As-salamu alaikum! No Salaam for the enemy. In the Name of Allah Almighty, all
Merciful, Most Beneficent, and Most Magnificent. May Allah forgive us!

We are the living nations in this world and our period is the worst period of all the
periods that has passed away. So many centuries have now passed away. I am not
saying that there was a period in which all those who lived were good ones. No, this
cannot be so. If we had been Angels, this would have been a peaceful world, but we
are not Angels. We are of human nature and we are from mankind. If there was no
Shaitan in our lives and our generations, then we will be able to say that this Dunya
(world) is a peaceful Dunya. But Shaitan is around and in our midst and Shaitan is
the first one who was causing troubles.

He is the first trouble-maker. If I was to ask from X as to who Shaitan is, then it must
be answered that he was and is the first of all trouble makers. When Allah Almighty
ordered the Angels to bow to Adam (alai), Shaitan said: “No!” He refused. Therefore
he is the beginning and first of all trouble-makers. All the Angels were very sorry, very
sad and very ashamed because Shaitan said to Allah Almighty: “I am not bowing!”
The Angels were wondering about Shaitan as to how he dared to refuse Allah
Almighty. All the Angels throughout the Heavens were ashamed of this act and they
were saying, “Oh, we wish we were not in existence to hear such a creature say in his
Lord’s Divine Presence: ‘I will not obey Your Order and I will not make Sajda, I will not
bow to Adam!” Yes, all the Angels were ashamed and they were also very fearful,
because they were thinking that may be heavenly anger may fall on all of them and
take them all away. They were trembling! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyul-l

I feel sorry, deeply sorry for mankind who are living now on this planet because they
are eating and drinking from heavenly favours from their Lord but still they are not
taking care of such a very important point which is to teach their children and
governments that Shaitan was the first trouble maker. Yes, they are
not taking any care through their education system to mention the first trouble-maker
and what was the cost for mankind and for all creation. It is not easy to stand up in
the Divine Presence of the Lord of Heavens and to say: “You can’t order me to do
this!” This means: “You are wrong” – Astaghfirullah! – “to order me to bow to Adam
who is created from mud. I am created from the flames of fire and I have been
keeping Your servant hood for thousands and thousands of years. You have only
now created Adam and as yet he has not even put his forehead on the ground in
Sajda and You are saying to me to make Sajda to him, to bow to him! That is a very
wrong order and I am not going to obey! No, never will I bow to that one!” Then the
Lord of Heavens said:” Devil! Get out, you are Shaitan! Who are you to stand up and
to accuse Me and My holy Command. You are telling Me, that I am doing wrong and
that you are right? What is this! O Angels, kick that one down!” Therefore each Angel
was kicking him. If I had been there, I would also have kicked Shaitan, and also
everyone, who does not make Sajda, I am also kicking his back down!

Therefore the position of the one who does not make Sajda, is the position of Shaitan.
The people who do not bow and make Sajda are on the same level of Shaitan. What
do you think now about the six billion people of mankind? How many of them are
bowing to their Lord? They are not bowing to their Lord, but bowing to Shaitan. Such
things like we spoke of about Shaitan are not being taught to people now! They don’
like to teach students this, because they themselves are not bowing to Allah. Even in
the Muslim World, the majority of them are not bowing to their Lord and their real
position is just like the position of Shaitan. Yes, those who do not even bow daily
even at least once to their Lord, are on the same level with Shaitan and Shaitan’s
level is the lowest level. You can’t find any level under Shaitan’s level, no! The is the
biggest sin of Shaitan and he was thrown away for this.

