Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Most valuable creatures on earth which one?

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasul, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. Most valuable creatures on earth which one? You are saying, you may say: Mankind is most valuable. What is their value? You can’t eat them, you can’t use them- what is value? A goat you can eat, you can buy, you can sell. Man, mankind that (is) most valuable, that is true. (If) you are looking their creation and their attributes and their missions and their representing points then you are finding (that) mankind (is) most valuable creature on earth. That is true.

Now living ones; one day their value (is) going to be zero. Their value is with their spiritual being, not (with) their material being. (The) material being is nothing, no value, but (the) spiritual being is valuable from ourselves. Therefore when a person is leaving this life (it) means (that) his spiritual being (is) leaving his material being (and) that material being (is) going to be (of) no value and no one (is) asking to be with that material being (anymore) or keeping (the) material being of a man through their home, through their beds, through their rooms, no. They are taking (it) quickly to (the) cemetery to bury (it), because (the) spiritual being just left him, left her, left them- no value.

And we are going to be cheated always by satanic agents, because they are making people to look after their material being only, they never taking any care for their real being, (and their) real being that (is) their spiritual being. If those people say that: “(The) spiritual being and (the) material being (are) the same, we are not accepting (a) spiritual being in a man”, we may say: “If you are claiming this that (there is) no spirituality, or no spiritual being in man, why you are not keeping that one (with you) when he is closing his eyes and his bodies’ movements (are) stopping, never moving? Why not keeping (him) if that one is only a material being and quickly taking him to (the) cemetery? What is (the) difference between (a) living one and a passing one? If (there is) no difference between (a) living and (a ) dying one, why you are not keeping (him)? If it is same, (a) dead one and an alive one, if you are saying (they are) same, equal, must be something wrong with your mind! How you can say! How you can say (that a) dead one and (a) living one (are) equal? Why you are saying this? Why you are denying (that there is) something else with a living one? What is your proof to say: ‘No other being in a man’? You must be a liar, ignorant one or you must be a cheated one. Why you are saying (a) living and (a) dead body (are the) same? You can’t say this!”

That is for atheist people that their beliefs (are) just built on materialism. They are saying: “(There is) nothing beyond (the) material world.” And they are (the) biggest liars, no mind people, most ignorant ones! I am asking: “A dead body- if you are saying (that it is) only material- which mentality is accepting to be same (a) living and (a) dead body?” What is their proof? They are so Shaitan people!

And everywhere this (is) going on- through (the) programs of whole schools, high schools, universities- (that) they are saying only: “Material, material...”! May fall on their heads (a) big rock to take their heads away, to kill them! What is the meaning living and dying? What (is) happening to (a) dead body? This is the biggest cheating that (is) making people to fall into unlimited problems. If (they are) trying to bring a solution for one problem, beyond this problem coming ten (other problems), and (they are) asking to bring a solution through their material aspects, through their material ideas, (and) they can’t be able. They can’t bring any solution, because beyond this (problem there is) coming other problems. And every time (they are) asking to bring a solution, ten problems (are) going to be 1oo problems, because it is (the) wrong way for (a) solution.

Astaithu bi-llah: “Alladhi khalaqa mauta wa hayyata…”Allah Almighty (is) saying, the Creator (is saying): “I am creating a living body or a dead body. Through My divinely Order a material is standing up. With My Order (a body) is standing up and (is being) dressed (to be) a living being. If My Order (is) not coming on a material, that material can’t be a living one. You can paint so many statues, but you can’t give that secret of life to that stone. You are keeping through your museums hundreds of figures from rocks, from golden, from copper, from every kind; you can paint it, but you can’t be able to give the secret of life to that (material). I am only One that I am giving my Order to unliving elements to come and to be alive; to be able to look and see, to hear and listen, to touch and to know to walk, to keep and to do. That is My divinely Secret that I am granting to those originally material beings. I am making them (to do these things) with my Order: “Stand up and walk and do.” But you can’t do this. You can paint rocks (to look) as (a) man, as a lion, as an eagle, as an ox, as a wolf, as a bear- but you can’t dress them what I am dressing, because you are creatures. I am (the) Creator. I can do, you can’t do! And you- (it is only) for some time what I dressed you from My secret Order to be alive; I am giving a limit for your lives. When it is finishing, you must fall down.” As (when) you are doing a battery for some instruments and that battery (is) serving through (a) recorder or other instruments- when (it is) finishing, this (instrument is) going to be dead, finished…

