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I like to speak Sheikh Abdul Hamid, but he is saying: “I am sleeping, not too much may speak... when you are speaking, I may sleep…”

So many people that they are not sleeping well, they are waiting [for the] khutba, Friday khutba, and Imam so long khutba and they are (sleeping)… they are saying: “So sweet sleeping!… We are [even] eating Valium, not sleeping, but this khutba, [this] khatîb…(very good!)…” Till (someone) may say: “Ya Hu, stand up, we are praying Jumu´a!” “Ha?… No Wudû’! Malesh…Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim, Allahu akbar wa li-Llahi l-hamd!”…

Now he [Sheikh Abdul Hamid] is saying: “You speak, I sleep”…

As-salamu alaikum! Asta´idhu bi-Llah: “Salamun qaulan min Rabbin Rahim (Sheikh Mevlana is reading and blowing all over himself), Salamun qaulan min Rabbin Rahim, Salamun qaulan min Rabbin Rahim“! Ohhh…

O people! If you are not reaching to that honour, all your life just wasted and going to sewage channels! Dirty life! That is Allah Almighty’s Salam to His servants, to His sincere servants. Therefore most important thing is to make between Allah Almighty and you a good way to do something or to live a life that makes you to reach to that most honoured addressing, Khitab, of Allah Almighty: Allah Almighty is saying to His servants: “Salamun Salam! Salamun qaulan mir Rabbin Rahim.” Allah Almighty giving His Salam to those people who are asking His Pleasure, who are trying to make Allah Almighty pleased with them. If you are not reaching to that, what is [the point]?…no meaning for your life!

You may try to be something - now new fashion: People don’t like to be on the level of servanthood, they are looking [down upon] the level of servanthood [as] no good, because their teacher [is] Shaitan. He was not happy to be on the level of servanthood, he was asking (more)…, because Allah Almighty granted to him a knowledge that other Angels were not granted and he was teaching them, he was teacher for Angels and Allah Almighty granted to Shaitan also ‘taufiq‘ (success), to be able to make servanthood that no any other one can do. His prayings and his worshipping was over Angels and also his knowledge was over knowledge of Angels and his ego keeping in his head that: “If I am granted or if I have such a high level over Angels, it is not enough for me to be on their level - because they are on the level of servanthood - but must be for me another level. I must be through Angels VIP Angel!”

Shaitan was asking to be VIP! “VIP! I am not ordinary servant, I am VIP servant!” and he fell down, even he wasn’t able to keep the level of servanthood; falling down to (such) a deep point that no one can fall, can be on that point, because his ego was asking to reach to a high level and he was asking to be that level only for him. He wasn’t happy to be another one on that position, he was asking to be alone, No.1: “No partner for me on that level!” and he (was) kicked down, because truly he was asking to be, to represent Lordship!

That was [the] real target for him: to represent Lordship from Allah Almighty, asking that he may be a representative for Allah Almighty’s Lordship. Can’t be! Lordship only for Allah, (He is) not accepting to be anyone else representing Him in His Lordship, hâsha!… This is important point! Why we are saying this now?

He (Shaitan) was swearing and saying: “O Lord, if You are kicking me out, I also should run after Your servants to make them to be like myself. I should be for them an example, or - more than example - a model for everyone, to run to be what I was asking. I shall make them to run what I ran to reach; I know that they are never going to reach. I was asking and I was thrown away, kicked down, therefore I am going to cheat them by teaching and saying: O mankind, you must try to be something! And when reaching to a level, you must ask more than that level, higher, higher, higher, as I was asking to reach. Therefore I am going to teach them and cheat them, [saying] that: You must ask to be much more ranks for you. You can invent so many titles, and you must try to reach from one title to another title, till you are going endlessly to reach titles and make so many titles…”

Therefore now people, that they are just under the full hegemony of Shaitan, no one (is) saying: “This level or servanthood is much more or real(ly) my target to keep that level.” Everyone should ask to be more. Therefore: “My wife just brought a baby and we were looking for his future and just I registrated his name or her name for the Junior of Oxford or Cambridge or London University, just I registrated to take a step for my son, for my daughter…”

Look! (They are) beginning from birthday to make him an important person, more important, more important, more important… from Kindergarden, then Junior, then Elementary School, then Secondary, then College, then O level, then… W-level… Y-level… must be! They are yet not reaching O-level and A-level, but Y-level and Z-level, X-level… H-level- why not saying? E-level? “No we must try to reach every level” and then High School, then University, then PHD, then pitiful… masterhood, then Doctor… Doctor X.… “From where coming Dr. X.?” “Coming from Kenya.” “Kenia? He knows nothing! They are giving 'belash', free Doctorhood, we are not accepting! He must come to London, we must examine him. If he is good, we may begin from A-level, then…“ Ya Hu, he is going to be 90 years till reaching your level…

