Maulana Sheikh Nazim Lordship Position and servanthood position

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula w ala quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd…Subhanaka, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, Innaka ‘Alimu Hakim…

(There are) two levels: One level- that there is no any other level on it, only we are saying for an understanding- that is the Lordship Position and (the other level is the) servanthood position. Lordship (is) never going to be granted; it is not a grant to be given to any creature, because no any creature (is) able to carry that position. That position (is) only for one and that One He is (the) Creator! (It is) impossible to be someone else granted Lordship, no!

Christians are saying ‘Our Lord Jesus Christ’. That is (a) biggest mistake; no mentality (is) accepting (that) or never our mindly capacity may reach to understand that position. (It is) never accepted, (it is a) biggest wrong (thing) to say for Jesus Christ: “He is Lord.” No, (it) can’t be, because Jesus Christ is a creature, from mankind. There is no ‘godkind’. ‘Godkind’ can be? No, can’t be. Mankind- countless; may come in imitated existence, but real Lordship only (for Allah). He Almighty is keeping (it) only for Himself. Nobody (is) there to be suitable for carrying Lordship, because if (there) should be someone to carry Lordshipness, he must be on (the) same position (like) the First One. (And) if he is (the) same (like the) First One that means you can’t say one, two, (but) you should say: “Oh, this is the First One!” If you are saying (that) there is another one- what is his qualification? (It is) same with the First One! Therefore, why we are saying 1, 2, 3? It is only One! 1. Without that One- can’t be any other second one. He must put Himself in the second one (for him) to be able to carry Lordship. That means: (there is) only one! Impossible! Same! And no room for another one (who is) just similar to the First One. 2, without 1, can’t be 2. 3, without 1, can’t be 3. 1oo, without 1, can’t be 1oo, (but it is) going to be 99- all of them are coming, coming, coming…(after the) first 1.

Therefore Lordship (is) never accepting a ‘sharik’, a partner! Allah, He is Lord! When you are saying: “Jesus Christ is Lord”- what about the First One? He is going to leave, (or) to make Himself tired or to make Himself retired? Or He is going to make Himself, to take Himself from Existence to give to Jesus Christ His Lordship? For what? Jesus Christ is going to be inheritor for Him? Why? He tired or retired?

But Christians, billions of them, (they are) never thinking on such things to correct their beliefs to glorify the Lord of Heavens! They are saying this without thinking! And I am meeting so many of them (that) they are reading their Holy Books, (but they are) never understanding! (And) even though these Books (are) going to be one different from the other- (but) they are never understanding, because they have no Light through their hearts!

If you are giving to a person a book, to read it through darkness- what he is going to read or understand? Therefore (there) must be heavenly Lights through that one’s heart (so that) when (he is) looking (to) Holy Books (he) may understand quickly. (But) no one (of them) up today (is understanding)! I am meeting so many of them, even (of those whom) through themselves (through their hierarchy) (are) reaching (to the) top point- but yet they are not understanding. Lordship (is) only for that One!

What about others? (The) second level (is) for all creation! (Just the) divinely stamp (is) on them as servants! They are servants and their position is servanthood! No one (is) passing over that! But people- and through Muslims also- they like to make someones over that level of common people. (It) may be (that) someones are getting up, getting up- but- even they may reach countless levels- their level is only the level of servanthood. (It is) impossible (to get out of it!) Glory be (to) Allah!

That point is making troubles among people. No mind people from ‘Ahlu-d Dunya’, common people, who are not taking care for heavenly Messages or heavenly Positions and who are atheist people or communist people or materialist people or square-head people or no-mind people or (the) generation-of-apes-people, that they are claming they are coming from apes- they are also asking to make themselves in a distinguished position.

Some of them with their beauty (are) thinking that: “Our level is distinguished”, some (others) of them with their mindly productions (are) seeing themselves different from others, saying: “Our level is not (an) ordinary level. (The) ordinary level is for common people.” Indian people, what (they are) saying? Parias? The lowest level people in India- that they are saying: “No value for them- Animals and those people are same”-, if they are getting up, they are saying: “We are (now) distinguished ones.” When they are seeing themselves (in that way) and (they are) saying: “We are (now) distinguished ones” they are asking to reach through their distance, through their levels, to look (to) themselves with another looking and (they are) saying: “We are not like those people…”

What is your opinion when you are saying (that) you are not like these people- unlearned people, labourers, farmers, pheasants? No, there is something… I am asking: “What is your position? What (is) happening? When you are seeing yourself up (over them that you were like them before)- what is your difference?”

