Maulana Sheikh NazimMAN AND WOMAN

Man is like a shell and woman is like a pearl. There is no equality between a shell and a pearl. But a shell without a pearl has no value and a pearl cannot exist without a shell. But some fanatic people are giving some wrong ideas just to give ladies trouble. They say that men are not giving you your rights, that you are not getting equal rights. But that is a foolishness. Do you think that a shell would give the same rights as it has to a pearl? A pearl is a pearl. It is perfect within itself. The shell is also perfect by itself.

As a sign to what we are saying now, all Holy Books mention that the Lord Almighty Allah first created the shell and then the pearl. That means, that the first creation was Adam and then from him (a) woman was created as a pearl. Man became the shell and at the same time a shelter for the pearl. Without that shelter, the pearl could never exist. That is a heavenly arrangement of Divine Wisdoms, arranging the life of mankind on this planet until the Day of Resurrection.

The perfection of both sexual sides is that they are happy with their beings. One being a male and the other being a female. If anyone doesn't agree and wants to close this relationship, and wants to join the other sexual party, then they are abnormal people. A woman wanting to be a man and a man wanting to be a woman is cursed by heavens. They are also cursed by all prophets. They are cursed through every creature. The perfection for a man is to be 100% happy with being a man, and for a woman to be 100% happy to be woman. If they change this, or if they want to get closer to the opposite side, then a curse will come on them.

Paradise was empty when the first man was created. He was in the Gardens of Eden. Adam was feeling lonely, because there was no-one like himself there. He was alone, and his feelings were lonely. He was longing and missing something, but he didn't know what it was. Paradise is full with perfection, but his feelings gave him the sign that there was still something incomplete. Then Allah Almighty gave the first man, the father of mankind, within a few seconds, while he was sleeping, a new creation: Eve, alehia salam. Adam opened his eyes, and our mother was sitting close by. The beauty of all future generations of women was expressed in Eve. She looked like a full moon. Can you imagine her beauty? And all of this was given to Adam, alehi salam. I was looking over Adam's shoulder to Eve... So when he saw her, he realised that paradise was complete, it was perfect.

Allah Almighty created man and from him the first woman. Man was first and Eve was second. Man is always drawn to earth, they are happy with earth, because they were created from earth. But women are usually more interested in man than in earth. Adam was created from earth and so his feelings toward earth is as if it was his mother. He likes earth very much. Women like men very much.

Both of them have been granted perfection. You must not say that man is equal to woman. Physically there is no equality between them. Because physically they are different. But in their being they are mankind, their children are boys and girls. All of them are equal in their ranks in Divine Presence. Every pearl is sitting in a shell. And you, as pearls, will be sitting in the Divine Presence with your shells, with your shelters. That is the highest description of the ranks of women and men.

Men must be thankful to Allah Almighty for their ladies and ladies must be thankful to Allah Almighty for their men. Both sides must move and they must act according to their Divine Positions in Divine Presence. Everyone has been honoured and granted blessings, endless blessings from their Lord, from their Creator and both sides have been granted endless precious blessings from their Lord. They may be happy enough with their being here and hereafter.

London - 15.01.1991

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