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In Belgium there is a King. In Denmark there is a King. In Norway there is a Queen. In Morocco there is a King. In the Gulf there is a King. In the Oman there is a King. In Saudi there is a King. In Spain there is a King. Maybe there are only 20 countries which have Kings now and at the beginning of the century there was an Ottoman Empire, a Russian Empire, a French Empire, a German Empire, an Austrian Empire, a Bulgarian Kingdom, a Rumanian Kingdom, a Greek Kingdom, an Italian Kingdom, an Egyptian Kingdom, a Persian Kingdom, a Libyan Kingdom, a Sudanese Kingdom, an Afghan Kingdom, an Iraqi Kingdom, a Jemenite Kingdom, an Abyssinian Kingdom, an Eritrean and Somali Kingdom. All African States were Kingdoms. China was a Kingdom, Indonesia was a Kingdom, Madagascar was a Kingdom, India was a Kingdom. Sansibar was a Kingdom.

In this century 40 Kingdoms have been destroyed and the people who came after were not good. Always when Kings go, bad people come up. Kings weigh them down like a heavy cover. They are like heavy stones on them. When Kings are thrown away, everything which is under that rock gets out. This is the case now, and we are surrounded by bad people.
In Islam there is perfection. There is a rule in the Holy Quran in which Allah says that, "There is no doubt the Allah Almighty orders you to give responsibilities about people, about the public and it should be in the hands of perfect people." Don't give the doctor the responsibility of an engineer, and don't give the engineer the responsibility of the doctor. Don't give the responsibility of men to women. Don't give the responsibility of women to men. Don't give the responsibility of the doctor to an advocate and don't give the responsibility of the advocate to a pharmacist. Don't give the responsibility of farmers to citizens. Don't give the responsibility of shepherds to farmers.

So in the case of responsibilities you have to look who is the best one. If you bring a tape-recorder to me and it isn't working, I will not understand, even if you ask me to arrange it. So what would I do? I would make it worse than it was before, because it is not my job, it is not my responsibility.

Islam says that you must give everything to those who understand about the subject. But democracy says no to this. It tells you that you can take 10 000 votes or 100 000 votes and you can be a MP, a Member of Parliament, and the Prime Minister comes to you, who has been appointed by the President, and says to you to come to a new cabinet. So you can be the Minister of Justice, or you can be the Minister of the Interior, because you are so powerful, and people can listen to you. So in that way everything has been given to you. But at the same time it is possible that you are unable to have authority in your own home with your wife or your children. You can have so many advisers who prepare everything and bring the papers to you and you just sit and sign, often without even knowing what it is that you are signing. That is democracy! If anyone tries to meet a minister, he will be told that there is a meeting and that he is not there.

In Islam that is impossible, because it tell us that we must understand what we are doing. Everything must be given to those who understand. That is why we have perfection in Islam. In Christianity it is not allowed to look after the works of the Emperor, the works of the government. Jesus Christ said to leave to the Emperor that which belongs to the Emperor. But Islam says "No!" to this, because the Emperor must listen to what Allah orders to him. In democracy people choose ministers and they do not understand. In monarchy the Sultan chooses. He looks to see who is the most suitable to be a minister. That minister will then be responsible only to the Sultan and he will be afraid to do anything wrong and to be thrown away from his office. So he will take much more care. But in the Parliament the ministers are never afraid of the people, never! They just want to put more and more in their pockets. So even if they are not chosen for a second period it doesn't matter, because he has made enough money.

That is why Allah Almighty orders people to have one Sultan and that Sultan will abide to the Sharia and bring the people to also do that. In that way no enmity or quarreling or laziness or envy will be there and everyone knows what he is doing. Everyone also knows that he is responsible in the presence of the Sultan. Until the beginnng of the 20th century our countries were governed by sultans and it was an excellent style for governing people. But Shaitan tells people not to leave a king or a sultan to govern all, but instead there should be elections and in that way everyone can be a sultan! Everyone can have the chance to be a president! But in monarchy only one has a chance to be the sultan or the king. Because of that people run after democracy hoping that one day they will be president or prime minister or at least a minister. I asked the municipal cleaner if he thinks that he can be a president, and he said to me, "Why not? Is his body any different to mine? I can sign too, maybe he signs a bit quicker, but I can sign just like him!" Everyone has a chance to be the president.

This is the time in which everything is given to those who do not understand what they are doing. Our friend here is a surgeon. If he is absent and there is an urgent case and the porter just decides to do the operation instead of him, what will happen? In this way, it is impossible to give tasks to those who do not understand what they are doing. The surgeon will make you to live and the porter will kill you. Because the surgeon knows what he is doing and he has responsiblity, the porter doesn't.

Nowadays there is democracy everywhere and people will be in so many parties fighting with each other. That is left, that is right, that is liberal, that is labour, that is socialist... Nations are divided into several different parties. Each party is the enemy of the other, but we need to be together. I am going to meet the King of Afghanistan, he lives in Rome since 15 years. You know about Afghanistan, 15 years ago there was a change in which the Sultan was not allowed to come back. There was a coup d'Etat and then you know what happened in Afghanistan: the Russians came, he communists came, and they fought against the communists so many years. Allah Almighty supported them and they defeated the communists from all countries. But after that they chose a wrong way. Instead of bringing back their Sultan, to put the Sultan up and to serve their nation under the order of the Sultan, they instead wanted to be president themselves. So everyone wanted to be the president, all thinking they are better and more suitable than the other. So now they are still fighting, because no-one can be sultan. They can be ministers, wezirs, or even chief-wezirs, but not sultans! They are still fighting...

Allah Almighty says, "Keep your sultan!" If you do not keep your sultan everything will happen against you. I am watching the elections in Europe. Just 10 days ago there were elections in Germany. People are now losing their balance. They are not going to decide which one is best. The conservatives were up and the socialists were up. People now are in chaos. They have lost their hopes concerning parties and people cannot give their full votes to the rightists and the leftists are also afraid of giving all their votes to the left, because they tried both sides, but they are not happy with anyone. That is why they are hesitating. They have reached the level where they have to ask for their Emperor, and they will want to put one powerful person on top to govern the nation without elections.

In France, in England, in Greece, in so many countries there have been elections without any clear majority. So now they want to make a coalition, but coalitions never work. After that they will decide once more to bring their Emperors and Kings and Sultans back. According to Holy Books there will be no more democratical systems in the year 2000. If they are unable to get a clear majority within the democratical system, it means that it is finished. The alternative for democracy is monarchy.

This is important knowledge which you should remember: by the year 2000 everything in this world will be changed. It will turn from the worst to the best, insha'Allah. May Allah forgive us and grant you a good life and bless you!

Q: But what if the sultans will not be good people?

The sultans will have the same quality as their people.

Italy - 01.11.1994

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