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Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim La Ilaha illa Allah Nas'al Allahu Al Lutf. Subtlety we are
asking from our Lord, it is fit for His Prophet (saws). Congratulations the year 1433. Laylatul
Bara'a Subhana Allah! "Fiha Yufraqu Kullu Amrin Hakimin"(44:4) "Therein (that night) every
wise matter is made clear, distinct." (44:4) Decree...decree.

For the people of Truth, the start of every year begins with Laylatul Bara'at. It is a night from
the greatest nights in the world! Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Subhansin Ya Rabb Sultansin Ya
Rabb, You are Sultan! Ya Rabbana, Anta Rabbana Enta Hasbuna Fa aghfirlana... Wa 'Afu
'anna wa Aghfirlana wa Arhamna wa Tub aleyna. For this blessed night where every wise
decree is made clear, distinct. "...Kullu Amrin Hakimin"(44:4) Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah,
astaghfirullah for me & for you. O Muslims! This night started a new year, in all the worlds. In
this night everything concerning us is decreed, distributed and encouraged or everything is
delayed. This is mentioned about Laylatul Bara'at.

O Muslims! Thank your Lord that you are Muslims & believers. "Faqultu Astaghfiru
Rabbakum Innahu Kana Ghaffaran" (71:10) O Muslims! All our steps are not true steps
because we are not taking Heavenly footsteps. This means the order of Heavens and earth is
under the command of Heavenly rules. And therefore you cannot arrange your situation, your
doings. But correcting matters, speeding them up or delaying them, or changing them from
Heavens. And this is according to your deeds, you harvest what you plant. So be straight! This
is the order of Heavens.

It is requested from the believers to be straight/Istiqama. And the Prophet (saws) said "Who
betrays us, is not from us." That's it! A cheater is not from the Nation of the Beloved (saws), he is
thrown out. To betray is haram/forbidden. And the Prophet (saws) said "Who betrays us, is not
from us." Cheaters are the worst of people. In our time now, people run after this rotten world
to collect things that have no value to them. And people are now is the time of the tyrants all of
them are cheaters. And Allah's (swt) curse is on the cheaters. Their matters never succeed. And
we need only the faithful. Only the faithful. Who is faithful? It is the one who takes the steps of
the Holder of the Absolute Message, Sayyidi Al Awwalin wa Al Akhirin Sayyidina Muhammad
(saws). Allah Allah! Allah Allah!

And we went through Laylatul Bara'at last night 1433. In this night every year is made distinct
every wise command. It is decreed for the servants of the Lord who are living in our times now,
in this world. The faithful ones carry responsibility but the rest of the people, who are not
believers in the Absolute Message of the Prophet (saws) of Allah (swt), are not responsible. The
ones who carry responsibility are the nation of the Beloved (saws). Be careful O believers not to
be cheaters, for the sake of small benefits that you may have in this world. This is not for us, so
keep your faith. So keep your obedience. So keep the last actions. O believers! Allah (swt)
knows best what will happen in this year that we started today. This is an important matter,
truly! It is an important matter. There will be the Armageddon (The Third World War) in
Constantinople and the flag of Islam shall be raised. O believers gather under the banner of the
Beloved (saws), you shall be saved here & in the Hereafter. Blessed Laylatul Bara'a to all of us!
We ask from our Lord to be saved & forgiven. Be faithful to Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saws).
You will have honour in this world & in the Hereafter. O believers! Do not sell your Hereafter
for the sake of something of this world that has no value. This world is a carcass & those who
rush after it are only dogs. This is not honour for us, no!

Subhana Allah! Allah (awj) teaches everything in the Magnificent Quran. Sayyidina Yusuf (as)
(Prophet Moses (as) explained the vision to the Pharaoh of his time and said to him "Appoint me
over the treasures of the world." The Pharaoh, although he believed what Sayyidina Yusuf (as)
said, he knew that everything he said was true.. he did not appoint him to that position. After a
while, maybe after a year he gave him the position to look after the treasures of Egypt. The
teaching of Truth. How, how people the majority of the people say "we have more rights & we
are better to rule over people as we like." If you see everyone following their desires & obeying
their greed and each favouring their own opinion, then keep yourself. (Hadith) O scholars,
explain this to your people, to the nation of the Beloved (saws). Look at the Pharaoh, although
he knew that Sayyidina Yusuf (as) was trustworthy he did not appoint him straight away. He
said "after a year." Then he appointed him to manage the treasures of Egypt.

