We are Muslims living in a Christian country. The Christians haven't yet reached the tolerance that we had as Muslims when Christians and Jews were living on Islamic territory in Spain. For 1000 years they had full freedom in their religion. They were able to teach their children everything concerning their own religion. The Muslims never prevented them to teach or to practise their religion.

Nevertheless nowadays the best Christian country in the world for Muslims to live in, is the United Kingdom. No-one else can give such freedom to Muslims. I heard that we even have an Islamic parliament here. No other country would give Muslims a permission to establish an Islamic parliament in a Christian country.

We are happy about this and we are asking Allah Almighty to give her Majesty a long life with good guidance and good guides to lead her towards Heavens. When Allah is happy with her, she may reach Him with whichever faith she likes.

We are also happy that His Highness Crownprince Charles is more interested in Islam than any other prince, even more than any other Muslim King's son. You cannot find any Muslim King's son to be as interested in Islam as Prince Charles is. Even though he belongs and is nominated to be the Head of the Church of England, he says such brave and honest words about Islam! No other King's son has ever defeated Islam like that. That is why we are so grateful to Allah Almighty that the Crownprince of the United Kingdom praises Islam. We ask Allah Almighty to to give Prince Charles more honour and more power, so that he may be King as before, not a symbolical King, no! He should be a King with full power. We have good tidings that the whole English nation will accept Islam. It is true. It must be, it is written on the preserved tablet.

Prince Charles' praise of Islam is a good beginning. The situation may be like this and like that. It doesn't matter. No-one can prevent the Will of Allah, no-one! Don't worry. No-one can touch him, His Royal Highness is protected, he is under Divine Protection.

Happy days, happy future for the whole British nation! Whoever claims to belong to the human nature, to the family of humanity, we call to accept the truth. We are calling them to be Allah Almighty's sincere servants.

London - 01.03.1994

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