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Go ahead Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. As-salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
Shah Mardan's Yaran, beloved friends, Salam (peace & greetings) to you. And may
it be a Salam coming from above. May it be a Salam coming from the Kingdom of
Malakut. How nice! How nice is the salam from Malakut. Go ahead Ay Yaran Shah
Mardan. Dastur (asking permission). You should not enter anywhere without Dastur
(permission). Say - Dastur. When you say Dastur, help/ support comes to you. If
you enter anywhere without Dastur, they will hit you on the head.

Go ahead Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. O Allah's Lion, we want to be full of love for
you. We want to be given more. We are asking for strength to carry out our
Lord's servanthood. Servanthood for our Lord is not a simple matter. We are
asking for it. Let's ask for strength for our Lord's servanthood. It's Adab
(good manners). Our way is the way of Adab. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, teach us
from today's grants. May our strength, power & energy increase. May our glory be
greater. Our Lord Ta'ala wa Taqaddas created us, He created us beautiful. Beauty
is a grant for us from Allah Almighty. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, whatever is our
grant for today, we are asking for it. What we want is - "Fas'alu Ahla Adh-
Dhikri In Kuntum La Ta'lamun" (21:7) (to ask the ones who know) Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Subhana wa Ta'ala. We are asking for power. Whatever
is our service today for the Lord of glory and might, whatever we must do, how
we must be, how we must behave, what we should ask for, what we should do, what
we will be... these are the things we should ask for. O Shah Mardan, teach us.
His teachings never end. His instructions never end. "Addabani Rabbi fa ahsana
ta'dibi" (Hadith) How will we stand in the Presence of our Lord? What should we
ask for? How should we behave?

Allah created us beautiful. The most beautiful creation that Allah Almighty
created is mankind. Mashallah. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Tell us something so we
will benefit. O Shah Mardan. Mankind is in need of one thing. Mankind is the
privileged servant who has been dressed with most the honourable dress. Mankind
is such a privileged creation that even the angels wanted it, but Allah Dhul
Jalal said - No. They are My special creation, My representatives and I have
granted them Divine Grants. Mankind are My deputies on earth." This is only for
the Children of Adam. "Khalaqa l-Insan; 'Allamahu l-Bayan" (55:3,4) Allahu
Akbar. How nice is the Bayan (clear expression) of our Mawla Almighty. Go ahead
O Shah Mardan. We want to learn. May Allah Almighty give us the capability to
learn. We want to learn. Ta'allamu. Learn, right? Learn. "Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fi
Sha'n" (55:29) The glory Allah Almighty gives His servants is not the same.
"Kulla Yawmin Huwa Fi Sha'n" (55:29) Every day has a new glory. Dress from that
glory. Then listen to what Shah Mardan is saying."Kullu amrin dhi balin lam
yubda' bi Bismillahi fa huwa abtar"(every action not begun with Basmala is cut
off) Allahu Akbar.

Allah Almighty gave you such a glory that no other creation has that glory. That
glory & honour is for the Children of Adam. He (swt) said - They are my
deputies. Did they teach this? They are not teaching it, because they are
ignorant. " 'Allama l-Insana Ma Lam Ya'lam" (96:5) Allah Almighty has taught
mankind what they did not know. "Khalaqa l-Insan; 'Allamahu l-Bayan" (55:3,4)
What we mean by Bayan - whatever the glory is for that day, He's teaching it.
Who is there to teach? Who is teaching? Habibi Kibriya. The Great Habib (sas) is
teaching. He's teaching from Malakut. The worlds of Malakut, we know their name
but we don't know their reality. Until you enter the world of Malakut, only then
you will understand. Malakut. What is said at the end of Surat al-Yasin? Fa
Subhana lladhi BiYadihi Malakutu Kulli Shay'in Wa 'ilayhi Turja'un (36:83) Allahu
Akbar Allahu Akbar. They must teach this.

