The Prophet (sal) went on the Mihraj (Ascent). For what purpose did he go on this Mihraj? For what
purpose was this miraculous mihraj? The purpose was to show to the whole nation of Muhmmed that
by following the Prophet (sal) that they also should be able to reach to it. When Jibril (alai) brought
Buraq u Sheriff to the Prophet (sal), the Prophet asked him “Is this only for me or also for my
Ummah (nation)”. Jibril answered “It is for you and also for your nation and the only condition is that
they should follow in your steps, and they should also be able to reach to this.”

The Buraq that was brought to the Prophet (sal) was in a grass field in Paradise, and there were so
many other Buraqs with it. But this one was specially taken to the Prophet (sal) because when it
heard the name of the Prophet Muhammed (sal), “Ya Muhammed” – Oh Muhammed (sal), a feeling
of love came over that Buraq and it fell in love with the person who was named Muhammed. It
stopped eating because of this and also started crying. Then Jibril (alai) gave it good tidings and took
it to the Prophet (sal).

To the Prophet’s (sal) question as to whether Mihraj (the ascension) was only for him, Jibril
answered “It is for your Ummah also and there are Buraqs waiting for them also. Those who are
following you may also join after you. If they do not follow you they shall always remain on earth
and under the ground.” When all the Sahaba reached to their destinations through the heavens
everyone else also reached to their heavenly stations.

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