Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Rijalallah!
Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Every moment and every act must be for the honour of our Lord Allah Almighty. This is
a meeting and for whose sake are we meeting here? This is not a meeting for the sake
of Dunya. Everywhere you find people meeting and many people are sitting in front of
their computers (Shaitan box) and many people are also involved in buying and selling
and half of Dunya is occupied with the money market and they say “I just gained one
million and I just also lost it.”

We on the other hand are being made to address you on the truth. The true ones are
dressed because of truth with heavenly honoured dressing and they are honoured and
trustworthy ones. We are sitting here and the Lord of Heavens is making this to
happen. In this place, people do not come to learn something or to hear something
about their business nor do I think that anyone is coming here for the sake of earning
money. People are coming here from long distances because their souls are thirsty
and hungry and they are asking for something. This is like a person lost in a desert
asking to find an oasis. If he finds an oasis he will be reaching to safety and he is
therefore hoping to find this oasis. Sometimes when people are in the desert they see
something far away like an oasis and they are thinking that there is a spring or water in
what they see. This is a mirage and when they come to it they find that there is nothing
and that they have been cheated.

Man has been granted honour from the Creator. He has been granted will-power.
People today are missing something. They act as if they have lost something and are
therefore running to find that lost treasure, lost diamond, lost ruby or lost emerald.
Allah Almighty has granted this to everyone. Mankind is always asking to reach to
something but still they do not understand what they are asking for. Shaitan then
comes in front of them saying, “follow me, follow me I am guiding you to your lost
treasure, I am that treasurer, so follow me so that I can take you to that valuable
treasure which belongs to you and which now you have lost, therefore follow me, follow

This heavenly treasure is a grant given by Allah Almighty to everyone and Shaitan is
leading them on the wrong way and their target is being changed. This is because
Shaitan is taking them in the wrong direction so that they will not find this treasure.
Shaitan makes them think that this treasure is something belonging to material things
and the whole world is today filled with materialism. Full house. Even if people live in
huge palaces and everything around them is excellent and magnificent they do not
even look at these things and when they are seated on the throne something is
whispering within them , “that is not the lost treasure that you have to run after.”

Harun al Rashid was one of the most magnificent khaliph and Sultan of the Islamic
world and the whole non Muslim world used to tremble before him. He was a
magnificent one and a powerful one who was supported by heavenly support. However
he had not really prepared himself to reach to that heavenly support. Once he was
leaving his capital which was Baghdad in order to go on his pilgrimage to the Hijaaz.
Baghdad was then the most important capital in the world. I am asking Allah Almighty
to give a safety and good understanding and mercy and respect to those people.
Baghdad is not going to be for eastern people or western people.

When the khaliph came out of the walls of the city of Baghdad he saw many children
playing outside these walls. From among those who were playing he noticed one child
who was unlike the rest. This person did not look like a child. The Sultan’s or the
khalph’s Grandwazir was with him at that time. This person who is this Grandwazir is
the person who is always with the Sultan and who makes him happy when he is sad
and advices him.

There were many children who had come out of the walls of the city to say farewell to
the Sultan who was going on the pilgrimage. They had come out to say, “Go safely
and return safely and happily.” So the Sultan asked the Grandwazir regarding the
person that the Sultan pointed at , “Oh my Grandwazir! Who is that one?” The
Grandwazir answered “Oh your Majesty that is your brother Bahlul.” The Sultan then
said, “bring him to me, but see that he comes with his own free will and not be forced to
come to me. If he does not come, don’t bring him by force.”

Then the sergeant was sent to fetch him. The sergeant told Bahlul, “The Sultan is
asking you to come to him because he likes to meet you. Therefore please accept the
Sultan’s order and come with me to meet the Sultan.” Bahlul replied, “But I don’t like to
meet him.” The sergeant then said, “He is the Sultan and if the Sultan orders
something it must be obeyed.” When Bahlul went near the Sultan’s house he asked
the Sultan, “for what are you calling me ya khaliphatul Muslimeen, ya Amir ul
Moomeen.” The Sultan answered, “I am going on a pilgrimage to the holiest place on
earth, which is the House of the Lord. I would like your advice so that I will be able to
be in a good position not to make my Lord angry with me but to be happy with me.”
Then Bahlul said, “Oh ya Harun, there are their graves and there are their palaces,
nothing else.” He was showing that there were the graves and the palaces of their
fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers. And he said, “you are also on their
way. They were also saying, these palaces are for us and now they are in their graves
and now they are lying there.” The Khalipha the Sultan started crying at the story,
which meant that he the Sultan will also be in his grave one day.

Sometimes I hear that cars are in need of being balanced. A mechanic is brought to
bring about the balancing of this car. You cannot get an ordinary person to do this job
because he will not be able to accomplish this. You need an expert or a specialist to
balance this car. If to balance a car you need a specialist then what about for
mankind. Yes mankind too needs a specialist to balance his inner being. But today
the 21st century people are saying, “We are not in need of being balanced.” The ones
who correct the balance of mankind are from the Heavens and not from the earth.
Prophets are the specialists who balance mankind. If you surrender to them they can
then correct your balance.

