Maulana Sheikh NazimOh my Lord, I am in need of Your mercy!

A real servant to his Lord knows that all the goodness that he has is a mercy from his Lord, guiding him to his Lord’s way. He knows that but for his Lord’s mercy, he wouldn’t be praying, fasting, making Dhikr, and so forth. So, when he comes to his Lord’s Presence, he says: “Oh my Lord, I am standing in Your Divine Presence, and my hands are empty. I am in need of Your Mercy always. Give me more mercy, oh my Lord.”

A real servant of the Lord is not asking anything from Him. He says only: “May you be pleased with me, oh my Lord.”

Some Awliya are too ashamed to ask anything from their Lord, because they see that they are in endless need of Him. They say: “Oh my Lord, You know best what I need from Your Mercy. My needs are endless. Fulfill my needs, oh my Lord, as You know.”


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