Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimO Muslims! Do Not Be Leftists!

(Mawlana Shaykh stands)
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaha ilAllah! Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahi' l-hamd!
Alfu's-salaat wa Alfu's-salaam. Ya Sayyidi, Ya Rasulullah! Madad, madad, madad.

As-salamu alaykum, O people! O mankind, keep your honour. Anyone coming and listening and making people to listen, they should be honored and keep yourself to be clean ones. Keep yourselves, O people to be honorable ones. O people look after yourself to be a good one.

As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakatuh! Madad, Ya Sultan.

O people, goodness running from one to second one, and try to be on bridges of goodness to reach to people. O people, I am a weak servant of our Lord. I know nothing but what they are sending from the Master of this planet. I may speak. And, mostly, now my mission is warning for whole mankind, because they are running towards a bridge that it is broken. And they may fall, all of them, through that huge nahar, river. May fall in it and never appearing. Perhaps a black hole may swallow them, taking them away from this world and making them.

Once upon a time there were some people living on that plain, but now they finished, disappeared. Allah subhana wa t'ala! Allah, Most Glorious, Most Majestic, Most Magnificent, Most Mighty, Allah Almighty! Creating, creating! And asking Him to grant from His endless generosity oceans to His Creation.

O people enough to be heedless, enough to be drunks, enough to be sleeping. Wake up! O Mankind, wake up and look around yourself. Where are you? Where are you? From where you are coming? To where you are going?

I am a warner. Warning you that a black hole may swallow you, one after one, and disappearing. And holy books just mentioned everything. Some of that knowledge coming and reaching to me also. And my grand master coming to me, and he is sending to me a message from their holy lions. When is the last day coming? That it should be the Day of Resurrection, or another name for it -- that it should be Judgment Day. The ordering that it should be crowding in a big plain. And He is ordering to look after everyone. What they did through their lives? How they were dealing with their prophets? And prophets, they were exceptional people. What was their opinion about those exceptional ones?

He should ask, "O my messengers, just I had been, I had sent you to My servants on this planet. What was their reactions about you?"
And prophets, they are going to say, "O our Lord, You know very few ones are following us and mostly they are escaping away."
"O My prophets, tell Me about your nations. What you were declaring to them? To what you were calling?"
"O our Lord, You know. Mostly, we were calling to You. But mostly their reaction was every time, every time, they were refusing."
"Their reaction when you were calling them to Me: what were they doing?'"
"O our Lord, You know their reaction was to escape."
"O My selected ones, don't say another word. I sent to you My heavenly message and you were calling them to Me, calling them to goodness, calling them to be honored ones. You were calling them to be good ones. You were calling them to be good servants."
"O our Lord, You know they were escaping."
"You were calling them to truth, but they were preferring to run after bad things. And you were calling them to be with you and you are with Me."
"O our Lord, they were running away. They were so stupid ones. Saying this is golden and this is earth. Not only earth, but carcass. You know, O our Lord. We were calling them to goodness, to cleanliness, to be honored ones, but they were preferring to run after carcass."

That time, the Lord of Heavens, He was putting His scale of justice to look their actions and the value of their actions. Good ones should be taken to right and bad ones should be taken to left side, leftists. Subhanallah! That leftist people are followers of Shaytan. They never believing in anything. They are only believing in satanists. And they are trying to make all people like satans, because satans have different colors and different showings. Because people thinking they are good ones. But this is not true. Some people thinking they are like black ones. But this is not true. Some times they are like white ones. They are like chameleon. Chameleon. They may show themselves sometimes white ones, sometimes red ones, sometimes green ones, for cheating people. Leftist people, their real characteristic for that point. And they are liars. They are tricks for satans to make people to fall into traps for satans. Now, looking whole people east and west coming under leftist people, not showing their real appearance. Never! They are first class cheaters. Like satans, Shaytan graduated leftists.

I am saying this as they are saying to me. I am warning people. I am nothing. I am nothing. Only to make people careful or fearful from their tricks. Even just, islamic world just cheated by them. Arabs particularly they were cheated. And so many terrorists Arab countries. They are asking to follow the ways of leftist people, and leaving the real way for paradise to make them happy in here and hereafter. But first fitna just appear through Arabs. So many, so many tyrants, they are Arabs. Now, even now, so many states of Arabs, they have tyrants. They are never looking for Holy Qur'an. Holy Qur'an is in Arabic, but they are making to leave Holy Qu'ran. And to run after leftists. What about Holy Qu'ran? Holy Qu'ran taking rights from people? Or Holy Qu'ran preventing people to reach their rights that Allah granted to them?

