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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt="Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim"}}**Man is on top Level of Creation - Wisdom is Like a Shining Sun**

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar la ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa li'Llahi'l hamd!

All praisings and endless glory for You, O our Lord, our Creator. We are Your weak creatures. Leave us to reach to Your servanthood and bring Your endless blessings to let us to be on the level of servanthood. O our Lord, forgive us! We are giving our most high respects and salutes to Your most Beloved, most Glorified, most Honored representative Sayyidina Muhammad (s). You are giving his name O our Lord, more and more and more from pre-Eternal up to Eternal. We are so happy and we are so endlessly happy and glorified to be from Your most Beloved one's nation.

Give us, O our Lord, more and more glory from Your endless Glory Oceans through Your Heavens to be Heavenly glorified servants. Alfu 's-salaat alfu 's-salaam to you, our most respected and beloved Prophet (s). We are proud to be from your nation and we are saying A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytani' r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem, biggest honour that our Creator, the Lord of the Divinely Existence, that our Lord just created us to be for our most Beloved one's nation. And we hope to be under his (s) holy flag here and Hereafter. Ask, o people, to be from those ones whom they shall be sheltered under the most high flag through Creation! That most praised flag through Heavens!

O People! As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakatuh! It is only a short association daily we have been granted through our Holy Master, who is looking after this nation through the last period of life on it. Because after a short while, this world going to reach the Day of Resurrection to be Judgment Day. And after it is going to reach what it is appointed by its Creator to be. May be said to it:, "Get in through My Endless Power Oceans" and disappearing. And whom they were living on it, they are going to be either to Paradise or either they are going to Hells. And the book of this world, it is going to be closed down, taken away.

O People! Give a time daily, a time for your Lord, for your Creator, to hear about Himself Almighty. That gives to you more honor! As much as you are going to give a time to be with your Creator, you are taking much more honor and praisings. Please, O People! O People living on this planet! Try to give a time for your Creator. It is normal. If anyone that he has a normal understanding, it is easy to understand what had been said now through one weak servant's tongue.

I am knowing nothing, but whom they have been granted Holiness, they have been granted also some Heavenly attributes because they are understanding for what they have been created. If a person not knowing for which purpose he has been created and he is in existence, not knowing that their level under the level of animals. Animals, even an ant, knowing for what it is created. Nothing can be in existence and not knowing for what they are created, and they are in existence. What about Mankind? Mankind that they are on top, most highest level through Creation! How they are not knowing? Or why they are not asking, for what we have been in existence? And how we are being in existence? How is our beings beginning in existence? That, a little bit understanding, given one, must know it or must ask it!

We have been granted an understanding, yes! If an ant, it has an understanding according to its position, or according for its creation, rabbana ma khalaqta hadha baatila. The Lord of Heavens saying through Holy books, through the understanding of Holy ones. He is teaching them and they are teaching people and saying, "Subhanak! You are that One, that it is impossible to be known." Only maybe, you maybe granted from your Creator something, and that something must give to you an understanding, and you are getting to understand, "For what I am in existence?" Nothing created without understanding.

That is a tree; so many kinds of trees and so many kinds of roses, so many kinds of flowers. Everyone knowing for what they are in existence. Must know. If not knowing, a palm tree never giving dates. If a pine tree not understanding for what it is created it is going to be like a palm tree. If a wolf not knowing for which purpose created, going to be cats. And cats, if not knowing for which purpose they are in existence, going to be a mouse.

Everything must know for what or for which purpose they have been in existence. That is wisdom! And wisdom is not such a grant that you may reach it through material things, no! Wisdom is something else. Through that wisdom, you may say it is like a shining sun. If no sun, the world is in a darkness. Sun coming and making it clear. And wisdom has been granted from our Creator, it is like the sun. That means it is a noor, light, lightening, lightening! When lightening opening the curtain on darkness, on happenings, on Creation.

You are not understanding anything, you are going to be a blind one; a blind person like (any) other person but only blind! No lights to look, to see, to understand. But you, you have been granted a noor, lights, that making you to look and to understand. Therefore, wisdoms is a so high and precious gift from our Lord to His deputies. Deputies, they have been granted, and if they are looking through that Holy grant, understanding and seeing why Creation is Creation.

Creatures understanding why they are in creation. Yes. Therefore, most important purpose for mankind that they are on top level through Creation. They have been granted a praised level that they are going to be through lights. They are like lightening, looking, seeing and understanding and running after it.