“I am that One that is giving to everyone, dressing them”- (even) from smallest beings that you are saying bacterial world’s creatures, that you can only look under microscope to make you to understand (about their existence), but you can’t reach a full ability to see (the) smallest one, like (a) virus, even you may use most powerful microscopes. They can’t see that. They may know (that) there is (a virus), but they can’t be able to look and see (it). “That ones (even) I am dressing them life!” Subhanallah, Glory to the Lord of Heavens! (He is saying): “If I am not dressing that one can’t be alive, may stay on the level of materials.”

Therefore all teaching systems, teaching methods now through (the) 21st century (are) 1oo % wrong and just built on lies and on imagination. And when you are looking and seeing this coming whole new generation, their understanding is (a) wrong understanding. And wrong understanding is the source of troubles.

How many men (are) living- you can’t find (that) two (person’s) imagination (is) going to be same. Everyone (has an) imaginated world and they are living in that imaginated world. You are living in your world, he is living in his imaginated world- everyone! It is so different. Billions kinds of imagination worlds that you can’t enter his imagination and he can’t enter his imaginated world- it is for you. Therefore man is single, everyone (is) single. “Oh, how we are single, sitting with so many people?” “You are single. When you are taking your rest through (your) bed, through your bedroom, that time you are feeling: “I am alone. I am a single one.” “Ya Hu- (but) your wife (is) next to you!” “No, she is just in her (own) imaginated world, she is in it. You are in your imaginated world, and you are single as she is single also.”

And people, when they are imagining, their thoughts (are) so different for misunderstanding. They can’t reach through misunderstanding to (the) real being. Until you are leaving imagining, then you can understand about yourself something through heavenly knowledges, (and) you can be able to ask (an understanding about the) real being of the Creator. Then you can understand that there is a reality that (is) never changing; and ourselves daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, aniversally (are) going to be changed.

You are not (the) same as (in the) morning; now it is noontime. You are not going to be (the) same Maghreb time, you are not going to be (the) same night time, (and you are) not going to be (the) same tomorrow as today. Everything that (is) changing is not a reality, no! Reality can’t change! Reality (is) just fixed, no any changing (is) coming on it. Therefore everything is changing except the Creator. (The) Creator never changed!

And whom (they are) building their knowledge on imagining, they never ask to reach to reality, because (they are) not using (the) real measures or real balance for an understanding for (the) real being of creatures. When you are understanding, you may find a way; you may leave misunderstanding and take a way to (a) true understanding.

Now for everything you must find a way to take you out. “ Wa man yatakka li-llah fa ja’alahu makhraja…” If anyone (is) understanding (something) from (the) reality of the Lord of Heavens, anytime (that) he may fall in a difficult position, He Almighty may open a way to take him away, to save him from (the) dirtiness of imagining, from (the) darkness of imagining, from (the) hopelessness of imagining, or to save him from (the) fearful area and saving him from (the) imagining area. If not, misunderstanding (is) making people always to be in darkness and in (the) hopeless and fearful area. And that is the source of being mankind in sufferings and miseries and all of that (is) going to be as a punishment for them. And (the) reason of loosing peace, (that) everywhere (there is) no peace (is), because communities or nations, if their personal beings… personally, if a community (is) not reaching to peace, commonly (they also) can’t reach a peace.

And the Lord of Heavens – all Gory to Him- He knows what He created, particularly mankind. He knows what they may be in need to be peaceful through this life, through (this) temporary life, and how they should reach to a permanent peace through eternity. If anyone (is) keeping His Advice, the Lord of Heavens’ Advice, (they) should be happy here and Hereafter. Whom they are refusing (His Advice), they are never saving themselves from darkness, from dirtiness, from fears, from problems, and troubles (are) never leaving them here or Hereafter.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 18.03.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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