Which one from the people you say those people...who you say about them to be elected? People
elect - shame on them! Take your lesson from the Magnificent Quran. Try him, see what he did
or what he did not do; what is he able to do. We are following wrong on wrong. So they will not
be saved those who leave the True path. It is not possible for them to be saved, finished! Last
night there were many signs & good tidings to the Muslims. Because they want to take away from
among the people those who run after stations/positions and ranks for themselves. The order
came upon them. They call themselves either Brotherhood or salafis or Muslims or believers.
Allah (swt) will test you. What have you done? Pharaoh tried Sayyidina Yusuf (as) and then gave
him. What have you done with the Nation, O Presidents, Muslim Brotherhood, Salafi
presidents or all the others? Do you understand Arabic? You do not understand. If you do not
understand there is a whip coming on you, a whip coming on you. Prepare your feet because
there will be a stick beating your feet.

The Lord of Heavens (swt) will not leave you; He (swt) will teach you a lesson. Will teach them a
lesson. God's greatness is over all those who are too proud, arrogant and tyranical without
appointment from Heavens. Whoever presents himself without being appointed gets the wrath
of Allah (swt). He won't be saved! O believers, save your honor! Keep your religion and your
good manners with Allah (jwa). Keep your good manners with the Carrier of the Ultimate
Message, Master of begining and end, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). Keep your good manners.
Sayyidina Ibn Abbas (ra). You are scholars, you know more Masha Allah you know more. He
was a companion of the Prophet (saws). The Prophet (saws) Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Allahu
Akbar Al Akbar! The Prophet (saws) said to him "Ya Ghulam Keep Allah, and He (swt) will
keep you." It is enough! Keep Allah (swt) and He will keep you! Learn your lesson! What do you
want? O people of Egypt. O Scholars, O knowledgeable ones, this advice isn't enough for you?
Keep Allah and He will keep you! Don't search for help from Europe, from America, from
Russia, from China! from India, No! This is to blaspheme! To obey the Prophet (saws) "Ya
Ghulam Keep Allah (swt) and He will keep you." Two light words and they can put in order
your worldly matters from begining to end. Keep Allah (swt) and He (swt) will keep you. Keep
your good manners with the Prophet (saws) the Bearer of the Ultimate Message! Then you will
be saved and He will keep you.

When you respect Allah's Divine rights and limits, He (swt) will protect you. This is an ocean. It
is enough for believers. They have an understanding, the ones who know. If they do not know, if
they don't have a bit of mind and understanding then they are not responsible. Who walks on
the prairies and feeds on the grass of the earth. La Ilaha Illa Allah... Subhana Hu Wa
Ta'ala... Al Hamdulillah Wa Shukr Lillah. Muhammadan Rasulullah. This is an ocean. It is
enough for us. A weak servant.

They asked me to explain something about the matters that appear in the worlds in this year, a
Divine year. So Keep your honor. Keep your faith. Keep your love. Keep your obedience and
you will be saved and God is our witness. Hasbuna Allah wa Ni'ma Al Wakil. O our Lord
forgive us & have mercy on us. Guide us, and correct our situations and send us one who will set
our affairs right. O Allah forgive us and have mercy on us. Guide us, reform our affairs and
make us victorious over those who are corruptive. Take them by the power of the Almighty and
Able. O Allah don't make us amongst the liars and cheaters. Don't make us like them Ya Rabbi.
We repent to you. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. Master of begining and end.
Sayyidina Muhammad (saws) Make us in his league and from his people & his nation Ya
Rabbana! Forgive us and have mercy on us and set right our affairs & give us. Reform our
affairs & the affairs of the Muslims, O our Lord.


This is a sea that can take us hours... But we don't have power. This is enough for us. Bismillah
Al Rahman Al Rahim This is a great lesson, first to Muslims and second to Bani Israil. Third to
Christians. Let them take Your advice and whoever does not accept advice, they will be regretful!
Tawba Ya Rabbi, We repent to You our Lord. I am a weak servant ya Rabbi, I am a weak
servant ya Rabbi, I repent to You. I repent and return to you. Forgive me & have mercy on me
Ya Rabbi. Reform my affairs and the affairs of Your servants Ya Rabb.Fatiha. This speech is
not prepared from my ideas or stories no! So pay attention to it, O servants of The Lord.
Tawba Ya Rabbi. Send us a king so we may fight for Your sake. Ya Rabbi, to fight shaytan and
the soldiers of shaytan. Tawba Ya Rabbi, Astaghfirullah. Fatiha.

S.N.: Is there a Wird to repeat?
M. The best Wird is to say, is to make an effort to be on the footsteps of the Prophet (saws).
This is enough. There is an order from Allah (swt) not to follow the footsteps of shaytan. Finished.


Lefke, 05.07.2012

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