Maulana Sheikh NazimLove of Allah Almighty - Try to acquire more love of God Almighty because love covers, love includes, everything

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Don't suppose that Shaykh Nazim is giving a lecture. Shaykh Nazim is nothing. If my Grand Shaykh does not send his heavenly spiritual support, it is impossible for me to say even one word. Grand Shaykh is nothing if the Prophet (saws) does not give him support him by his prophethood's spiritual, heavenly support. And he also, beloved Muhammad (saws) is nothing if God Almighty does not support him by his Divine Power. That is the way. You must give value to these communications that come in such a manner. I don't know what I am going to say to you. I am only waiting for what They open to my heart to say to you, and through your asking, I am also hearing and listening. I am asking from my Lord, Almighty God, to make us among those who are listening and keeping and acting.

Now, it is a new day, a new meeting here. We are always asking for a new thing. Every new thing is tasteful (kullu jadidun ladhidh). Our egos are always interested in new things. That is their hobby. We are asking from our Lord, Almighty God, new and tasteful favors. Everything in the Divine Presence is new. Everything from the Prophet (saws) is new. Everything from Grand Shaykh is new, as well.

Now today there comes a sign for an important point. We are looking for what that is. What is the most important thing for servants? Which thing is most important and most acceptable in the Divine Presence? Which thing is also most precious to the Lord of the heavens, and even most precious among the children of Adam? That is a very important thing we must know and we must try to obtain.

If you do every action that you do with love, that is acceptable in the Divine Presence. Therefore, those actions which you do with love are tasteful to that worker or worshipper, and also to his Lord. If you love your work, it is easy for you to work. If you don't like it, it is a burden on you. Almighty God invites His servants to worship with love. "Otherwise," He says, "I am not in need of your worship. I am only looking, amidst your worshipping or amidst your actions, whether they are coming with love."

Oh believers, you must give so much attention to this point. In earlier times, in vessels using oars, there were slaves. They rowed, but not one of those people did it because of love. Don't be like a slave, no. God Almighty does not want that. If you do something, you must do it with love, love of God Almighty, every action. You can pray, but you must pray with love, love not by force, beating you with a whip and then you pray. "No need," says God Almighty. "I don't like such worship."

Every action that you can do with love - that is more lovely to your Lord, Almighty God. However, we have lost that now. We are trying to do everything out of habit, but without asking for that love, like robots, doing everything but they are not tasting. You are Muslims, You are believers. You must believe in your Lord and you must love Him. Everything that you are presenting to His Divine Presence must be with love. That is important. Therefore, God Almighty offers His servants so many ways to remember Him, so many forms of worship and so many charitable deeds to give Him the highest praise. Then, what do those actions, those forms of worship, bring? What is their fruit? All worship, if it does not bring love for our Lord, is refused. Not acceptable. If our worship makes love for God Almighty grow in our hearts, then it is alright. Keep it. Follow that way. You may follow anyone. If you can see from those meetings that some love is awakening in your heart for God Almighty, then you must keep with those meetings.

The love of God Almighty is not so easy, because you can't imagine Him. He is beyond our imagination. Therefore God Almighty has put His Divine representation into His prophets. Finally, He gave that Divine representation to His beloved Muhammad (saws). He was beloved by his Lord, Almighty God. Therefore, the hearts of his Companions were filled with God Almighty's love. The Prophet represented Truth, Reality, Haqq. He represented his Lord Almighty, so that whoever looked at him saw that he was God Almighty's representative. 'Whoever looks at me sees truth, reality in me" (man raani fagad raa al-haqq). All the Companions' hearts were caught and were filled with that Divine love.

For that reason, when the idol-worshippers (mushrik) came and saw the relationship of the Companions with the Prophet (saws) they would say to each other, "We have seen so many kings, but not one of them is given as much love and respect by his Companions as the respect, the highest respect and the highest love, which Muhammad (saws) is given by his Companions." They were astonished. How is it that so many majestic kings have so many companions but not one of them is given such respect and love? Yet they never understood what the secret was because their egos denied that he could be a prophet.

