Maulana Sheikh Nazim“O My servant - come to Me and I shall grant to you eternal Love!“

Welcome to you, Happy Birthday to me!…As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahu
wa barakatu!…
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah!

It is a humble meeting. I think that Prophets’ meetings were also (only)
small groups of people. (If) big groups of people (are) gathering,
coming together, they are mostly followers of Shaitan… This is an
island; perhaps there are one million people here. What do you think how
many such meetings you can find on this island?
Today it is holiday (Sunday), and people (are) trying to make their
physical being to be happy. And everyone (is) thinking to make their
physical being (to) enjoy; no one (is) thinking to come and listen (to)
something that belongs to their spiritual being. Perhaps you can find
some people, a handful people, going to churches or cathedrals for a few
minutes- not few hours; (but they) may come as a habit (only), as a
habit they are using it (and) going to churches, because it is Sunday,
but- what they are doing? They are doing something with their physical
being; (they are) never asking to give something from spirituality to
their souls, (and) therefore they are coming and doing something, then
getting away, running away, because Shaitan (is) not going to be happy
that people may be through worshipping-places. Shaitan (is) getting
impressed (under pressure), feeling himself through praying-places
unhappy, as a person in prison. Therefore, (even) if he can’t prevent a
person to go for Sunday prayings, (but) they are going only for a short
time and then (they are) running away. To where running? To enjoy their
egos, to enjoy their physical beings.
“Ohhh, where are you? So late, o our brother! We were expecting you to
come earlier and we were waiting for you a long time. Where are you?” He
may say- some of them (are) going to be ashamed to say: “I was in church
or in synagogue or any other, cathedral“, (so) they are saying: “Yes, I
was so tired; I was late to sleep and I am getting up late, therefore I
am sorry that I am not reaching to you…” Drinking also, never knowing
his right hand or his left hand…”Sorry, Sir, I was running, but (there
was) heavy traffic, making me (to be late)…” And people (are) saying:
“Yes Sir… we may sit now, we may enjoy ourselves…What you are eating?”
“Bring me soup.“… “I don’t like it… What is in menu?…Hmmm…I am doing
diet from salt, but I must eat (something)…I am sorry to eat sweet,
because I am making diet…“ “What you like to eat (now)?” “Bring to
me…Hmmm…bring to me Whiskey to forget what I am feeling! Today I am
feeling bad…” and they are running through such an atmosphere that it is
a prison for (our) souls, but egos are thinking (that) it is their field
to make themselves enjoy. And people (are) running; they are not
understanding that enjoyment (is) not coming from outside, enjoyment
(is) coming from inside. You may prepare everything for your enjoyment
around yourself, but if that enjoyment (is) not coming through your
heart, it is going to be like a prison (for you). But people (are)
running on it.
Therefore- mostly people now (are) running to fulfil their physical
desires. And a person is going to be first through his youth time as a
new car- running, but when (the) years (are) coming on it, coming on it,
(that) car (is) going to be (an) old car, and so many problems (are)
getting out. Every day you must visit the garage: “Look what is wrong!”
and that mechanist (is) looking, saying: “We must take this“…Taking and
after three days coming (Again): “Look- what is this?” “Oh, another
point not good now. We may put“…. Then (finally he is) getting fed up
and taking it to (the) auto-cemetery, saying: “Ohhh, I am happy (now)!”
And man (is like this: (A) young man is like a new car, but youngsters
(are) thinking that that youth-time should go (on) forever. Youth (is)
thinking in such a way, and (so they are) wasting their youth energy and
using themselves badly. Then, after 2o years, they are becoming to be
old ones and coming, coming, coming…and- ”Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah,
Ashadu ana Muhammadun Rasulullah”- (they are) finished…

This is a humble meeting. We are calling you, o people, to your Lord,
who may give to you always youth power! Your car (is) never getting to
be old, because you are using it in a good way, (and) you (also) may be
9o years, (but,) because you are looking after your physical being
smoothly, gently, you can find it up to 9o years in a good condition.
Perhaps may be an old Rolls Royce machine better than (these) new
plastic cars, (because for) plastic cars (they) are not using tin
(anymore) …