There is some knowledge from old books that has reached to me, and also it is written
through the Holy Books and it has reached to me through the Seal of Prophets, the
most beloved servant of the Lord of Heavens, Seyyadina, Muhammad (sal), certain
heavenly knowledge that Allah Almighty was ordering. Allah Almighty ordered Shaitan
to be in the fire and He was also ordering the Angels to take him to Hells – May Allah
forgive us, not to fall in fire! You can’t describe the horror of Hells! If a real
description of Hells is given to people, no one can be able to bear to even live,
thereafter. People will fall down dead from the fear of the fire of Hells if such a
description is even given. After the passing of every one thousand years, the Lord of
Heavens is asking for Shaitan; and He is sending the Angels to bring him to the
entrance of Paradise and they are also calling Seyyadina Adam to come from inside
paradise and then when they are face to face, the Holy Command is asking the
Angels, as Allah Almighty is never addressing him. After that biggest sin, Allah
Almighty never addressed Shaitan, face to face, no. He is sending Angels instead
and they are addressing him. “Tell that one” – So He was ordering the Angels: “Say
to that one” – and never is He saying of him ‘My servant’, no! This is because he was
thrown away from servanthood! – “Ask from that one that his Lord is ordering to him to
make Sajda to Adam (alai) and then His forgiveness shall clean him and make him to
be in Paradise! One condition: Say to Shaitan that his Lord likes to put him into
Paradise, with one condition!” and Shaitan was hearing ! “My condition: My Order can’t
be to fall down, my Order must be on their heads!” – Not under their feet – as those
foolish people now living on the earth are doing; they are making the Holy Command
of Allah Almighty under their feet. They should be taken away! – “Say to that one that
the Lord of Heavens is asking to forgive him and to put him in Paradise, with one
condition: My Order must go on! If he likes to get into Paradise, he must keep My
Order to bow to, Adam, and I shall now accept him if he is bowing to Adam, I will
forgive him and send him to Paradise!”.

Such is the mercy of Allah even to this worst one. Allah never leaves ourselves
through our bad egos! – But that worst creature, was getting so angry still, and he
was saying: “Once I refused to bow to him and now also I am not going to bow to him; I
don’t like to enter Paradise, I am going down!” Allahumma ahfadhna!

O our Lord, forgive us! O our Lord, don’t leave us in the hands of Shaitan and his
representatives! And the representatives of Shaitan are all those cursed people who
are not taking care of the Lord of Heaven’s Rules; they are putting the Holy Rules
under their feet and they are running with Shaitan. I am making them under the feet
of believers and I am sending them to where I sent Shaitan; I am sending them to that
place, through fire!

O people don’t say that day by day now there are so many troubles and that the
tension of this world is getting more and more, and reaching to the point of explosion!
As long as they are not taking care for the Rules of Heavens- if not today, tomorrow, if
not this week, next week, if not this month, next month, if not this year, next year – one
day they should explode, finish and disappear. Oh people, who have been appointed
and granted to be leaders of nations, take care of the Holy Commands of Heavens!
Come and take those Rules and try to keep those Holy Rules or your Lord will be
writing your names as trouble-makers; as it is written in front of the name of Shaitan;
‘First Trouble-Maker’, your name also is going to be written under his name as one
‘trouble-maker. Divine Anger is coming on the trouble-makers and taking them away.
No way!

May Allah bless us, may Allah forgive us! It is enough; if anyone is able to understand
my words he may understand. People are trying their best to make troubles to each
other, and they are trying also to make trouble for themselves also and it is
dangerous like marching on fire! May Allah forgive us and send us someone to take
the weak servants of Allah to the way of Paradise and to save them. We are asking
also that with His Divine Mercy… we are asking humbly not to leave ourselves in the
hands of those Shaitans, those tyrants, but that He may send us Mehdi Sultan and Isa
Sultan, to save our weak mankind on Earth.

Those, who are making their position with Shaitan, they should be taken away. When
Karun did his worst to Seyyadina Musa, Allah Almighty was angry also with Karun and
He was ordering Moses: “Say to your tribe, the tribe, the tribes of the Children of
Israel, as to who is going to be with you, may come to you; as for who is not coming to
you and asking to be with Karun, he may go to Karun’s side.” Therefore people were
divided into two parts: one part was with Seyyadina Musa, and the other was reaching
to Karun. Then the Holy Command from Allah Almighty came to Moses: “Order, what
you are asking to do! Order earth; earth may punish those, who are not with you and
who are going with Karun!” Then Moses ordered that the earth swallow him and those
with Karun. Moses and his group of people, were sheltered from the Heavenly Anger,
but as for them who were against Moses, the Divinely Anger came upon them and the
Divine Revenge reached to them; and up to today daily, upto the measure of one
height of a man they were coming down (more), coming down, coming down- up to the
last Day. May Allah forgive us, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine
Presence, Seyyadina Muhammad (sal) Fatiha.

Lefke, 5.3.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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