Maulana Sheikh NazimMay the Sultan Return to Afghanistan

When people die they will repent. They will be very unhappy on Judgement Day to find out that Allah rewards the ones who have been praying. But it will be too late. It will be impossible to come back and pray. The chance will only be given once. There will be no prayers in Paradise. People who enter Paradise will give endless glory to Allah and they will give endless thanks to Him. With every intention they will first praise Him and then thank Him.

Whoever gives thanks to the Creator 100 times a day and says, "al hamdulillahi Rabb-il alamin", will without doubt belong to the people of Paradise. Al hamdulillah opens the doors of Paradise and astagfirullah closes the doors of hell. If you want the doors of Paradise to be opened for you, then say "al hamdulillah". Whoever wants the doors of hell to be closed for him, should say "astagfirullah". It is easy, but people do not want to believe in anything. Satan ties them and tries to keep them for his service alone. That is why mankind is divided into two kinds of services: the service for Allah and the service for satan. The way of whoever serves Allah will without any doubt lead to Paradise, but who is on the way of giving service to satan, will go to hell. It is up to you to choose. Glory and mercy will be with those who are in Divine Service, they will be blessed. But those who are on satanic service will reach hell.

Everyone should give some time of their day to Divine Service. If we would do a 24 hour service it would not be too much. Even if we do 1000 rakats a day and then another 1000 in the night, it would still be very little, because Allah has endless glory. So even if all creatures were glorifying Him at the same time, it would be like a needle in an endless ocean. It is only a result of people's ignorance when they say 5 times is enough. It used to be 50 times! Then Allah decreased it until it was only 5 times. But He told Muhammad s.a.s. that those 5 times would be counted as 50 times. Every prayer would be counted as 10.

Don't say it is too much what you are doing. It is too little. If everyone was given the power of all 124.000 prophets, and everyone has been given the potential power to have that, and you would be praying with that kind of power, it would still be like a drop in the ocean.

What are you proud of? We are so heedless, because we do not realise in what a helpless weak situation we are. People have stopped thinking. We are trying to remind people, but it is so difficult. If Allah doesn't make it easy, no-one can.

Do you think that if you have 10 factories you will eat 10 plates of food at night? In Damascus I once saw a man in the bazaar who was wearing 7 big coats at the same time. First I thought the he was a rich man trying to show off all his nice coats at once. Then I saw that he was selling them!

When we were driving back to London a car drove past us with extreme speed. Kenan told me that a car like that would cost at least £80.000.- and that it was probably built in Italy, Germany or Sweden. The topic fascinated the others in the car so much, that they were talking about it until we reached London, 3 hours later! So I had a chance of learning a lot about cars.

We pray that the Sultan may come back to Kabul in the next year, in 1417, so that the foolish fighting and killing will end in Afghanistan. It is an order for me to pray for that, because it is a fitna from the unbelievers what is happening there. They want Khoracan to be in ruins. Just like they did it in Lebanon. For 13 years they did everything to destroy it. In Afghanistan the same story is going on. The enemies of Islam are causing that trouble and making Muslims to be in so many groups and to fight against each other. May Allah forgive them and forgive us, because we cannot do anything against those people. They are such difficult people. To kill Muslims in such a way will put them in hell forever. They will not be able to come out. It is one of the biggest sins to kill innocent people, which they are doing. This is not Islam.

In the year 1417 many tyrants will be buried. Good-ones will appear. Whoever has bad intentions will be killed and defeated everywhere! I hope our brother Abul Wakir will invite me to Kabul and that this prayer will be accepted !


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