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(Transcribed from Audio Sohbet)

(Chanting Dhikru’ Allah)

Allah Allah 3x Aziz Allah
Allah Allah 3x Kareem Allah
Allah Allah 3x SultanAllah
Allah Allah 3x SubhanAllah

Mawlana – “Subhana wa Ta’Ala”

(Some Arabic verses)

Asalamu’alaikum, Living person, who is that one? Audu’ billahi minash shaytaan irajeem. Bismillahir Rahman irraheem.

People, either they are living ones or dead ones. Who is living one …. Life may be for mankind and for animals, everyone. They are living, you are living. But there is a different position to our lives and lives of animals. And men (and women), they are going to be either really living ones or not. Real living ones, who they are living with their Lord Almighty Allah. Who making Zikr, going to be with his Lord and then your Lord going to be with you - gives you real life. Who they are not making Zikr; they are not going to be with Allah Almighty and their lives going to be like animals’ life - perhaps under the level of animals’ life.

Therefore, it is Prophet’s (SAW) advice to his nation, to his Ummah, to say, to ask from Allah Almighty, “Oh our Lord, don’t make ourselves to forget You.” (Arabic verse) People are so occupied with their imitated life. They are forgetting Allah. When he forgot Allah Almighty, he is falling down and no real life for that person. Biggest mistake for mankind to forget his Lord and to forget Zikr. Adam (peace be upon him), when he did that mistake in Paradise, he forgot the Holy command of his Lord that He is saying, “Don’t approach that tree.” And he falling in a sin, and that sin making him to get out from Paradise. And falling on this land, falling on Dunya – the highest of troubles, the place of endless problems. That tree - for cause of that tree - Adam (peace be upon him) - He fell down in endless troubles, fightings and he was repentant. And he was advising to his children, “Oh my children, take lesson from me. Once I did a wrong thing that it was against my Lord’s command and I’m forgetting. When I’m forgetting, I fall in troubles. Look oh my sons, grandsons, my generation up to Last Day, don’t forget. Don’t forget. If you are forgetting you are falling in endless troubles, miseries and fightings. Therefore take your lesson from myself.” And they forget it. Every time mankind forgetting Holy commands from Allah Almighty, they are falling in big troubles.

Now we are living in a time that everywhere burning everywhere is fire. Can be seen some fires, but mostly you can’t see it. To show for blind eyes, Allah Almighty making fire in France. In France fire shows, fire show. In Paris, in France is fire show. It is a very good thing. You don’t think so? It is good, a fire show, no? You are thinking that? Making like this and like that. It is not such a fire, no. Giving the hearts of people sorrow as well as fear! Now they are burning empty cars, and in one step they may rush, burning cars and people in it. They may throw fire in it and burning people also. You are saying, oh now, it is better our cars burning but we are in safety. But one more step Shaytaan may order to them - you must hide yourself and you must throw fire to every car passing. Let them to burn. What you can do? Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi …

And people they are never taking lessons yet they are running after Shaytaan. They never taking any care for Holy commands of Heavens. They are saying we are people, free people, Parliament system, democratical government. Which Holy book saying this to you?

Oh Muslims and Christian and Jewish, where you find it? Who gave to you that authority to make imitated laws for people? Parliament they are doing laws. Who gave it to you that authority? Laws for mankind from Heavens, not from you. You must be obedient servants. Each one becoming a Nimrod - small ones, big ones, women, men, running to learn through universities. They are saying, we are running to learn something. What you are learning? You are learning to fight to Holy commands of Heavens. What you are learning? Who gave it to you that authority? I am asking all presidents, prime ministers, parliament members, and ministers. Who giving that authority to make commands and laws against the laws of Heavens? Allah should burn them. After one step, they are going to try to burn people also. And they should say, it was so, so, so nice that our cars burning but our souls are in safety!

Before Mahdi (AS) comes, the inhabitants of the world going to be through wars, fightings and troubles. From 7 coming down to 1, of 7 million people, 6 million will die and remaining only 1. Oh people, take care. Take the Prophet’s of Allah Almighty’s commands. If not, Allah Almighty should punish people and beginning that machine to move and cutting heads, cutting, cutting, cutting and remaining only the heads of servants of Lord. Try to be obedient servants for Holy commands. No one can be able to stop that troubles now. Nor any government should be able to stop it and find a way to prevent it. All presidents they are saying, “What should I do?” All prime ministers they are like drunken people. Which law he may use to stop it? If you are asking to use whole policy, powers also …. It is not enough. Paris, 12 million people… How many policemen may catch them? At least must be for killing people, one 1 million police to run after those people. It is impossible. But yet, as I say, Tauba, Ya Rabbi….. Be repentant. Oh our Lord, give Your mercy.

But you are not giving mercy to people. They are burning birds! That is revenge on, that is birds they are burning from European people. Save yourselves. Save. Run whole night. Some countries shaking and people sitting on streets, snowing on them and raining. Under tents or without tents. Take your lesson , oh people. Enough to be drunk ….

May Allah forgive me and bless you. Ameen. Oh Allah, send your Khalifah who may be able with his one command to stop every trouble. Ameen. For the honor of Allah’s most beloved Prophet, Sayiddina Muhammad SAW. Oh people, come, listen, and obey through Holy commands. Don’t leave your people to work against Holy laws of Allah Almighty. First they are going to be destroyed. May Allah put you under his Divinely shelter. Ameen. For the honor of the most honored servant, most beloved one through His creatures, Sayiddina Muhammad SAW.


I was not feeling well to sit down and to address to you; but for the honor of our most honored Prophet Sayiddina Muhammad SAW that these words may reach to East and West. Just I said aloud … Just I gave to you what is coming to me and now I am free.

May Allah forgive me and blessing you. Ameen. Ya Rabb.


Lefke, 13.11.2005 Transcribed by Sabiha Pathan

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