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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**The meaning of the Shahada**

The meaning of the Shahada is: ,Ya Rabbi, Omy Lord, I left Shaitan and
those, who are with him, behind, and I turned my face toward You'. Face
means one's whole being with sincerity and without hypocrisy or shirk,
attributing nothing to Him, the Creator of heavens and earth, Who was before
anything He created. Everything in His mulk and malakut has its own
creation, a purpose, a wisdom, a secret. If you plant a certain seed, only a
certain tree will grow through its inherent secret. In the olive-seed there
is the secret of the olive-tree. Look the 'Azamet of Allah! The smallest
seed has its fitrat, special creation ( private constitution, natural
disposition). By its secret the atoms join. And the electrons again have
another secret.

Everything is created as an example and unique- Allah doesn't produce
copies- that is not His attribute, but everything is always new, according
to another fitrat. Who planted the wild trees on the mountains? Who put the
animals there? Allah created nature in the beginning.

So we are saying: ,I am turning my face toward the Creator of heavens and
earth, Allah', and we say: ,Subhanaka, Allahumma, wa bihamdika wa tabarak
ismuka'... Who is saying Shahada, means to say that he doesn't turn his face
toward anyone else but Allah.

Now on Juma, Friday, Allah is inviting the inhabitants of Paradise to
'Hasinat-ul-Quds', a station in His Power. This word can't be
translated...After Arabic Farsi is the richest and most precious language
that people in former times used to learn. Who could read and understand had
to learn these two languages. They are like the two wings. People are on two
levels: some are learned, others not. There is halk edebiyati and divan
edebiyati- common literature and special literature. Dervish Yunus was
someone to address common people. He was speaking about the water-wheel. And
he was like that- taking and giving to people from the source, like a mother
sometimes chews the food to make it edible for the child, which has no teeth
yet. Like this it gets from the mother's secret also. (Nowadays mothers
don't do this anymore and the children grow up and they are wild...) Yunus
and other Saints were inspired by Haqq.

People don't know anymore the difference between head and feet. And not
everyone will be a head. And if all were heads, there would be still
differences, because some heads would be empty... Nobody is like another one.
There is learned and not learned, teacher and pupil, knower and ignorant.
You cannot mix everything. Milk has a cream and water, not everything is
cream. Without milk no cream, but the cream swims on top. That is a lesson.
The Prophet was sent to an ignorant nation. Nowadays knowledge is available
and they think they are so learned people- but they don't understand the
meaning of that knowledge. Who says the Shahada means to say that he turned
his face toward Allah, and he doesn't turn his face toward anyone else again

So every Juma there is a divine invitation for Allahs servants. The angels
announce: ,The One Who is the Malik-ul-Mulk, Allah dhul Jalal, is inviting
His servants for a divine invitation to the Dar-ul-Salam'. If we wanted to
speak about this event, we needed one week to describe the Saltanate and its
beauties... And every invitation has another Tajalli and different kinds of
beauty. Everyone is received according to his rank.

I was invited by several Sultans and at their tables on every chair there
was a name. People are seated according to their rank, and it is like this
in the divine invitation also. Then Allah provides food and clothes...Then
Allah is showing His perfection to the believers, whose faces are shining
like suns when they look to Him. For someones only a little bit of light is
opened, because they would get burned. They only reached a certain level
during their life on earth and they cannot carry more light. If they were
given more it would burn their fuses... When Jamal and Jalal, the beauty and
perfection of Allah, are opened to the servants, they cannot turn their
faces away...

So the meaning of the Shahada is to turn one's face toward Allah and to make
a distance to Shaitan- to cut the ties that bind one to him, so that he
cannot approach anymore. That is the meaning of the Shahada.
To say 'Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim' reminds us of this, so that
Shaitan is not getting hopeful of us again. When he tries to approach,
saying 'Audhu...' seperates us from him. Who can say this over a period of
4o days, Shaitan lets go of him and he tells his followers not to approach
you anymore, because there is no hope that they can influence you anymore.
After that Shaitan comes every 4o days again to check if he may do something
or not. And when you say: ,Are you there again? Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani
rajim!', he escapes...Saying the Shahada means to recognize Allah's lordship
and our servanthood- to recognize Him alone, to live for Him and work for
Him...One cannot feed ones ego and be Allah's servant at the same time...
Let it rain, ya Allah, and make also soft the hearts of people... O Allah,
prepare our hearts for the meeting with Mehdi a.s.. Send him and his
soldiers- it is enough! May the Sultanate of Shaitan be destroyed and
S.Mehdi come.

Lefke - 06.12.2001

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