Therefore, man, they are on top level of creation and they have been granted such a noor, lights that just is a grant from the level of Heavens. Upon that Heavenly levels there is levels of Divinely Lights. No one knowing it, only Allah Almighty and only one reaching that Divine Wisdoms and Real Beings, only that one, only one. No a second one. No second one. Therefore, (Sultan stands up) Sayyidina Muhammad (s), he is only one. You must believe. If you are not believing and giving such a respect to him, no iman, no Islam, no value, no lights for them. (Sultan sits)

Therefore, it is important to look once again. Heavenly warning to whole religions to look once again to see who is Muhammad (s), who is that one. If they are looking at skies and saying, "This is gigantic galaxy, we are looking and seeing but not understanding for what that galaxy is in existence. What is the reason"? Without reason or without a wisdom, how that galaxy is there? We are saying millions of years distance, of light speed. For what? Why you are not asking? For whom prepared Heavens? For angels? No. Angels, they are on their ways of creation. Heavens for whom?

Our people they are not even asking about this planet. For whom created? Why not asking? They are saying, "We are PhD." Hah! PhD, ...alaykum, (Arabic word, swearing.) If you are PhD, why you are not knowing for Whom this space is created and Who created? Must be for some reason, for some wisdom of Creation. Creator never creating without wisdom. He is not in need for His creatures. Hasha! Never! No. He may say, "Be", coming such a space; billions and billions and trillions and trillions and quatrillion and pentrillion galaxies. He is Creator! He is not in need for that. But He is Lord of Heavens, created Mankind and giving to them an understanding so that they must ask.

"Yes, O my brother," for this planet running through space. "O my brother, how this solar system on its perfect position in existence?" Or saying, "O my teacher, you are following harakaat, movements of that solar system. Do you think that it has been in existence by itself? And do you think that everything in existence is under a law? Our solar system running after Alpha Star and that star may be like our galaxy, much bigger? And what thing making our solar system to move towards that star?" Why you are not asking, why our solar system moving towards that Alpha star? Billions and billions stars, it means there is a Mighty Command that we can't see. Must be Someone Who has mighty power that you can't imagine its limits. Unlimited Mighty Oceans must be for Someone that He is making this our solar system and ordering it to move towards Alpha galaxy, Alpha star.

We are speaking about this only on lowest level, we can't speak more than this up, no. We are asking answers from those people who claiming we are knowing everything. If knowing, give answers for this point, who arranged the solar system? Then, whom making our solar system to move to a direction? And you may ask for understanding, why is our solar system running on that direction and through space you can't find a direction? Direction east, west, north, south, up and down, left and right. There you can't find this and through which thing they are running? Space, what is space? How they are moving with a fuel? Fuel, or they have captains? What is the name... showing through planes. They have radar. Must be radar, because without radar, plane can't move. What is your opinion? This solar system making its way towards alpha stars. Such a question is only to make people to wake up and not to live drunk, no.

And therefore, they're making me to speak on such a point and to call people for an understanding, to call people to ask and understand for something. Don't make yourself as a rock. Rock also has understanding, but not like us. You are Mankind! Human nature on this planet. They are looking for other planets and are seeing nothing. They are seeing nothing on other planets, but for the greatness of Allah Almighty, they are going to be able to think in such a small size thing that we are knowing; it is in existence, but we are not knowing what it is.

Therefore, O people, living on earth through east and west, don't waste your most precious life. Don't be like blind people, deaf people or non-understanding people. What you have been granted, use it to reach some realities. People now they are saying we are living in 21st century. I am asking what you learned about this world? About what we are asking now to learned people? Say it. Your biggest telescope on this earth is like a piece of match, so small, and you are looking through that. Do you think that if you can do that million times bigger than such a telescope, you are even reaching any result? Only to say subhanAllah, Glory to the Creator. And you may run to sajda (prostration) saying, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!

Final point. Therefore, in our days, the captain or master for this planet looking on Preserved Tablet. They are looking and seeing. They are not in need to look through gigantic telescope. That it is nothing compared to greatness of this planet. It is nothing. But those whom they are tafteesh, searching beyond their minds, they are looking and understanding on Preserved Tablet, what is written on it and what is going to be finally, what was their beginning and how should be their final positions.

O People! You have been created to reach more and more wisdoms. Wisdoms are Heavenly lights to show you countless realities, one after one. Your honor getting more and more as long as you are using that Divinely wisdom lights. O People! Try to give a time for your Lord Almighty Allah. That grants to you a honor. That always getting more and more; always you are reaching more and more pleasure and more and more lights.

I am a weak servant and they are making me to address everyone and to myself also. I am asking forgiveness from our Lord Allah Almighty, as well as His blessing and to forgive us.

Therefore, people, say (singing):

dome, dome, dome, dome, 10x

Always enter Truth
singing through unknown territories.
This is the most simple

music that we are saying:

dome, dome, dome, dome, 10x

Only for You, O our Lord! Fatiha. (45 minutes)

It is okay, alhamdulillah. Allah gives much more lights and honor for listeners! They should be shining stars or they should be some stars shining. Some stars going to be without shining, unseen, through darkness. This Heavenly music is giving us some shining for our realities, to move and to make tools around ourselves to reach more and more.

Lefke, 29.09.2009

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