People come and ask me, “can we follow the sufi way without following Islam or being a
muslim.” Do they come to learn from me or to teach me? What is this that they are
saying? I may ask the Pope or anyone else, “What is Islam? Do you know the
meaning of the word Islam or not” Then there are many well dressed and richly
dressed people with ornaments and gold crowns. I asked them too, “Do you know the
meaning of Islam?” They too say, “We are not accepting Islam.” How is it that you can
say that you are not accepting Islam when you don’t even know the meaning of the
word Islam. What is it then that you are rejecting. Which thing in your opinion is
Islam? I may say to you that Islam means to surrender to the Lord of the Heavens. If
you are surrendering to your Lord then you are a Muslim also. No Christianity, no
Judaism, no this and no that. No.

When Yakub (alai) was passing away from this world he called all his children together
and asked them, “Oh my sons, what are you going to do after me? Please tell me what
will you do.” They replied, “We will be following your way and the way of our
grandfathers and our ancestors. We will follow their way and be Muslims. We will be
surrendering to our Lord and His heavenly orders and commands. We will be Muslims
and surrendered ones.” Although Yakub (alai) died this does not mean that he passed
away. His pure soul was ready and he was reaching to the heavens.

People do not know anything about religion today. If they do not tell me the meaning of
Islam then they are only following Shaitan and not following the Heavenly Commands
that has reached to people through the prophets from the line of Seyyadina Ibrahim
(alai). It is so sad that people do not understand what Islam is. They are saying to me,
“We are not Muslims. Can we follow only sufi ways without accepting Islam.” Ya Hu,
Islam came through the prophets to correct the balance in people. This is the
importance of Islam and the mission of Islam. Islam came because it is important to
balance the nations. As a nation or as an individual the people of the 21st century do
not understand this. They say that they are not in need of a Heavenly Balance.

What do you know. Do you think that you created yourself? Look around you and see
the whole world has fallen into endless problems and oppression. It has fallen into
countless miseries and is in endless trouble. They do not know how to save
themselves from this. England, Russia, Japan, China, America, Arabia and Turkey, all
of them do not even know how to save themselves.

I am very sorry to say that Muslim countries too are not surrendering to Allah Almighty
and asking for balance and they say, “We do not need and do not ask for heavenly
balance because we are now following the western countries and we are following
democracy.” Even the Turks, the Arabs and the Pakistanis are now saying that they
are the best Muslims and is this word ‘democracy’ even found in Islam. They are
bringing various people from different levels of society and putting them together.
They bring the shepherd from the mountains, the shopkeeper from the bazaar, the
seller from the market, the soldier from the army and they bring together the business
people and the professionals like the doctor and the advocate and make a very
strange collection of people come together. The shepherd does not understand what
the doctor says and the doctor does not understand what the engineer says and all of
them are confused. This collection of people is like what is found in the zoo.

Once there was a new trend. At the beginning of the last century there was a country
in which they collected all these different type of people and had an election. After the
elections these people got together, and one could not understand the other. The
Chairman was saying, “We are very respected people. We are bringing a new law. We
are bringing this law and all you have to say is ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to it.” One person in this
collection of people was sitting and sleeping. He was informed after being woken up
that a new law was to be passed and the Chairman was asking them to vote. They said
that it is forbidden to say ‘no’ and everyone must vote for this law. At first this was the
situation. If they did not vote and say, ‘yes’ they had to face the guillotine.

Thereafter there were different parties. Some of these parties are insisting that all the
members in that party vote for what it wants. If someone refuses they are told that they
should vote and no one has the right to refuse. They are told, “Don’t speak too much,
say ‘yes’ and vote.” This is democracy.

People are now fed up with these Shaitanic ways and they are becoming disobedient to
the governments. They say, “We do not accept this.” Now people are understanding
this and not accepting what the government says and they are getting angry and
making trouble. This is because there is no balance in the way the government is
ruling. They refused the Heavenly Balance and are now using Shaitanic balance. Till
they accept the Heavenly Balance humanity is going to make trouble and kill each
other. Some are making missiles and some others are making another type of weapon
in order to kill each other. Allah Almighty never orders to kill one another. Allah
Almighty is asking a happy life for His servants. The Shaitanic teachings however are
trying to do the opposite by trying to make troubles and kill each other and they are will
be endless miseries because of this and they will not be able to save themselves.

Oh people! You must understand that we are in need of balance and the whole world
has lost their balance now. They cannot bring about balance by anything other than
the balance brought by the Heavenly Ones. The Heavenly Ones should come and
correct the balance of these nations. This is important, if they do not look at what is
going to come to them from above, they are all going to be finished and no one is
going to remain. This is not something, which I have prepared. I am declaring this to
all the nations through the east and the west that there should be one balance.
Everyone must listen to this association that we are addressing to the whole of
mankind. If they do not listen we have another kind of power by which they can be
taken away and this is not what they are expecting. They will wonder how this is
happening. This is because the Heavenly Ones are so very powerful. I am nothing.
Something is something. Sometimes I am something. Now I am nothing, I am zero. But
when that Heavenly One is with me I have power and at that time I will not care even if
the whole world is rushing against me. Now therefore we are giving you something
from reality for your understanding. If they do not understand they should be taken

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one through
balance and who is correcting balances, the most honoured one Seyyadina
Muhammad (sal).

Lefke, 9.7.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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