A Rabbi, who was neither believing in Jesus Christ nor in Muhammad, said that their traditional orders prevent them from believing in any Prophet after Moses. And now he is seeing that millions of people are accepting them and following them. So from that he understood, that there must be some secret power with both of them. Otherwise so many would not follow them. But because of the order, he is prevented from looking any further into it. In spite of all this, his thoughts made him decide to be with Jesus and Muhammad, may peace be on both of them.

They have some extraordinary attraction, which is why they can carry so many people. If they didn't have that, they would not be able to carry millions of people. It is a very good point which was made by that Rabbi. First of all the Jews who are concerned about this point should make a research and see if it is true that Moses, or the Lord of Moses, said anything in such a way: that the children of Israel never should believe in any Prophet after Moses. It cannot be, because after Moses thousands of Prophets were sent to the children of Israel, including David and Solomon. They were Prophets and so was Sayidina Zachariah and his son Jaja, John the Baptist. How is it then possible to say, that after Moses no Prophets would come? It is true, if that is what is said, that no-one would be like Moses. Moses did inform his people, that Allah Almighty was going to send a new Prophet from their cousins, who would be like Moses. It was clear, that he would not be from the same line as Moses. So from the line of Moses, no more Prophet would come who would be like him. The line of that cousin, was the line of Ismael. They were told these good news.

The Rabbi had never understood the real meaning of the message. It is true, that all the Prophets who came after Moses were not like him and could not be compared. He was one of the 5 big prophets: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be upon them. They were the big ones. Hundreds and thousands of Prophets came from the children of Israel, but they were never given a special book with all laws and rules. Sayidina Daud got Psalms. Jesus Christ's Gospel was also not like the Thora. The Thora has rules for governing. Christians were also under those rules, because they did not receive any new ones.

Because of this, all those Prophets were not like Moses, only Sayidina Muhammad, because he received private special new rules, a book like the Thora, which gives rules and commands for this life and the next. The way Moses was fighting, Jesus never did. Muhammad, may peace be upon him, had been ordered to fight. Just like Moses had a sword, so did Muhammad. So only Muhammad was like Moses, but the Rabbi did not understand. He understood a bit, but not competely. That is why he is preventing himself to believe in Jesus Christ and to believe in Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be upon them.

He has been brainwashed not to believe in any Prophet after Moses, and this is a big mistake. It is impossible. He thinks that he must deny every Prophet after Moses. But his conscience is not agreeing to this. It is telling him, that what has been written must be wrong. Maybe the Kabbala is telling him this, not the Thora. The Kabbala brought commentaries forth according to their own ideas. So they took away the meaning of the Seal of Prophets. His conscience kept refusing to believe in it. It told him, that it is impossible for an ordinay person to have billions of people following him. These people must have a secret power. That secret power belongs to Heavens, not to earth. Because so many people had followers during their life time, but then after ther death no-one can continue to carry. But these two still carry billions of people. Hevenly secret pwers are running through them, and that is why people are still running after them.

Another point which we can ask such people, is whether they read about when a delegation of Jewish Rabbis came to see Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be upon him. They were sent to ask him so many things. Some of them came and went. They understood who he was, but they did not want to say it. I would like to ask that Rabbi, if there was any Jewish Rabbi who was embracing Islam at the time of the Prophet. He cannot say no, because Abdullah Ibn Salam, whose name was Ismael Ibn Salam, was one of the most famous Rabbis and learned people within the Jewish community. He came and embraced Islam and recognised Muhammad. This was an historical event, a very famous one. How was it possible for a Rabbi to recognise the Prophet and then for another one to say, that it was forbidden to accept a prophet after Moses?

Now they are expecting the Messiah. Who is he? Is he a Prophet, a Saint, a devil? Who is he? Jewish people are all looking for the Messiah. Who is he? Why are they looking for him? What will be his mission? Will he come with a prophecy, with a sainthood, or like the Anti-Christ?

The beliefs of these people are never true. What they believe concerning Sayidina Jesus and Sayidina Muhammad, is fully wrong, but they are afraid to make a research concerning them. I am only giving a few points on which they could do a research. But they are not brave enough to make that, because if they would, Judaism would have to vanish and finish. The same applies to Christianity. If they would make a research concerning the Seal of Prophets, then Christianity could not continue to exist. Therefore they are very afraid to make a research concerning Jesus Christ or Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be upon them. May Allah forgive us.

Italy - 01.03.1994

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