "Whatever I bring him, he doesn't touch.". So Sheik Sharafuddin wrote a letter and said to her, "Don't say anything, just give him this."

He wrote, "Oh, Abdullah Effendi, I know that you can live without eating until the end of the world. You have heavenly power and you will never feel hungry, never feel the pain of hunger. Because normally when people don't eat, the stomach will hurt. Without even forcing yourself you can live like that, I know. But I am ordering you to eat as an ordinary person, because when you are, you are someone who can give thanks much more than anyone else. So eat and drink and give thanks to Allah Almighty!".

After that command, he was eating and drinking. It is important for believers to eat and to drink as good as they are able to. They should eat the best, so that they can be much more thankful with love. Because when their ego is also satisfied, they will have more love. So if you can do it, do it. Our Grandsheik Shah ul Naqshiband was saying, "Oh, my murids, you must try to eat best food, drink best drink, wear best clothes and give best of thanks! That is my tariqat!". Because Allah Almighty created every favour for his servants. His servants should use it and give thanks. Eat best and do best. That is the Naqshibandi Way. Dress best and give best thanks. Live best of lives and give your best thanks and worshippings to Allah.

Hadith: Muhammad sws. said, "Allah Almighty likes to see that his servants are using His Favours. If you have been given the chance, then eat, put on your table whatever Allah Almighty has granted to you of the best. Put best food to eat and give of it to others too. Dress best and give others best clothes too. Live best of lives and give best of thanks!".

Asia - 01.11.1991

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