Maulana Sheikh NazimLOVE YOUR ENEMY

Those who treat other people well are given real honour. It is not easy to be honoured in Divine Presence. The most honoured one is Muhammad sws. and he was saying, that every Prophet was facing many, many difficulties by their own people. They were the best people who were living on earth at that time. They had mercy for everyone and when they were leaving this life and wherever their bodies were buried, mercy was raining continuously on that spot. So wherever a Prophet or a Saint has been buried, there is a place close to their tomb to which pure hearts are attracted. Wahabi hearts are not... They are closed and they cannot go. Even if they go in front of the Prophet sws. they cannot greet him...

So what about the companions of the Prophet, Sayidina Ali, Sayidina Abu Bakr, Sayidina Omar and Sayidina Osman when they were passing infront of the tomb of the Prophet sws. were they not greeting him? The Sharia is saying to us that when you are visiting a graveyard you must say, "Asalamualeikum ya daral kaum il muhminin, asalamualeikum." And then these people are telling us not to say so to the Prophet sws. They tell us that it is shirk. From which book are they learning this? Is it a satanic teaching? Holy people are springs of mercy from Allah Almighty and people like to come close to them. When they come they feel contentment in themselves. They feel relaxed and in peace. Their worries leave them. That is why it is famous and important to visit the tombs of the saints.

The Prophets had mercy on their nations, but the nations faced them with every dirty addressing. That was the fate of every Prophet. They tried to do their best for their people. Every Prophet suffered with their people. The Seal of Prophets, Muhammad sws. was saying, "No Prophet suffered as I suffered from my people.". But he did his best for those people. The day of the conquest of Mekka, he said, "I forgive you.". And they were the ones who had done their worst to him. He did his best, and they did their worst. Because if he had given back his worst to the people who treated him badly, then what would be the difference between him and them?

That is real Islam. Where is that Islam today? Where are our Muslims today? Where are we? Big shame on Muslims today that we are being advertised as terrorists, as bad people. Non-muslims are announcing that Muslims are the worst people, people doing worst deeds. That is how the people of the West see Muslims; as bad people, uncivilised people, untrustworthy people... Every dirty title is given to the Muslims by the non-muslims and the Muslims themselves are to be blamed for this. Because our dealings are not only bad but worst. We do not treat other people well.

How was the Prophet sws. dealing with other people? Allah praised him and rewarded him because he carried every bad dealing that came from his people and he was patient. That is why Allah Almighty gave him more honour than anybody else.

Real honour is given to those who deal with other people in the best way. Even if they harm you, you should still give them goodness. Then you will get real honour. Don't ask to get the honour from the people. Whatever the people can give you of honour is only a temporary honour. But what Allah Almighty gives you of his Divine Honour will be forever. Try to get that honour. Don't think that the honour which comes from governments is good for you and will stay with you forever. Don't think that the honour which is given to you through your richness will be with you forever. Don't think that the honour you get through power that you have been given to you here will be forever. Every honour that has been given to a person in this world will be nothing. It doesn't belong to you. It will be taken away from you quickly.

Ask to have permanent nobleness and honour. This only Allah Almighty can give to you. His payment for your good dealings with his servants will be permanent honour. Even if they harm you, treat them well. You are doing it for the sake of Allah. Don't be worried or sorry about what they are doing against you and not respecting you. Leave them! But you should deal with everyone with good dealings for the sake of Allah and Allah Almighty will be dressing you with Divine Honour.

This has been given to the Prophets and to the holy-ones and it is never taken back, it is forever. Don't run after temporary titles and honours of this life. They are finished so quickly and then you will die without having any real honour. You will ask yourself, "Who was I that I am now nothing?".

On the tombstones the title is also written; General, Duke, King, Marshall, Governor... all of it is written, but only on stone. What is the value of that? Try to get real honour. From early morning until late at night we are running. For what? To get some more of this life. Even if you are the richest one. For what? Why aren't you running in the same way after Divine Honour. Run after it! It is there, because Allah Almighty said that, "If my servant is asking for anything, it is there for him. He can ask for anything, and it is there. Because if he asks for something, he knows that I have it.". Ask for the most valuable thing. Ask, and he will give! But no! You are asking for rubbish.

Oh, people! Ask Allah Almighty to dress you in Divine Honour and when you are dressed in that way you will be honoured in the whole universe. When Allah Almighty honours someone, it will be in the whole universe and it will be for all times.

May Allah forgive us and grant us such dressings. But you must pay to get it. It is not just given to you. If you want to be dressed in Divine Honour, then you must pay. And the payment is to carry other people. To have patience with his servants and to give them your goodness and to try to give everyone your best. It is difficult, but honour is expensive.

London - 26.05.1992

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