It is a shame that people are far from these realities. They remain ignorant and
become tasteless creatures. They become ugly. What makes people ugly? What makes
people ugly is not knowing their selves. He who doesn't recognize his Lord is
ugly, rubbish. The Lord of Might and Glory Jalla Jalaluhu didn't create you as
rubbish. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. People and Jinn adore your words. Humans and
jinn pay attention to Shah Mardan's worlds. They listen carefully. As they
listen, they get more power and perfection. After getting perfection, they get
nur (light). After getting nur, they wear the dress of honour of being Allah
Almighty's servant. In dunya (this world), you were not sent to plant tomatoes,
squash, plant date trees, or plum trees. If people...Go ahead O Shah Mardan, how
nicely you are expressing it. If people knew their real honour, they wouldn't
work in the fields, or plant trees or ask for official employment. We have an
Official Employment already. We already have a Duty. What else are you striving

They want an official employment. What a worthless employment you are asking
for! Weren't you already given a duty? You have been given the true Duty. The
real Duty is service at the Door of the Lord of Glory. The most honourable Duty.
But you are planting squash, tomatoes, and planting trees. You were not created
for this. Ya Rabbi, forgive us. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, these people are
heedless. You were not sent to dunya to grow tomatoes, trees or date palms. But
because people do not know their reality, they run towards dunya, wanting to
take something from dunya. What can you get from dunya? What will you take? The
doctor is saying - I studied for years and years. Why? To be a doctor? And then
what? Why are you working as a doctor? To make a living. O Shah Mardan...I am
looking for a job to make a living. Strange. Did Allah Almighty create you
without a job?

O our Lord, you sent us Shah Mardan to teach us this. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. O
people, you were not created to plant fields, make cars, herd sheep, or plants
gardens. "Wa Ma Khalaqtu l-Jinna Wa l-Insa 'illa Liya'buduni" (51:56) Were you
created to grow tomatoes, and squash and plant date palms? I didn't create Men
and Jinn except to serve Me (51:56) For My servanthood. This is our job. Ay
Yaran Shah Mardan. Hay hay. Hay hay. He created you a lion. You left being a
lion and you became like a little cat. Like a lame cat, you are always going
around to steal something. Cats are always stealing. Right? There is no thief
better than a cat. Cats are thieves, right Ruqiya? By the time you turn your
head, they grab it and disappear. Well, are you going to be like that thief cat?
How can that be? Cats are thieves. It looks for the opportunity to grab and run.
How can you do that? Are you a thief like them? You forgot your service.

Say - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Say it, the key to the treasures of Heavens
and Earth, say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and start your service. Your service
- Wa Ma Khalaqtu l-Jinna Wa l-Insa 'illa Liya'buduni (51:56) I don't leave
humans and jinn to work in the fields. I don't leave them to plant trees. I
don't leave them to wander over the seas. I am their Creator. I gave them
honour. Go ahead Shah Mardan. O Shah Mardan, your Yaran admire you. I am asking.
I will ask the Pope also. I am also asking the Jewish Rabbis who are very
curious about dunya. Lord of Glory, Allah Dhul Jallal, did He create you to make
guns & bombs? There are skyscrapers - 40 floors, 50 floors, maybe more. Did He
create you to make these buildings? "Hal min Khaliqin Ghayrillahi." There is no
Creator except Allah. No...

Doctor, what happened? Well, I became a doctor. And then what? I was appointed
to a hospital. I was appointed and I am working as a doctor there. Leave being a
doctor. Do your service for Allah. If these people knew the wisdom of their
creation, they wouldn't busy themselves in fields or with trees, cars or horses.
That is why...Asta'idhu Billah... Prophet Isa (Jesus) 'ala nabi alayhi salatu wa
salam. What did his disciples say? His disciples said - Hal Yastati'u Rabbuka An
Yunazzila 'Alayna Ma'idatan Mina s-Sama'i (5:112) Masha'Allah. Look what they
learned. Such a great Prophet, Prophet Isa. His disciples were asking a childish
question. They asked - can your Lord lower a table from heavens? O foolish
disciples! Where does your rizq (provision) come from every day? Does it come
from earth or from heavens? The great Prophet, Isa could not teach them this.
They didn't know, so they asked - can Your Lord send a table from heavens? From
where does your daily rizq come? What foolish talk is this? We want a table from
heavens, they said. Send us a table from heavens.

