Maulana Sheikh NazimTHE MERCY OF OMAR

When Sayidina Omar, peace be upon him, left this temporary life to go into his permanent life, he was buried. After that, some of his companions dreamt about him and asked him in the dream how Allah was dealing with him.
Yes! Everyone will have to deal with Allah Almighty in the hereafter, because one day we will reach to Him. You must think about this, and about how it will be for you. Will He welcome you, or not? Think about it! We are all going to Him. We must go back to His Divine Presence. Think of how Allah Almighty will accept you. How will His Feeling be towards me? Will He welcome me with every blessing, or will it be the opposite? That is important for everyone. The dealing you will have with Him will be according to the dealing you have had with Him in this life. How was your dealing with Allah? You will find it there.

So the companions asked Omar, "Oh, Emir, how was our Lord's dealing with you there in the grave?" He answered, "He was dealing with me full of mercy. The Almighty said to me that He is giving me mercy because I was sometimes patrolling around Medina." Yes, Omar was looking in Medina. He was doing it himself. He did not leave that to anyone else. He didn't need any bodyguards. He was the patrol himself for the beloved umma, because the umma belongs to the Beloved-one and everything that belongs to the Beloved-one is also beloved. So when you respect his nation, you are respecting the Prophet sws.

Once Omar a.s. was passing by one place where children were playing. They had caught a sparrow and they had tied both of its feet and every time when the sparrow wanted to fly away, they would pull it back. They were torturing the creature. When Sayidina Omar saw this, he asked them to sell the bird to him. The children agreed and gave it to him quickly. Because Omar gave his pity to that little bird, to that little weak creature, Allah Almighty gave him His Mercy.

Allah Almighty never even mentioned that he had been the Wezir of the Prophet sws. or that he had been the son-in-law of the Prophet sws. or that he had been the 40th follower of the Prophet sws. or that he was the first one who came out and said, "Allahu akbar!", or that he was the one who brought all the companions to the Kaaba, instead of praying in a hidden place. Omar was the one who said to them, "We are following the truth, aren't we? So why should we be hiding? For who was the Kaaba built? For those dirty people, or for the clean ones?"

The biggest mistake of people nowadays is to think that Muhammad sws. is an ordinary person. The Wahabi people are also trying to make him into an ordinary person like all the other no-mind people. Oh, people! Muhammad is a Praised-one! He is chosen and praised by His Lord from pre-eternity to eternity he will be praised. He is an extra, extra, extra personality. This is the biggest mistake that the Kuraish, his tribe, did. To say that he was an ordinary person! They sent Omar, Osman and others to kill him!

Which sword could be able to cut the head of the Beloved-one? Ibrahim a.s. had the order to cut off the head of his son. But as he tried to do so, the knife couldn't cut. It made him very angry, so he tried to do it with a sharp stone. The stone was so sharp that it could slice cheese, but it did not harm Ismael a.s. That stone had been there since the beginning of time, waiting to follow the order of Allah. Pilgrims used to go and visit the stone until the Wahabis came and put TNT on it. Allah will put His TNT on them! Ibrahim a.s. was very angry because the knife did not let him fulfil the holy command of Allah Almighty. The knife spoke and said, "Khalil Ibrahim is telling me to cut, but Khalid is telling me not to. You are telling me to cut, but our Lord is telling me not to cut!" So which sword do you think would ever touch Muhammad, sws.? Or which hand do you think would ever strike against Muhammad sws.?

Once a Rabbi of the unbelievers came to Muhammad sws. He was resting under the tree and he also put his sword there. One of the enemies came and saw that Muhammad sws. was sleeping far away from his army. So he crept up secretly, took his sword and thought, "This is my chance to cut!" He thought that Rasulallah was a fearful person and just thought to himself, "Doesn't he know that it is dangerous to be far away from the soldiers?" Of course he knows! If he was an ordinary person, an ordinary commander, then he would have to sleep amongst his soldiers. But he is not! He can sleep anywhere that he likes. So that person came up and said, "Oh, Muhammad, who is going to save you from my sword now?" He spoke, and it was only as if a mosquito had come to him, nothing else. "Allah!" said Muhammad sws. and with that, the sword fell down on the Arab, and he was finished. People still think, that Muhammad sws. was an ordinary person, someone from the market. Insha'Allah we will show people who he is and who he was and who he is now and who he will be, Muhammad sws.

