Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Oh our Lord, grant us from knowledge

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Allahumma ‘alimna ma yanfa’una wa zidna ‘ilma…

Oh our Lord, grant us from knowledge that it is going to be honour for us here and Hereafter, because no any rank (is) going to be over the rank of a learned person. Knowledge (is) giving honour to mankind. If no knowledge, who (is) knowing nothing or learning nothing, their level is (the) level of animals. And we are asking from Allah Almighty to grant us from (such a) Knowledge that (is) giving to ourselves honour here and Hereafter.

Now people may say: “Oh, everywhere people (are) learning. How you are saying that knowledge (is) giving honour to people and we are seeing here everyone (is) learning, but we are not seeing honour on them.” Yes. No honour. They are learning something- for what? It is an example: Nighttimes, if you are running around cities, particularly (through) rich people’s living centers, after midnight that going-coming (is) stopping. Only two kinds of members of that city are very busy… two kinds of members- they are citizens also, without identity, no identity- they are very busy that time. What they are doing? There is… municipal office (is) putting everywhere a big box to be put in it rubbish. People (are) putting in it rubbish, every kind. Those two, without-identity-people, members of that city or town, they are without salary also coming out. They are coming and working, making everything with that boxes. Some of them jumping and coming in, some others- so many- they are coming and carrying this box on earth to look everything, what is there, searching what is in it. Coming and jumping in it.

I saw so many, several times, that dogs (are) also coming, but dogs can’t jump. (They are) making only like this…, but (they) can’t jump. When (they are) looking cats jumping, (they are) very angry, shouting to them. Then, cats also coming, so many in this, making like this, quarreling and then coming down this… and they are searching what is there good for eating.
Why we are saying this? Yes. You are saying: “Oh Sheikh, we have everywhere, even through your unknown territory- Northern Cyprus- you can find 11 or 12 universities. Some of them ‘European’, some of them ‘Far East’, some of them’ Middle East University’- so many strange names for cheating people, or ‘American University’…” What you are saying? Only handful people here, and 12 universities! How you are saying against our generation, and accusing them that they are knowing nothing? Just we are in knowledge centers. We are learning!”

You are learning to look after that municipal boxes, dustbins, to look what is necessary, what is good to take, for you. You are asking Dunya and Dunya (is a) big dustbin and every dirtiness (is) in it, but you are running to find in it some more, some more things through dustbin and to save (them), to make heaps of that rubbish and dirty things, every dirtiness in it and they are making so many heaps of rubbish. “How you are saying (this) and all (the) world (is) working on it!”

Yes I know! I know what you are taking, after which thing you are running. After which thing you are running to learn, I know it! Therefore I am saying: ‘Dunya jifa’, Dunya (is a) dustbin and you can find in it every kind of dirtiness and rubbish, (it is) in it and those centers- that you are saying high schools, universities, academies, they are not passing over after these dustbins. All (are) in it and they are quarreling. Some of their fighters, their identity belongs… like cats, some others (are) like dogs. All people who run after (the) rubbish of this world, their characteristic is like (the) characteristics of cats or dogs, because they are quarreling to collect much more from (the) dirtiness of this world.

How they are learning this? And we are not saying this is a knowledge. Don’t think that it is giving to you honour. If it is giving honour, we must put on cats crowns and on dogs also. You think so?

Wake up to know what you are doing! After which thing you are running, to reach and to save more, to take more! Everything (of that which you are) taking more, it belongs to that dirty and rubbish things from dustbin. Dunya (is a) big dustbin- never giving honour to you. If (it was) giving honour, dogs and cats should be much more honoured than you.

We have been ordered for knowledge. Knowledge that gives to you honour is heavenly Knowledge, (it) belongs to Heavens, (it) belongs (to the) Hereafter; (it is) Knowledge that is concerning Heavens and (the) divine Presence. You can find such centers now? Where? Who may say?

This is (an) Inn, Holiday Inn, Mental-House Inn, here, don’t say about this Inn… Inn means Khan… And people daily, day by day getting more drunk, more greedy to reach much more. Economy, economy, economy… Euro, Pound, Yen, Dollar… running on it.