The rizq table that is sent everyday, does it come from earth or from heaven? It
comes from heavens. But mankind is ignorant. Because they were ignorant, they
asked this question to their Prophet. Wa khuliqal "insana zaluman jahula."
Zaluman jahula. (33:72) (Man was made, “Unjust and ignorant”.) Prophets came to
train them. The great Prophet Isa couldn't teach them that. He said to his
disciples - your rizq comes from heavens anyway, why are you asking for a table
from heavens? It is a miracle. They wanted a table to be sent with different
types of food on it. The rizq that is sent to you every day comes from heavens
anyway. But you, O mindless people, you are not paying attention. They asked the
Great Prophet. We want a table from heaven so we can eat. The table you eat from
every day is from heavens anyway.

Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. You are teaching but people no longer have the ability to
learn. People think they invented many different ways to make a living but they
have left their true service. Wa Ma Khalaqtu l-Jinna Wa l-Insa 'illa Liya'buduni
(51:56) I created people and jinn for my servanthood. But they have left My
servanthood and they are looking for easy/ illicit gains. "We can do it too. We
can collect our rizq." No, you cannot. O Isa, can a table come down? - they
asked. All the rizq that is sent down to the nations, where does it come from?
If Rahmah (rain -mercy) does not come from above, where does it come from? I am
a doctor...businessman. That's how I make a living. No,
you can only make a living by Iman (faith). The rizq of unbelievers, the rizq of
those without faith, no matter how much they work or try, won't increase.

The doctor says - I have a diploma. What is after the diploma? There is a rank
above diploma? A specialist. Masha'Allah. O foolish one, does your rizq come
down in a pot? If you become a specialist, where does your rizq come from? You
are a specialist on paper. Does that paper give you your rizq? They don't think.
Allah Almighty asks - Is there anyone who thinks? There is no one left who
thinks. Who are the ones who don't think? Animals. Animals’ only concern - where
does grass grow so I can eat. Their only concern - where does it grow, how can I
eat it, is there more? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. We must understand. What is man's
honour? Who is mankind? Who are you? Man Anta? Sen kimsin? They say, I am a
doctor. Well, if you're a doctor, does a table come down from heavens for you?
No. A table comes for the public, for everyone. Everyone has a right to that
table. But what greedy ones eat is different from what those who have Adab eat.

I searched through the assemblies of wisdom, 'ilm (knowledge) is last, Adab
comes first, Adab is first. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, may we feel refreshed. May
our bodies find health and well-being. Does Allah Almighty make his sick servant
to work? In any establishment, if someone is sick, they send him for treatment
and then he can come to work. So, only after treatment rizq will come. If no
treatment, his rizq won't come. Then what will happen? He will die. Go ahead O
Shah Mardan. Let them die, those whose minds can't think beyond straw. Let them
remain as animals. We did not find honour by being animals. We found honour by
being from mankind. Shame on people. In this entire world, there are so many
associations, but there is no one to describe or explain mankind. Go ahead O
Shah Mardan. Show us ways of Adab to do our servanthood for our Lord. This is
Adab. I am the servant of the Sultan.

If you are the servant of a Sultan, if you are working in the palace, will you
have any worries? You will say - my job is insured. I have a steady job, I get
my salary everyday, every month, there is food. And he is content. But these
people have no minds. They invented so many things. Of what benefit are they? If
you make airplanes or rockets, will you be closer to Allah? Is it taking you
closer to Allah? No. It is taking you closer to satan. Don't be a satan. And
don't be from the ignorant ones either. There is a saying - people are ignorant,
they don't even know about iman (faith). These are the true ways. If people knew
this, they'll have Adab. They won't ask, how will I make a living in Sultan's
palace. Because the Sultan's tables are everywhere. Allah Allah Allah.

Let's learn. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, your Yaran admire you. Let's learn. First
we say - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim so all doors will open. There is no need
to study for many years, nor is there anything to learn from experience.
Everything is - "Innama 'Amruhu 'Idha 'Arada Shayan An Yaqula Lahu Kun Fayakun
(36:82). When Allah Almighty wishes something, He says "Be" and it happens.
Allah Almighty does not deprive His servants of this miracle. That is a miracle.
It is a Divine Grant. He does not leave you to be in the fields or offices, or
worthless jobs, or to be WC employees. It is not befitting of mankind. Mankind's
honour is different. Those in the service of the Sultan are not left to clean
the WC. Hasha. They are muqarrabin. "Ula'ika l-Muqarrabun" (56:11) They are
close to the Lord of Glory, they are near to Him.