And they are saying, "We are getting to be slaves," because Shaytan, he did that big lie for people because we are not free. And freedom he is going to give to you. And leftist people they just graduated their leaders by satans. And satans saying, "I will give you freedom. Freedom." They are putting ....on their eyes, ...their ears and putting on them chains. And they are saying,"'Now you are free. You are in your best freedom." Because, also, they are putting an eyeglass that showing a white-black one, black-white one, red-green one, green-red one. And saying, "Now you have reached your full freedom. And anyone asking this freedom, we are cutting their heads and throwing away. Now we are in best position, now we just reached freedom."

And holy books just gave, reaching to 21st century on Earth. How you reach people now who are under full control of satanic tyrants? Astaghfirullah. O our Lord, we do our best for You, but your servants doing their worst. O our Lord forgive us. Take away those satanists away. Make du'a that we be for Your heavenly service. Save ourselves from being slaves to satanists and make us to be Your servants. Save us to have power and to have such a strong belief, ihsan, and protect us to have real belief, mu'min, in this world.

Coming the Day of Resurrection when the Scales, the Balance. The Lord of Heavens ordering, "Look Our people that they have been on earth for a life. Look which ones just followed heavenly orders." Yes. Who they were believers in heavenly holy books, holy commands of heavens, they should be taken away to Paradise. Then others should be on a big plain. It is written and mentioned through holy books, including Holy Qur'an, that should appear, should appear from fire, from hells, a neck. Very strange creature getting out, and he is coming, approaching everyone who should be on that plain beginning as a hand collecting him, inside. Taking inside. Where they are going? No one knows. They taking them one after one til no one there. That is a million black holes. Taking in a darkness that you can't imagine its darkness. Through darkest territories they should be taken. They are thrown, thrown, thrown. That is black hole for the Day of Resurrection. Taken one by one. And going to be clean the plain of justice.

O people! Don't think we have been created for enjoying our physical being for haraam, prohibited works. People think we have been created for such a works. No, it is not true. Look in holy books. And holy books, it is forbidden. Even in some Islamic territories. Imitating, they are stepping the steps of non-believers and they are not putting holy books through their high schools or universities. They shall be taken first from that plain, and their intestines should be outside. They should be going around a place that they should be punished. And people spitting on them 'ptttuh'. And coming on them that bitter punishment on them. They should cry. But no one saying to them, "We are coming to save you." No.

But people, you may only saving yourself with true steps, and true steps only through holy books. If you are not stepping, your final position should be through hells, and that creature collecting you and throwing you through fire.

O people! Don't be wrong eyes, because there is some eyes seeing green, red and red, green. Correct your looking and that correction coming only through Holy books. Correct it, and you shoud be saved. You should be granted endless, endless, Allah Almighty's endless generosity oceans. You should get in, should be for you everything that you are asking. O people, this is a very short time. Come and listen what they are speaking to my heart. I am speaking to you. Say to a second one, second one to third one to save humanity. And leftists are against humanity. They are the wildest people, dirtiest people, worst ones of humanity. And they are taking people but Lord of humanity shall take His revenge from them.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings)
Ayna Musa, Ayna `Isa, Ayna Lut, Ayna Musa, Ayna `Isa, Ayna Musa, Ayna Nuh
Anta ya Siddiq `aasee, tubb lil-mawla al-jaleel.
dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome.
Ayna Musa, Ayna `Isa, Ayna Lut, Ayna Musa, Ahyna `Isa, Ayna Musa, Ayna Nuh
Anta ya Siddiq `aasee, tubb lil-mawla al-jaleel.
dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome.
Ayna Musa, Ayna `Isa, Ayna Lut, Ayna Musa, Ahyna `Isa, Ayna Musa, Ayna Nuh
Anta ya Siddiq `aasee, tubb lil-mawla al-jaleel.
dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome.
dome, dome, dome, dome 4x

(40 minutes Sayyidee)

You must say always, "O our Lord, You are our Lord here and Hereafter." And you must be obedient for your Creator and say
Huuu Huuu Huuu Huuu 4x only Huuuuu!
dome, dome, dome, dome 5x

O our Lord, we must accept Your warnings! Give us such a power and understanding for stepping the steps of Your beloved ones.
Huuu Huuu Huuuu 3x ALLAH Huuuuuuu
Huuuuu Huuuu 5x ALLAH Huuuuuuuuu


Thank you our listeners. I am a weak servant, but what they are making me to speak it is a big, bigger and biggest station from heavens to Mankind on this planet. Take your care. Be careful. Beware from Shaytan. You shall be happy here and Hereafter. Fatiha.

Lefke, 24.09.2009

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