Maulana Sheikh NazimThe first Adab is to say: ‘O my Lord, give Your protection to me and shelter me from devils and evil.’
Ya Mufatiha-‘ abwab, iftah lana khaira bab…Meded, ya Sahibu-l imdad…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. The first Adab is to say: ‘O my Lord, give Your protection to me and shelter me from devils and evil.’ Now from East to West, North to South, countless devils. People running on wrong way, falling and disappearing. This in an old world; it carried on itself through thousands of years so many nations from mankind, and now we are on it. The appearance of people just finishing and a new appearance of people is coming, like a caravan, passing, moving, because everything is moving.
Everything is moving; nothing in existence may be stable, it is moving…The existence of Heavens never accepts a movement. All creatures are moving, or must move, because for everything there is a distance of space to move in. Everything that is in existence has a space, so that it can move; if no space, it can’t move. And everything in existence is surrounded by unknown power oceans; everything is in endless power oceans, and there are countless power oceans…Can you see through a sea or an ocean any fish or creature to be stable? Can you find a fish to be any moment in the same place or to stand like this (still)? Can’t be. All moving, nothing is fixed in the ocean.
And really now we are also in the power oceans of Allah Almighty. Through His mighty oceans everything is moving, because they have a distance to move, and they are surrounded with power, and that power makes them to move left or right, in front or back, up or down. Everything is moving, but for Allah Almighty there is no distance and no space, no room. He is not in need for His Existence to be in a place. If He needs a place, that place must be bigger than Him, and it can’t be. And for to move there must be another power, another powerful one to push Him or to pull Him, and it is impossible. Therefore, for existence He is Allahu Samad- fixed in His Existence. From pre eternal up to eternal He is the Lord of all creation, and every creature is coming from that in existence. Unlimited distances for them to move in, but nothing may effect on the Existence of Allah Almighty. And here and in the hereafter everything is moving, must move, and their pleasure is through their movement. Every movement is like a turning around the House of Lord, Kaaba Mu’azzama. Really people may enjoy more than any other when they make Tawaf, turning around the Holy Kaaba. Through our movements the most enjoyful movement is to make Tawaf. We have movements through the prayer, giving us enjoyment. These movements give pleasure and at the same time power to our physical being. But the movement around the Holy Kaaba is something else. The Holy Kaaba represents Haqiqatu-l Muhammadiya, the real being of S.Muhammad sws, and his real being represents the real essence of Allah Almighty. Therefore we make Tawaf- you are moving in front of the symbolized essence of the Lord of Heavens. Therefore when we make Tawaf our feelings are something else. Even it is too crowded- but your feelings are just different.
And because our physical being is so heavy we only run on our feet, with our physical being. When we get spiritual power, we are going to be like a jet-engine, taking that person up. And, beginning from the heads of the first Tawaf makers, there is another group making Tawaf, and up over it another group, etc., up to the Bait-ul-Mamur in Heavens. Your pleasure is going to be more and more when your physical being gets up through your spiritual being; it is getting much more powerful and more enjoyful. Who reaches to Bait-ul-Mamur, first station, their enjoyment and pleasure is much more than of those people who are down, under that level. And coming to the second Heavens, the third, fourth, fifth sixth and seventh Heavens. After the seventh heavens comes the Chair, Kursi, before the Throne, Arsh, and that movement is around the Kursi, and then whose degrees are going to be much more powerful they reach to the Holy Throne and make Tawaf around the Holy Arsh. And they are going to increase and increase through enjoyment, they are going to fill with enjoyment and light and countless favours, that no one ever saw or heard of or that never passed through their heart.
Therefore- everything is moving, everyone is running; all people through their life must move. But the most honoured movement for mankind is the movement of prayer and, more than this, when he is going to and visiting the Holy Kaaba, which belongs to Allah Almighty, representing His Oneness. When they make Tawaf, common people reach the limit of their pleasure. These first level people, when people reach to be Saints, reaching to the station of servanthood, they take much more light, pleasure, enjoyment, knowledge, wisdom, and power-countless kinds of favours.
Therefore movement must be through everything that is in existence. We say: Nothing is moving- but it is moving. If a person takes a plane and sits on his seat, what do you think? He is moving or not? Through our eyes, out looking, we see he is not moving, but your mind and mentality says that he is moving. But you are not seeing it. But he is moving, because he is in the plane, and everything in that plane moves with it. Even you say no, he is not moving, but he is moving. Therefore now people are moving and their movements either going to be on a positive direction that gives to them honour, power, respect, enjoyment and pleasure, or not. There are the movements of someones that give them troubles, sufferings, miseries, and every badness comes after their movements. Positive movement brings to people enjoyment, light, wisdom, pleasure, real life and real favours, countless favours, and make them to be closer to the divine Presence. Negative movements make people to fall down through troubles, sufferings, fighting, disrespected positions throwing them in the hands of devils and making them to fall into evil oceans, to be in stress. All negative movements bring stress to people. All troubles come after negative movements; crises, war, enmity, countless unknown illnesses, jealousy, hatred, every bad thing comes after negative movements.
Negative movements are all satanic teachings, positive movements are heavenly teachings. Look now through East and West- what you see? You think people on positive movements in it or negative? No good movements for mankind now, because they are not working for Allah. Good movements that are positive, make Allah pleased with that person.The Lord is going to be pleased with His servant, and then everything in creation must be pleased with that one. Nature, if it is pleased with a person, never giving any trouble; even may be full with bacteria of every kind, but never giving ant trouble. But negative movements that are satanic teachings, make Allah not to be pleased with those people. And when Allah is not happy, nature and everything never going to be happy with them and everything asking to rush on them, to destroy, kill and take them away.
Therefore now it is important to be known that everything in existence is moving, but that some movements make Allah Almighty happy, some others never make Him happy with those people. Until these people living on earth now leave negative movements and come to positive movements that make Allah Almighty happy with them, there will be neverending troubles, miseries and sufferings. Should fall on them, and miseries and sufferings don’t come by themselves, they come through cursing. Cursing comes on people and then alwas troubles climb and increase. No solution, o mankind, you must look after your movements, if they make your Lord pleased with you or not. If you are not going to think on it, you should be destroyed- as so many nations were destroyed from Heavens or from earth. But now the Lord promised to Rasul that the punishment for those negative movements people are going to give to each other…
Lefke - 26.02.2002
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