Therefore, the Prophet, beloved Muhammad (saws) represented his Lord, Almighty God and his Companions were attracted by that love. They did everything and with their physical bodies with love, with an endless love, for their Prophet (saws). Spiritually, as well. They gave everything for the sake of Muhammad (saws) because they knew well that he was the vicegerent of God Almighty, His representative. Each one, when they wanted to address the Prophet (saws) would say, "May the most beloved beings to me, my mother and father, be sacrificed for you, O God's Messenger" (fadaka ummi wa abi, ya rasul Allah). They sacrificed their lives for their Prophet, who represented the Lord of the heavens.

Then, we are also in need of someone who may represent the Prophet and may represent his Divine love within himself so that we can find a way to be in connection with the Divine love of the Lord of the heavens. The Prophet (saws) gave a sign, an indication, of such people. It is a simple sign but it is right: "They are those people who, when you see them, cause you to remember the Lord, Almighty God" (idha ru'u dhikr Allah). when you look at those people who have Divine love in their hearts, there quickly comes to your heart the remembrance of your Lord Almighty, through the Prophet's heart falling on your heart.

Therefore, if we are asking to acquire love toward our Lord Almighty, we must look for such people. Now in our time most of them are hidden, because in our time Islam is only a form, some actions, and most people say, "It is a gymnastics exercise" - yes. If it is a gymnastics exercise, how can you taste love? Tasteless things! And most people are trying to make all Muslims only act like robots, doing actions, doing exercises, and no more. For this reason, in our time people are fighting against the spiritual way (tariqat). That is the reason, because spiritual ways make people taste love. However, scholars can't taste. They are such hard people, such difficult people. They can't give any love for Islam and for its actions to people. It is impossible. They can't do that.

Other religions, as well. They are trying to give love but they can't. For this reason, at the time of the Prophet (saws) most of the Jews of Madinah were against Islam and its Prophet (saws). Why? Islam gives love; they can't give it. People find love and taste in Islam and run into it, but they can't give it. Even though they do not taste it, yet they are stubborn, quite stubborn people. Still they are trying, but it is impossible for Christians to give a person Divine love. Prohibited. Finished. That door is closed. We may give, we can give, that is our authority. Scholars can't give it, but we may give. These are not my words because we are speaking as the words come. And that is our meeting.

We are asking for more love, every day to increase in the love of our Lord Almighty, through His saints (awliya). For this reason, at every He makes His saints represent His love and to transfer Divine love from their hearts to your hearts. But stubborn people and envious people reject that. They do not want to come to our meetings, and we are not in need of them. We are asking for love. If anyone is asking to approach His Lord with Divine love and increase in love, it is alright.

As we have been given we are speaking. They have for me a scale (mizan) and they are looking at your love pressure every day (not blood pressure), whether it is increasing or coming down. I hope it is increasing. We are trying to give that love to our sisters, brothers, my sons, my daughters. That is the aim. The Prophet (saws) said, "If two days are the same, equal for you, no improvement, it means that you are losing; no sale" (man istawa yawahu, fa-hua maghbun).

It is not the object of that Tradition (hadith) that you are going to increase in bodily actions. For example, if you pray forty cycles today, tomorrow you will pray forty-one and after tomorrow, forty-two. No, that is impossible. But every day you must put more love with your actions and send it to your Lord's Divine Presence, and He looks and sees that today My servant is sending Me more love than yesterday. That is the meaning, so that we must increase in love for our Lord every day. Therefore, one of the Grand Shaykhs said, "A little bit of love is more important, more lovely to Me than praying for seventy years without love" (muhabbah) (dharra min al-muhabbah ahabbu ilaiya min 'ibadati saba'in sanah bila muhabbah). Try to acquire more love of God Almighty because love covers, love includes, everything. Oh believers, Satan and his workers are putting enmity among you and also making coldness (burudat) between yourselves and your Lord. Therefore, beware. Don't come near the works of satans because that extinguishes the love of God in our heart. We are asking forgiveness for every action that makes that coldness between ourselves and our Lord, and saying, "I seek forgiveness from God" (istighfar Allah). "And we are thankful that God Almighty gave us from His Divine love and increases it; we are thankful. Praise belongs to God. Praise belongs to God and thanks be to God" (al-hamd Allah, al-hamd Allah wa shukr Allah ).


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