In Spain they took me to a castle of one King and there were different kinds of religious people, priests and such people… They were showing it to me and it was a famous King’s Palace… Then they opened one room. There was a seat, a wooden seat… may be that King was more (fat) than Haci X., because that seat was twice as big as what I am sitting on here… They were saying: “That is (the) toilet.” Toilet place? He was thinking himself so high, such a high rank for himself and toilet for him? What happened? How? (The) toilet (is) carrying them to their real level. Who is entering (a) toilet- what is their level? Who is getting up too much…

Grandsheikh was saying (about) one person, his uncle. (Once he was) sitting in (the) coffee- shop and one person from the Daghestan people- they are very proud people- he was putting his hat like this… (in a special way) and putting dagger on the side… famous dagger from Daghestan, making like this (position)… Grandsheikh’s uncle was over 1oo years and (he was) saying: “Oh my son, are you not going to toilet? “ When that person was hearing this, he was quickly correcting his hat and making this dagger this side…

And Allah Almighty is saying for Jesus Christ (in the) Holy Quran. One word (is) making clear everything what we are saying, that they are claiming: “Jesus Christ is Lord” and giving (to) his mother also such a heavenly position. Allah Almighty is giving the description for them, and He was saying: “Kana yakulani taam”… Oh Christians- that you are saying the level of Jesus Christ is Lordship- Allah Almighty is saying: “He and his mother were eating and drinking”! Anyone eating and drinking must be in need for (a) toilet! (The) Lord is making… toilet? What is that foolishness?

Therefore I am saying (about) that King that was making himself over their level; as much as possible you may are making yourself high, but when your stomach (is) beginning to make gurrr, gurrr, gurr, gurrr…then (they are) saying: “We can’t be there, (on that throne), but we must come down”… coming to the dirtiest place, toilet… (holding his nose from the bad smell, finishing) quickly to run away…

People (are) never using their mentality and minds and give themselves something that is not for them. That is the source of jahalet, of ignorance, that is the source of crisis, that is the source of wars and fightings, that is the source (for people) to say: “Oh, we are Turks, no one can be like us”, (or) Arabs- they are saying: “Ahna Arab”, “We are Arabs.” They are thinking that to be Arab is giving honour to them… No! Never Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Ya ayyuhal Arab”, “Ya ayyuhal ladhina Arab”, (but) Allah is saying: “Ya ayyuha-l ladhina amanu!”

Where are the teachings of the real Islam, where are the teachings of (the) Holy Books? Holy Books are asking from people to be servants or to claim to be Lords, because they are putting something on their heads or (because they are) living in palaces or ride on famous horses or have treasures? All of this it is not for you! (There are) two levels (only) and all Prophets (were) coming to call people to their real positions (and) to say: “We are Your servants!” That is (the) real teachings of all Holy Books! No any book is coming and giving an honour more than servanthood to mankind! Can’t be! But servanthood (is) coming heavy to Shaitan and to his followers and he is saying: “No! You must claim that you are most distinguished ones among creation and (that) you are something!” No, you are not something! Your level is only servanthood!

That is the summary of all Messages that have been sent through Messengers to people. And what happened? Prophets (were) coming and saying this, giving the same Message to people and people, no one was welcoming any Prophet! No any nation (was) accepting to say: “Welcome to you!” Because Prophets were coming to make their pride down, to make them to say: “We are Your servants.” But servanthood is so heavy for mankind!

This is what is happening on earth: People are only trying to be masters of this world. At least if not Lord, to be masters or patrons for this world- but it is nothing. Their real aim is to be Lord. Can’t be!

May Allah forgive us and grant us a good understanding to think on it and to follow the ways of (the) Prophets who all say: “We are servants.” If they say: “We are servants”- what about for their followers? They should say: “We are Lords”? No! But people left heavenly Commands and they are running after their egos. Egos represent Shaitan and Shaitan is representing the first rebellious one in the divinely Presence who was claiming to be Lord for all (the) creation, who was saying: “You are the Lord up, (but) I am the Lord on earth.” As Nimrod was saying (also): “Oh Ibrahim, I am the Lord on earth, your Lord is in Heavens.” And (the) same bad characteristic, worst characteristic now it is with everyone. They are making small ones also to grow on the same idea to say that: “I am one Nimrod. I am never going to be happy to be someone Lord for me. I am living on earth and I am trying to be Lord on earth, not to be under the Command of anyone that you are saying (He is) on Heavens!” May Allah forgive us! And send us someones with power to change their ways! To take away so many rotten heads and to bring new heads, understanding the level of servanthood, trying to be servants and asking the honour of servanthood!

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha… This is a bombardment on Christianity…

Lefke, 19.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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