It is not easy in our days to follow the ways of the companions of the Prophets. Muhammad, may peace be upon him, was saying, "If you disobey just one command out of a hundred, there is a fear that your faith is becoming weaker. It could even mean that you are losing your faith. You must follow all commands. That is your position. But there will come a time in which if someone of my people just follow one command out of a hundred, that will mean that person has a lot of faith." That is the time we are now.

People in our days have been given knowledge. Many people have knowledge. There are many scholars who have knowledge, but no wisdom. So they make people run away from Islam. They do not agree to that if a person comes and says, "La illa ha illahlah, Muhammadun Rasul'Allah." it is enough to start with. We know that these holy words are the key to paradise. If we keep them until the end, it is enough. We do not tell people that we have 100 commands and that they must do all of them and if they don't they are not Muslim. What foolishness that would be! These new kind of scholars who do those things have no understanding. They are like cassettes. That is the reason why we are losing. The non-Muslim world is looking to Islam with hate because of these people who try to spread Islam with no wisdom and no love.

Muhammad, may peace be with him, was first of all ordered by Allah to teach people to say these words, "La illa ha illahla." That was the first command. "Let them say these words forever and declare my unity and my existence. That is enough. Even if they do not declare, 'Muhammadun Rasul'Allah', I will make a judgement for them!" Because when Muhammad asked about being allowed to make intercession for people, Allah only granted him to intercede on behalf of people who would say, "La illaha illallah, Muhammadun Rasul'Allah!". The ones who would only say, "La illaha illallah!" Allah would judge Himself.

Make the entrance to paradise as wide as possible. Don't make it narrow, because it is not narrow. Make it from East to West and let people enter. Don't ever say to anyone who is turning towards paradise that he cannot enter. If someone has turned their face to the Lord, then don't turn him away.

It is a sign that in the old Mecca before the renovation, there used to be 40 open gates to the Kaaba, there were no doors that could be locked. Anyone who wanted to could enter anytime. The people who are saying that they are widening the space there by their renovations, have put huge doors there and closed it. Allah Almighty then made some other people to go inside and to close the doors and to fire on them. At the beginning of the 15th Islamic century some people did just that. That was the punishment for them. But no-one understands. The Kaaba should have no doors, only entrances. People should be able to go and come anytime.

So anyone who asks Allah in their heart, even in the last moment, will be accepted. Even if as many devils as there are grains of sand will be sent to that person, they cannot succeed. Once the heart of a servant has been turned to their Lord, it is finished. Satan can affect people during their lives, but in the last moment Allah Almighty is looking at the heart of His Servant.

Make things easy. Islam is easy. Other religions are heavy and too difficult. Allah Almighty has made the highest servanthood easiest. The Sharia of Islam is the most tolerant one. "There will come a time when if you just keep one rule, you will be saved!" Just let people say, "La illaha illalah, Muhammadun Rasul'Allah!" and then leave them. That will make your heart work and it will give you the inspiration to prostrate. You will want to give your highest respect and that cannot be without a prostration.

May Allah forgive us...

LONDON - 07.03.1993

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