Maulana Sheikh NazimMay Allah protect us from the tricks and traps of Shaitan

They say that in the first Rakaat you should say: 'Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim',
but Ibn Arabi was saying: 'At the beginning of each Rakaat you should say it,
for Shaitan not to be able to interfere in your prayer. He approaches in each
Rakaat. ,Audhu...' is our shield against him, without it we have no
protection. No one can protect himself against Shaitan, only Allah can
protect us.

Adab is the soul of the Tariqat and of Islam, of the way towards Allah.
Without Adab, no Tariqat, and without Tariqat man cannot save himself from
Shaitan. Who doesn't follow a Tariqat, cannot find Allah, just like you
cannot reach the city without following the way leading to it. Without
Tariqat you don't find Allah, because Tariqat is a way to follow, until you
reach Allah.

What are we asking to reach? What are we looking for? If it is not Allah's
Presence, it is Batil. Everything outside Allah is Batil, everything without
Him is useless, has no success. Who is ruling the world but without Allah,
has nothing in his hands. Who is looking for something else but Allah finds-
nothing. That is Dunya- if it was to explode into space, it would vanish and
nothing would remain. Without Allah's power, that is keeping each atom from
six directions, the atoms have no existence, they will vanish.

Man is a creature of 1½ to 2 meters height, walking on two legs. The other
creatures walk on four legs. Without clothes man looks like an ape. And we
put clothes and decorate ourselves with them, and we think with our clothes
be become someone else and we had a value.

Nasruddin Hoca once went to a wedding and he had his worst clothes on, so at
the door they refused him. He went back and put his best clothes. They
welcomed him as Sheikh-ul-Islam and seated him on the seat of honour. Then
he took off his coat and dipped it in the soup, that had been served to him.
The people were shocked and asked why he was doing this. He said: 'Since you
pay respect to my coat, let it eat the food, also. I am not going to eat.'

People need training for their egos, because its nature is to be wild and
more harmful than the wildest beasts. The prophets were showing the way, but
people were not accepting them, their egos didn't want to follow, but live
as they like. They wanted to be free, without the limits of Haram and Halal.
They said to the prophets: 'You want to make rules for us, you don't let us
to be, as we like, you want to cut our freedom and tell us, what to do. We
don't want that. We want to be like it is our nature- free.'

And nowadays it is the same- the young people want to live 'their own life'
without their parents, they want to choose for themselves. They leave the
house and rent an apartment. They don't want any control on them, nobody
should tell them anything. This is the life-principle of the youth today.
They are not interested in anything, they are unconscious, like blind and
know about nothing.

Religion is hated in the 21st century, and Islam is not even recognized as a
religion officially. And everything except Islam is out of date, has no
effect and no spirituality to give to people anymore. They are playing in
Christianity- there is no discipline, no Haram and Halal. And they show
Judaism as something harmless, but they are not accepting except their own
people. Everyone is against Islam because of its discipline, but if not for
that, the world was finished long time ago. They don't like us and our

They are like rats in the canalisation. Someone was asking why dogs lift
their leg when they make pipi. They said to him in order not to make himself
dirty. But, the other one was saying, he is standing in his own dirt... They
are pointing to us, blaming us, making us bad. But the weapons that are
burning and destroying the world now are coming from them. We have not
invented one of them. But they are blaming us...

But it is said that who intends evil for someone must remember that it will
come back on him. Who digs a ditch for someone as a trap, will fall in his
own trap- like Abu Jahil... So stay calm, have good thoughts about others,
even if they think bad about Islam, because it will come back on them.
Islam will remain, because it is Allah Himself who is guarding and keeping
it. Islam will remain and their religions will vanish.

They think when they change clothes they change themselves, and they show a
different model in the morning, midday and evening. They judge people by
their outlooking, and they look down on them, if they are not well-dressed,
especially women... And you are only a two-legged-creature on earth, while
the others have four. Only that you are able to speak. And your honour is
this, that Allah is adressing you, and He is not adressing any other
creature. Your honour is not with clothes. And these clothes that reveal
more than that they cover are not giving any honour at all.

The Prophet was cursing those men who try to look like women and those women, who try to
look like men... There are angels who make a special tesbih: Subhanallah Who
decorated men with a beard and beautified women with long hair. A beard
gives haybet to a man. The attributes of men are different from those of
women. There are different Tajallis and Names for them, reflecting the
perfection and majesty of men and the perfection and beauty of women. Men
have heybet, women are delicate, they have beauty.

What would happen if a group of police-women were to protect London by
night. Next morning all of them would be finished... It is not clothes that
make you a policeman or a soldier or a pilot. It is not a joke or cinema.
Men are different from women. But the confusion has reached the top point.
People are asking freedom, and they cause problems for those, who don't want
to be like them. And Allah has honoured man through the discipline.

The rang of humanity is according to your Adab. Without Adab you fall to the
level of the four-legged-creatures. Adab is the soul of Tariqat, which is
the way to Allah, and only with Tariqat you find Allah. Adab is taught in
religion. Without it you cannot enter the path, you will not find Allah,
only Batil, falsehood, and vanish with 'Kun, fayakun'. Your life has been

I am speaking and my words are heard, as long as I am speaking. When I am
stopping, the speech is gone. Human speech doesn't continue; when you stop
talking, everything is gone. The body will vanish, too. Who takes an aim
outside of Allah, except Allah, will vanish, even he reached to all the treasures
of Dunya. In the end he has nothing, nothing remains with him.

Our words are going from us, but they will come back to us. People do two
kinds of actions and movements: one is for Allah, the other for their ego.
Everything is coming back to you, and only that is of benefit for you, what
you did for Allah. This is important to know. Why people in the 21st century
have so many problems? There is a reason for everything. They are not
looking to themselves, not looking to their reality.

Now these words are like a seed, that will bear fruit in its time. In this
country speaking and thinking is forbidden, but I am speaking. They may
accept or not.

Lefke - 24.12.2001

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