Madad ya Sultan al-awliya. Oh, Muharram is one of the holiest months, and also this night, the tenth of Muharram, is a very holy night in Islam. Allah Almighty just granted His beloved servants from His Endless Mercy Oceans, from His Endless Power Oceans, and made them victorious, tonight. Tomorrow, the tenth of Muharram, has a very special situation in the Islamic calendar, the world calendar, and in world-wide historical events. It has a very important situation because on that day, bismillah hir-rahman nir-rahim, first of all Noah's Ark landed on that peak and the Flood finished. Tomorrow Sayyidina Ibrahim, peace be upon him, was saved from the fire of Nimrod, Sayyidina Moses was saved from Pharoah and passed through that ocean, Jonah was saved from the belly of the whale, Sayyidina Suleyman, King Solomon,was granted kingship over the whole of mankind and jinn. Also, on this day, Sayyidina Ayyub became healthy and more wealthy than before, Jesus Christ was taken up to Heavens, and Sayyidina Muhammad, peace be upon him, was granted much more honour and the seven heavens were opened to him and to his nation, to reach freely, and he was saved from his tribe Quraish. Whenever Muslims have fallen in difficulties, bottomless difficulties, Divine Help, Divine Support reached them through this holy month, particularly on the tenth. It is a very important day.

I was expecting that Mahdi, aleyhi salam, was coming this year but some signs have not yet come to completion, and I hope that he may be with us next Muharram, after 2000. The third millenium should be for Mahdi, aleyhi salam. Therefore, so many heavenly blessings reached to believers on that day, the tenth, tomorrow, and it is a good chance that we have reached to Muharram, 1999. I hope that Mahdi's, aleyhi salam, coming will be granted tomorrow and tonight. Much more power, much more, perhaps all authority for the whole world should be granted tonight. His sword has been taken a little bit out, but tonight it is going to appear, Mahdi aleyhi salam. We have already said, that the change began on the ninth of Dhul hijja, after Arafat, on Mina night &endash; on the evening of Arafat, a new appearance began, a new power came, that now begun continues without stopping. That is miraculous power. From tonight it is beginning to increase, step by step, so that when technology has finished and vanished, another power will come into action.

Try to be with Allah, then you are going to be victorious. Try to take yourself, step by step, from the hands of devils and Shaitan. Try to cut off the friendship of Shaitan and his group and his party. Try to use less and less of every kind of instrument that Shaitan handed his soldiers to invent, so many things, because they are going to stop and instead everything that was working by electricity; electricity is going to stop, to finish, and another kind of source is going to be in power. In only a few months, all nations are going to carry much heavier burdens, and when it is finshing a new opening is coming for the world. There will be no need at that time for electricity, cars, ships, factories; no, nothing. Your lights; nur-al-iman, are going to surround you, to shine around you; then even on the darkest night you may go out and your body will shine.

Therefore I am happy and thanking Allah Almighty that we reached to tonight, and we are humbly asking that our names be written with Mahdi, aleyhi salam. We are not happy with this world and its situation, in Turkey, in Cyprus, in Argentina, in either East or West - no. We are not happy, because every system, every living system now on earth is against Divine Rules. But we are happy and proud enough that Allah Almighty is making us be happy with Him, with His Awliya, with Sahib az-zaman, Mahdi, aleyhi salam. Not making us ones who are running after that dirty life. Satanic life is a dirty life, perhaps the dirtiest life - run away from dirty life! If you are not running away you may sink through those dirty waters, those dirty situations and you can't save yourself. Ask to be clean, and try to be clean, and then it should be that in the last moment of your life you will be clean.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah!
You are Sultan, bihurmatil-habib, bi hurmatil fatiha

Lefke - 25.04.1999

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