Maulana Sheikh NazimOh My servant, come and visit Me...
May Allah bless the Ummat-ul-Habib, the nation of Sayidina Muhammad sws, the most honoured nation. We are proud, and we are thanking Allah Almighty for granting us to be from the nation of His most Honoured, most Glorified and Praised Servant Sayidina Muhammad sws.. Tonight is the fourth night of the Eid in Mekka-i-Mukarrama, and people are running around the House of the Lord, making Tawaf. And we have been called and invited, ordered and offered to make a visit to His glorified and praised Holy House. It is an honoured house, and the glory of this building does not come from its outward appearance, no. It is a very simple building; there is nothing special about its design or architecture. It is so simple, it only has four walls...
There is a good saying, that in reality, the honour of a place is according to who is there: ‘Sharafu’l maqam fi maqul’- and not with its buildings and its qualities. Honour and glory are given to that place according to who is in it. Therefore, for the reason that the Seal of Prophets was in Medina-i-Munawwara and is buried there, that city is honoured and glorified. Allah gives so much honour and lights to it. And in Mekka-i-Mukarrama, for that simple building to be the House of the Lord gives it honour and glory. Without that quality, that place couldn’t give anything. But when they say: ’House of the Lord’, people ask to come. We have been ordered and invited to visit that Holy House, because it is the House of the Lord Baitu’llah. If it was an empty place, no one would ask to visit it. If there was no one in this Dergah, if the Sheikh was not there, people would say: "Why are we going to Lefke? We have so many Dergahs, so many buildings, we may go there. We only come to visit Lefke and the Dergah for the honour of the Sheikh..."
So people have been offered to visit the House of the Lord, and they are running, not to visit the House, but the Lord of the House. That is the House of the Lord, but people are asking for the Lord of that House, that is the difference.
Hajj is one of the most important pillars of Islam. The five pillars of Islam begin with Iman, the belief in your Lord Allah Almighty and the Testimony of Faith, the Shahada: "La ilaha ill’ Allah, Muhammad Rasulu’llah". The other pillars are five times Prayer, Fasting in the holy Month of Ramadan, Zakat and the Hajj; so that the principles of our belief begin with the faith in the Lord, and end by visiting Him. For believers in the Lord of the House, the House of the Lord is waiting for their visit, that they may visit Him.
Finally, you, who say: "I believe in the Lord Allah Almighty, Amentu bi'llahi", must run to visit your Lord, because finally Allah Almighty is asking for His servant: "Oh My servant, come and visit Me at My Home, My House of the Lord; you must come and visit Me."
If you are prepared, a way is going to be open for you to meet the Lord of the House... You may hear, you may see, you may feel, and you may be with Him. Grandsheikh said that a real Hajji is the one who goes and says: "As-salaamu alaikum, ya Baitu’llah", and hears: "Wa alaikum salaam, ya Abdi, oh My servant"... This is for special servants. For others: "Wa alaikum salaam, ya Abdu’llah". If he is a prepared one, an answer is coming, and he is hearing...
It is very are reaching that rank step by step, Alhamduli’llah. Whoever is working for Allah is never tiring. Our physical body is getting tired. But there is a state when even the physical body is not tiring anymore... We are asking to reach to that point.
No doubt Allah is the Absolute Sultan from pre-eternity up to eternity...and the absolute Sultanate is for Him... May the Sultan of Shariat come soon with Allah’s blessings, and may we be with him forever on Shariatu’llah... Fatiha.

- 01.04.1999
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