Economy! What is economy? To reach much more from that dustbin. From (the) dustbin of this world, to reach much more, that is their economy and they are saying: “Economy (is) coming down.” “Why?” I am saying, “Dirtiness (is) finishing through your life that economy (is) going to finish?” Never finishing. That greed that is a worst characteristic of Shaitan, (is) controlling everyone and they are greedy to use that dirtiness only for them. And what amount a person (is) going to reach, to take from that dustbin?

Cats, when they are getting full, coming and pissing in it and dogs coming and making its leg up… pissing… then running away. Not carrying. But man (is) worse than them, asking to carry also. Those creatures eating and leaving… making on it and running, roaring running: “We are full. Glory to our Lord that (is) never forgetting ourselves and giving us such beautiful things to eat and we are inspectors on it, but foolish mankind, instead to give all of us golden medals on leg, making with stick… ”Hush! Go away!”, throwing them away and we are doing for them best.”

Now this is a general view for all nations including (the) Muslim world also. Muslims also (are) running after that dustbin. We know (that) whom they are unbelievers, they are greedy and they are asking to reach much more only for their life, they are saying, (in a) Hereafter they are not believing. But you, as believers Hereafter for (an) eternal life, you are believing (in) eternity, why you are making yourself on their level, oh Muslims? Oh Muslim world- why you are trying to reach to their level? You are thinking that their level is up or down? But no more they are looking to see (the) realities that Allah Almighty (is) asking to teach them, asking from Him such knowledge, to know about themselves and to take themselves from dirtiness and to be clean innerly and out to be ready for Allah Almighty’s divine Invitation (for the) Hereafter.

Where are (the) Muslims? Everyone (is) running after Non-Muslims and I am looking (that the) Non- Muslims are taking much more care for their beliefs, more than (the) Muslim world. (The) Muslim world (is) trying to be much more materialist and Western people (are) saying: “We are fed up from (the) materialist world; now we are asking something else, to make ourselves in satisfaction and contentment and to be enjoyful.” They are turning back, but we are running on (the) same way and we are not taking our lessons from those Europeans who are fed up from their lives and (who are) asking something (that) may give to their hearts enjoyment and pleasure and lights.

They are asking lights now and lights really (are) through (the) Muslim world, but (the) Muslim world (is) never taking care for (the) Lights of Heavens that had been sent through Prophets. They are making it to be extinguished that Lights and running to Western countries that are in darkness. Not only darkness, but dark darkness of ignorance and they are asking now a way to reach to Lights, they are asking to reach (the) enlightened world.

Blame to (the) Muslim world! Blame to our leaders that are never interesting (in) heavenly Lights to reach and to make their countries and territories to be enlightened through heavenly Lights! They are running to Europe, to Western countries, to be their servants and slaves. That is blame!

Therefore punishment is coming to (the) Islamic world day-by-day, day-by-day, but not yet (they are) waking up. We hope when Mehdi a.s. (is) coming, who can reach, who is asking Lights, heavenly Lights, (they) may reach. Who (is) never thinking on it or concerning, they are never reaching; they are coming through darkness and going to be in much more darkness.

May Allah forgive us and bless you and give us understanding to understand reality, what we are learning now, and (the) reality that we lost. We lost it- light and (the) enlightened world of (the) Muslim world. They are thinking that: “We should find on earth some lights”, but do you think that electric power may give light (like) when night (is) coming as (the) sun (is) giving light to (the) earth? Can’t be!

And we are leaving (the) real light center- (the) sun- and we are running after artificial lights, because they are saying: “Oh, we are using neon lamps through every kind of colours and we are enjoying.” No, you can’t enjoy! Perhaps your eyes may be a little bit enjoying, but never (is) taken (away the) darkness from your heart. (And) if (it is) not taken away, you can’t reach a satisfaction and you can’t reach an enjoyful world here and Hereafter. Beware of Satan and beware of (the) civilization of Western countries!

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of that one who is the most honoured one in His divine Presence, Fatiha…

No one can bring an objection (on) what we are saying now. No, can’t be! If objecting, second day (he) may be (in the) graveyard…

La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah, alayhi salatu-llah…

Lefke, 13.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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