O Shah Mardan, your Yaran adore your knowledge. Let us learn slowly and find
comfort. Those at the Sultan's door don't worry about sustenance. Who forgets
his Lord becomes an animal. People of today forgot their humanity - What will we
eat? What will we drink? How will we live? This is their concern. These things
are not important. Hasha minal huzur, people are not created to fill the WC.
Teach this to people. Your Lord Dhul Jalal didn't create you to fill the WC.
Shame on those who don't know this, who don't teach this. Our honour is
different. You are working to fill the WC. Your honour made angels to be in awe.
The angels said - we would like to be from them. No, He (swt) said. Their honour
is different from your honour. If they forget their honour, mankind loses the
level of humanity and falls to the level of animals. Animals only eat & drink. O
our Lord, you sent us Shah Mardan who teaches us. O Shah Mardan, your Yaran
admire you. Let's learn and teach.

There is a saying, that people don't want to do anything difficult. All their
work goes easily. But they don't know their honour. They became prisoners &
slaves of dunya. Allah did not create you as the servant of dunya. Do you pray?
No, I'm working so I don't have any time to pray. Did He create you for working
at a job or for His servanthood? Go ahead O Shah Mardan, MashaAllah. May Allah
send us holy ones to train/teach these people. O Shah Mardan, O Shah Mardan,
everyone admires your words. How nicely you are speaking. How nicely you are
explaining. "We want to get a certificate and this and that." Then what happens?
Well, the doctor has so many certificates, poor guy. They don't eat anything
other than boiled potatoes, boiled cauliflower, boiled onion. Even cats have
better taste. They don't eat boiled onion. Cats say - I want meat, what are
these boiled vegetables? No. When the cat finds an opportunity, if there is a
piece of chicken, he quickly grabs it and runs. What is that cat doing? It
quickly runs to the roof. It enjoys itself on the roof, then licks its whiskers
like this. How nice.

These foolish Children of Adam are running after it. Look, as soon as we find
something, we grab it and run. He has a doctor's certificate but he eats boiled
cauliflower, onions, artichoke. But we are watching carefully, whenever there is
a piece of chicken or meat we watch from far. And when these heedless Children
of Adam are not paying attention, by the time they can turn their heads, we grab
it and run to the roof. You can't find them. How can that be? Do you have a
certificate? I am the certificate. We are smart & cunning. Cats grab and run to
the roof. They run and climb up. Then they eat and then clean their face and
wait until there is another opportunity to grab something. Heedless Children of
Adam, when they don't pay attention, cats grab & run. And these people work so
hard for so many years, poor people, to become doctors, engineers, this and
that, but they don't accomplish anything because they don't have the skills of

Cats have many skills. I have so many cats here. Some are on the roof, some are
in trees, some are in the kitchen, some are in sacks. They watch - are Children
of Adam paying attention? Then they grab & run. Well, do you have a certificate?
What certificate? How do you know to eat this chicken? Our certificate is our
talent. When we find something, we grab and go. But you can't do this. Allah
Allah Subhan Allah. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, What a nice explanation. What a
beautiful, clear expression.

What is wanted of us is Adab. The essence of Adab is servanthood. Perform your
servanthood and a table will come from heaven. May it come down without any
trouble. O our Lord, save us from those trying to make us forget our
servanthood. These people are working for so many years. Some save money, some
save land, and they save/ accumulate it in the WC. It has no value. What about
service for Allah? O our Lord, we are Your servants. O Shah Mardan, the world
admires your knowledge. Look at that cat, how nice it is laying in its owner's
lap. It has no worries. It doesn't need a certificate, nor does it need masters,
or whatever. It sits there. And what the doctor eats is whatever this cat didn't
steal. What happened to the food? It is gone.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Let's wake up. Let's perform our servanthood for Allah.
Let's live comfortably and with honour. O our Lord, accept us. May we have no
worries left. Our only concern is Your servanthood. Wa Ma Khalaqtu l-Jinna Wa l-
Insa 'illa Liya'buduni (51:56). You created us for Your servanthood. O our Lord,
grant us care & protection. Send us your good servants. So they can teach us. Ay
Yaran Shah Mardan. O Shah Mardan, how beautiful you are, how nice you are. Let's
say - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim so our worries will go away. May our troubles
and sorrows disappear. Let's know our humanity. May our dunya and akhira be


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