In Iran also! Therefore new President saying: “I am not accepting any level; must be level of mental-house, all of them, because I am chief now!” Important! Yes, may be important person coming from mental-house, may be from market, may be from flea-market - okay, but must be something! We are not accepting! 20th century mentality never accepting an ordinary person. We are saying for ordinary person: ‘You are on the level of animals. Where is your certificate? From where you graduated to be VIP?’ ”

Why they are keeping democracy, you know? Democracy, whole nations accepting it. For what? Because democracy giving a chance [to the] lowest person to reach highest level for dunya, but in monarchy no! (In) monarchy head level people (are) only royal people; (and) other people they are knowing where they are! Therefore monarchy [is] giving good adab; good attributes through monarchy people. Monarchy cutting their ways, not to reach up, therefore people - as Shaitan teaching them - they are running after democracy, because from market you can bring a person to be President, to be Prime Minister, to be Minister - yes? Who is going to refuse democracy?

Same illness coming to Muslim world also. Muslim World also, they also don’t like monarchy and Allah Almighty asking that: “You must ask: Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim, qul Rabbi adkhilnî mudkhala sidqin wa akhrijnî mukhraja sidqin wa-j´al lî min ladunka - democracy? President? What? …wa-j´al lî min ladunka Sultanân Nasîra!” [*] Arab! Arabs not understanding Quran? How it can be?… So clear that Allah teaching them: “Ask: wa-j´al lî min ladunka Sultanân Nasîra“, because Allah Almighty helping only Sultan, never helping Presidents, never helping democracy, because it is shaitanic way! But what we shall do! Democracy giving chance to be President - who is asking to ask from Allah Almighty Sultan? No!

As long as they are not following Qur’âni Karîm they should be taken away and Sultan must come!

O people, it is a fine point! It is a good advice for ourselves, but (the) Muslim community - 1½ Billion people - (they are) not thinking on it!… You may be 100 Billion Muslims - you must have only one Sultan! Now for a handful of people they are asking to be (a) President, Prime Minister, Parliament… what is that Parliament? “For what?” “Parliament makes rules.” “Our rules (are) Heavenly Rules.” Coming; Allah just sending Heavenly Rules, unchangeable, never can be changed, never going to be out of time, no! If this Dunya may be up to eternity, Heavenly Rules never going to be changeable. Unchangeable! But finished Muslim world, (they are) not understanding!

The Prophet - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam - was saying: “When last days (are) coming, ´alim - who [is] understanding from real meanings of Holy Quran - are going to finish, but khutaba, khatîb, who [are] making on mimbars khutba, speech to people, ohhh! (So many!) But no (benefit), it is useless, because they haven’t been given wisdoms; they are not knowing that Heavenly Rules (are) unchangeable. They are not knowing and everyone getting (up to make) khutba and praising their democracy, their republics, against the Rules of Heavens!

Therefore this all… Islamic world going to be changed and must come Sultan! Allah Almighty promised that: “When last days coming, I am sending to you, to Muslim people particularly and commonly for whole mankind, (a) Sultan! Sultan min ladunka, Sultanan Nasira!”

No Sultan, no ‘nusrat‘, no support from Heavens! Never supported Islamic world now and people (are) swearing [against] America, swearing [against] UK, swearing [against] Iran, swearing [against] Russia… useless! You, Muslim world, you must ask from Allah Almighty to send you Sultanân Nasîra; Nasîr = Mansûr, that [means:] "supported by Heavens!" If anyone on Islamic territories (is) not supported by Heavens, (he) can’t stand up. All of them should fall down and finish and Allah should send one Sultan and that is Mehdî - ´alayhi salam - now, we are waiting for him…

Wa min Allah at-taufiq!

O our Lord, forgive us! We lost our ways, send us that Sultan to take ourselves on Your way to reach to Your Holy Presence, to be addressed: “Salamun Salam! Salam min Rabbi s-Salam. Allah, as-Salam should give Salam, giving Salam to His believers. Try to reach to that point! Don’t try to be President, Minister, no, useless, nonsense!…

This speech - may be one library knowledge in it…

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His Divinely Presence, Sayyidinâ Muhammad - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam -


Lefke, 22.01.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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[*] Say: "O my Lord! Let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honour, and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honour; and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me)." (Qur’ân, 17:80)
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