Maulana Sheikh Nazim Main purpose for training the nation

Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanaka! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, Innaka ‘Alimu Hakim…

It is an association, as the pillar of the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order, Shah-u-Naqshband, was saying that our Tariqat, our way, its speciality is to make association. With whom? With Prophet sws, (but) you can’t reach to (the) Prophet, (and) to (the) Companions of the Prophet sws. The Companions of the Prophet were ignorant people and they were in need to be trained. And for what purpose they should be trained?

The main purpose for training the nation is to prepare them for the divinely Presence. That is the main purpose for sending Prophets. Every Prophet is or was a trainer. Or a teacher, but training, because man, through their creation (they) are like wild trees or wild fruit trees, growing on a hill, growing on mountains, growing through jungles- all of them are in need for a graft, to be suitable to come to the presence of mankind, (for mankind) to take from that fruit benefit, eating and looking to it, enjoying, eating and enjoying and taking power to be a good servant (of Allah Almighty).

And all Prophets were training their nations for to be good servants. The real purpose is a perfect servanthood, but to reach to that point is so difficult! Not everyone (is) reaching top positions from a nation, honoured positions, no! There are common people, but from (these) common people some are getting up and (they are) reaching top position or perfect honourable position among their nations. And Prophets were coming and training people. (Even) if they are not reaching 1oo % perfect positions, they may (still) reach (something) according to their intentions, according to their Himmet, (spiritual aspiration), according to their inner desires. (Prophets) reached (to people) to make them to move from earthly positions, to make them- even they are on earth- at least to look up, to bring a difference between (the) animal world and mankind. You can’t see any animal looking up like this…(to the sky). You met some cows or camels in Egypt looking up? But man they are looking up! Animals (are) looking on earth; they are asking (to find) the things they need on earth. They are running on it, because the wisdom for their existence, for being in existence, is something else beyond mankind’s desires. Those animals (are) created for man, to be their provision, Rizq. Therefore they are looking to complete their creation’s reason: to look for themselves, (and) to prepare themselves for mankind. They have been created for mankind, to use them or to eat them; therefore they are not interesting in anything else from eating and drinking and looking after themselves. That is the level of animals. Therefore they are not taking any care to look up- for what (should they look up)? They are not going to the divinely Presence, no. But mankind, even (they) may be unbelievers- everyone (is) looking up, and through everyone’s heart is hidden that secret desire to reach up. They like it; (they are) interesting (in it).

Therefore sometimes that Shaitan’s box (TV) is showing something about (the) universe, about space, about stars, about galaxies- (and) no one is changing that screen to another channel, no! Everyone (is) taking very keenly care to look what (is) happening, what is this, because their souls (are) asking to reach to their real stations (in the divinely Presence). And man (is) knowing that it is impossible to reach out of this planet with their material being; (our) physical being can’t carry this, no, it is impossible. But (our) souls are knowing that they may reach, and for witnessing that: Anyone (who is) looking nighttimes to any galaxy or may be so many galaxies, but they are only just seen as a spot and he is making like this….(looking up) and reaching there…

Our looking (is) reaching in less than a second that place. (It) may be as far as you can imagine- (but) if you can see anything from its lights- even (it may be) billions and billions of light-years (away)-, if it can be seen through naked eyes, you are there, you are going to be there! And this belongs to our physical being and our looking. Man can reach to that point with their eyes only, with nothing else, no! That is (a) witness from our material being that we have such power through our eyes to reach to that point.

That is a small proof that mankind’s creation is something else- (it is) just different- and (it) proofs also that through our physical being the light of our eyes (is) reaching through that huge distance; its distance may be billions of light-years, far away, but we can reach easily; when we are looking up… seeing…

And that power is only a proof (for) what we have from extraordinary powers and distinguished creation. And if we are using this power- that our eyes (are) reaching (to the furthest point in space)- we are going to be like a person riding on a donkey in comparison to our soul’s power. This, that our eyes are so quickly running there, it is going to be like (the speed) of a man walking on (his) donkey, when we use our spiritual power!

Therefore man is ‘Hazreti Insan’, (Honourable Man), Man, the Man! That is (the) honour, (that we have been granted), not looking to our physical being, no, no! This power (is) granted to us through our souls, so that we are going to be (the) deputies of Allah Almighty. (And) that power of our souls may reach not only from one direction, (but) from countless directions it may reach to everything, as (the) sun (is) reaching to everywhere with its rays. If our soul’s power (is) going to appear, (it is) reaching to depthless places through this creation and (you are) looking and taking power. Then our souls (are) going to find (the) way to Marifatullah, (the knowledge of Allah Almighty), to be for His divinely Services servants that time. Our souls (are) taking all creation, looking in it and then ‘tawajju’, orientating (themselves) to the endless Dominions of the Lord of Heavens, to be in His divinely Presence, reaching the Oceans of Allah Almighty’s Dominions’ Power Oceans or Wahdaniyatu, His Unity Dominions’ endless Power Oceans, ‘Alamu Ghujub (unseen worlds), ‘Alamu Ghuyub, ‘Alamu Ghuyub …

What do you think! What is our position here!

No way to know about the Lord of Heavens, if you are not reaching: “wa ma qadarullahi haqqa qadiri”. Man also can’t be able to reach first to himself! Yet we are not, never reaching to ourselves, never reaching to our real being- how we can reach to Marifatullah, to know about your Lord Allah Almighty? Ohhh, ‘Alamu Ghujub... Ohhh…

Oh our Lord! Forgive Us! We are in need (of) Your Blessings to come to our real position, because we have been moved from our real positions! Shaitan (is) carrying people from their real positions on wrong positions. All people (are) on wrong positions. They left their real positions in Existence; leaving and running away, running, asking something else… Everything you have been granted through your (real) position! No need (to run and look somewhere else)!

Therefore association (must be) with Prophets, because Prophets’ Himmet, aspiration, their spiritual power, (is) reaching to (the) whole Ummah and (they are) asking to carry them (up), to save them and to turn their faces to (the) real Being of the Creator! “Fa aynama tawallu, fa thamma wajhullah!” He is with you, but you are not with Him! He is with you, but you are not With Him… No, you can’t understand… He is with us, but we are not with Him. (There is) no room for creatures in His divinely Presence, no room; no anyone else (is) in existence, (there is) only His Existence! Therefore He is with us- but we are not with Him!

May Allah forgive us and grant to you to be a good understanding, little-by-little, for reaching to His divinely Presence, that you are going to finish through that Oceans. Unity Oceans (are) never accepting to be another one there, no room. No room, but He is only in Existence. (There) can’t be for anyone (or) anything a room through His Existence- no, but He is with everyone. Everyone belongs to Him, but you can’t take a room from His Existence, no!

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, Allah forgives us!

Alhamdulillah wa kafa, rahimallahi man daa...This is a grant from Allah Almighty, because time is over now for a new opening!

May Allah give much more power to our Grandsheikh and give him much more honour that (he is) sending us such jewels for a new opening through our understanding…Fatiha.

Lefke, 25.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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