They even thought that Omar was going to kill the Prophet sws. and bring them his head. Sayidina Omar gathered all the companions behind him happily and they were marching. The rulers of Mekka saw him coming, and thought that he was bringing a lot of slaves back also. They only wondered where the head of Muhammad sws. was. What had happened? Here he was coming saying, "Allahu Akbar!". All of them were very surprised. Omar was a real knight in Islam. When everybody else was secretly leaving Mekka to immigrate to Medina, he did so openly. He took his arms and went infront of the Kaaba and said to the people sitting there, "I am Omar, I am going to join Muhammad sws. to go to Medina. I am informing you. If anyone likes to make a widow out of his wife and his children to be orphans, then they can also come with me."

He did his best for the sake of Rasulallah, for the sake of Islam, for the sake of Muslims. After Rasulallah and after Siddiq, he was the Calipha for 10 years and his justice was the greatest on earth. But from all those things, the Lord of Heavens never mentioned anything, He only said, "Ya, Omar, once you were rescuing a small sparrow, which was my creature. You had so much pity for that small one. Therefore I am granting my mercy to you."
That is the most important particularity for Muslims, to be merciful. Muslims are only allowed to kill if something is harmful, otherwise not. But if you do kill something harmful, then that is a mercy for the whole umma. For example, to kill a scorpion, really gives a mercy to people. Or to kill a snake, is a mercy from you to the umma. To kill a dragon, is a mercy from you to the umma. To kill a devil, is a mercy for the umma.

Believers represent the mercy of their Prophet, because the mercy of the Prophet sws. for all creatures teaches from pre-eternity to eternity. He, who created Rasulallah, peace be upon him, gave him mercy for all the creatures. And his believers, the Muslims, represent his mercy. And Islam represents the mercy of Allah Almighty to His creatures. Whoever hates Islam, hates mercy. They are devils. That is why, you should ask for mercy from Allah, "Oh, my Lord, grant much more mercy to me. Take the violence from my heart." Mercy feeds faith. If there is no mercy, there will be no faith in your heart. Ask to get much more mercy from Allah Almighty so that your faith may grow up much stronger. Try to give more mercy. To kill dragons also gives mercy.

Now the days are approaching for Mehdi a.s. Mehdi a.s. will come and represent the Prophet sws. and he will give Divine Mercy to creatures. Mercy will reach to people through the sword of Mehdi a.s. Don't be a target for his sword, keep mercy in your heart and take away the violence from your heart! The period of Mehdi a.s. is coming now and he will give mercy to everyone. Try to reach his mercy. Anyone who carries violence cannot reach his mercy. He will instead reach the mercy of his sword. Whoever carries violence in their heart will only reach the mercy of his sword. But those who have mercy in their hearts, and no violence to anyone, they will reach the mercy of Mehdi a.s.

May Allah forgive us. Change yourself. Change your characteristics. Try to change your habits, because now the general habit of mankind is to be violent-ones and to feed the hearts of people with even more violence. And in every occasion they are trying to show it. A simple example is how many millions of people are following football. Football feeds violence in the hearts of the people. So try to be far away from the means of violence. Boxing also represents the violence in people. Stay far away from it. Yes, so many things which people in common feed the violence in their hearts with. Technology feeds violence in mankind. That is the reason that technology is destroying humanity and all the good qualities within mankind. It makes them violent like wild animals.

All Prophets came and were loaded with mercy. But people refused their mercy and then the punishment and curse came on them. Allah Almighty sends His Mercy to his servants through his Prophets, but the people refuse them and refuse the Mercy of Heaven, and then the cursing comes on them. The new understanding of mankind must come to mankind through Islam. May Allah forgive us and let his sincere servants come and be prepared to accept His Divine Mercy.

London - 11.05.1992

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