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It’s over, it's finished, therefore from this Muharram up to the next this news have reached us: In that period, Turks will collapse, Damascus, Baghdad, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Hijaz, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan will also collapse, Caucasia will collapse.

(Question: “Will there be new leaders instead?”)

No, this regime is finished, they don’t progress anymore, finished, they are already in decline, all countries now have this terrible regime called democracy, it's finished, it comes to an end and cannot move anymore. Now they are eating each other, people are fighting each other. There are two parties for example in turkey; each one doesn’t like the other one. The order in this one is the same as in the other one: What benefit does this bring? Instead of democracy, hierarchy will come, meaning saltanat, monarchy will come, in saltanat, one person rules, now 1000 people cannot rule. Finished, they mess up everything. Germans will also collapse, French is already collapsing, Spain will collapse. British, they still kept their empire; they will come with more power, after his majesty, crown prince come to power with full authority. He will not listen to any parliament or pay attention to it. The lords are already in his side. He will sweep the parliament. The Russians have already become crazy, they about to fall apart. They will also collapse. China is boiling inside. Japans they kept their empire. India will become one. Afghanistan will become also one. Iran will be one. Those harmful people in Yemen, they also will disappear and the imam will come back. About the Palestinian problem: again one will come to power, sultan will come to power. Whom he will rule? 10 countries in the Middle East. About the Hijaz: the days to come within in the coming year, its situation will become clear.

To make it short: the world is shaking now, it will tear apart and all of them will fall down. They could not manage, they could not rule. People are not pleased with democracy, it has turned into an oppressive regime, their term is finished, they cheated people to come to power. People have realized that, they cannot even come close to the previous saltanat regime. They have no justice no mercy, they have no mind. There is no knowledge or any science, there is no gentleness with them, their term is finished, people saw their real image, they are garbage. These people are like feet. Feet cannot replace the head. Feet become feet and head is head, they did the opposite. What they called democracy makes feet the head and head the feet. All of them will be cursed. They shall be cursed. All of them are all oppressors, and all of them will finish, even one will not survive.

Wa min Allah at taufiq, Fatiha.

They may not speak more, translate this to English and inform everybody to his highness prince: don’t be afraid and the end is for the pious one. Finally power is in the hands of righteous ones. Even one of those garbage ones will not survive. All of them will be swept away. Their only business is to kill people, destroy the countries, these are oppressors, they are tyrants, they don’t respect religion and they are not accepting Allah Almighty’s holy books. All of them will be destroyed. Oh, our Lord, you know best, you give us permission so we can sweep them away. We can sweep them, if I give permission to Sheikh Mehmed Effendi, he can sweep them, he is like a dragon. I have reached this point now, just to swear at people, just like that, that’s my duty, other holy ones don’t speak about this, I have never seen them speaking about that. It is said, that the pen has been lifted, it’s lifted up from his / him, so that he may say what he wants, he may speak, but he speaks the truth. Oh holy ones, holy ones they may speak, but you change from morning to evening, and you don’t not say, you do not do what they say, then you say there is a sheikh, he is authorized.

(Q.: “These modifications, everybody do on their own, a few people?”) Of course, before there were what we call “musqa”, there are connected to each other, when one of them pops, the second one pops up to, like that, merhaba, you understand?

Oh my lord, wa min Allah at taufiq.

Next year is Hajj al Akbar, Master of this time is known, to come at Hajj al Akbar. After this Hajj al Akbar there are seven more years for the other (next) one. This world cannot tolerate for another seven years, therefore my heart found comfort, coming year wakfa (Arafat) is on Friday. I hope that wakfa (Arafat) Imam Mehdi may appear and they say takbir. Oh my Lord, you know best. You have the order.

Under that storm, we are out of our senses, but what can we do, we don’t love bad things, we don’t want oppression, we don’t not want oppressives, we are not accepting oppression, therefore we get angry, but there is nothing in our hand. We only say: “may Allah not leave us in the hand of oppressors; we may not even leave one oppressor on earth”.


Shouting, shouting at you, I got sleepy, enough, you wash your hands and go to sleep as well.

Lefke, 24.11.2010

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