Therefore- whom they are living for their Lord, (they are) never loosing
(anything) from their physical power and also they are growing and
getting much more powerful through their spirituality. (Their)
spirituality (is) getting more powerful, more than their physical being.
And spiritual power can do something that technology even can’t dream
(of)! We have such a power, but we are not going to make montage…(If
the) montage of our physical being (is) going to be strong, never (it)
gives a wrong acting or work, always (it is) on its complete power.
Therefore spiritual people are not getting down- because (it is our)
spirituality that (is) supporting our physical being, but our physical
being can’t support our souls- (and) therefore Prophets and their
inheritors, Prophets and Saints, their physical bodies (are) just
supported through their spiritual power. (They are) standing up, not
coming down, but (those,) whom they lost that chance, they are getting
down, down, down, and getting to be on the point of zero, finishing.

O people, spirituality is (the) most important factor for mankind’s
peace and satisfaction and their enjoyment here and Hereafter! And
spirituality- from where (it is) taking that power?
One word- Love! Love gives our spirituality power! Our bodies (are)
standing up with eating and drinking, but our spiritual being, their
power, (is) just coming from (the) Love of the Lord of Heavens! If you
can keep that Love through your heart, you are full- as a car, whose
tank is full with fuel. (But) when (the fuel is) finishing, coming this
needle down, (and) when (it is) coming on (the) zero point, (the car is)
stopping. And we are in need- more than eating, drinking, working- Love
from Heavens!
Love of Heavens (is) like springs running on earth; who may take (from)
it, they are always young, powerful, hopeful and perfect and enjoy! If
not coming Love to your heart- you can’t reach to your Lord without a
means. As a person can’t reach to Niagara Falls without pipes. You can
reach and drink there? (No, it is) taking you away! But (if you are)
putting (the water) in pipes and (it is) coming to taps, taps, you are
opening and taking.

Therefore (the) heavenly Love that (the Lord has) granted to mankind,
(is) just (found) on Heavens. If anyone (is) asking (for that Love),
they must use that pipes, (the) pipes of (the) Springs of Love, (which
are) coming through Prophets’ hearts. Reach someone’s heart, (and) you
should take from him. Without Love a person is (like) a dry wood!
Love (is) making these trees to open and flowering. If no Love (is)
coming to them, they are like dry woods. (In) springtime that love (is)
coming from up; not from earth, (but) from up (it is) coming and (they
are) flowering. Look! Look!…
Who (is) asking (for that Love)? No one (is) asking! No one (is) asking
that Love! (The) love of (the) physical being is (a) dirty love, (is)
rubbish, to be put into dustbin. Love Springs (are) coming from up and
you are looking (that) as much as you can give from wells water, trees
(are) not getting happy, (they are also) asking (for that Love) from up
to come (to them)! O people, think on it! But people they lost to think!
Look trees, flowers- from where they are taking that enjoyment and
opening? Water? No, it is not enough. But we are not using our minds to
think that (the) Love of Heavens (is) reaching to nature. Nature was
sleeping, on that (Love coming, it is) awakening…

But people now (are) saying: “We reached (the) top of civilization”, and
they are all liars and cheating ones! No, technology (is) killing and
(only the) Love of Heavens (is) making you to stand up, bringing you to
life! Technology (is) taking (the) life of people. You know technology-
their target for what? To take all mankind (away), to destroy them and
what they have done, what they built. Technology (is) coming to destroy
man and their buildings, but heavenly Love (is) coming to give you new
life, enjoyment, honour, praisings, and perfection, peace, satisfaction
and contentment, a peaceful life, calling you to eternity!

Eternity! So sweet word, that I like from other languages… Eternity…
eternity…why (you are) not running after eternity and you make yourself
to be thrown into dustbin? For what? That chance (has) just granted to
you once, (it is) not going to be given to you a second chance, no, but
people (have) just (been) cheated by Shaitanic teachings and by devils,
(by the) followers of Shaitan. People now are not followers of Prophets;
living people on earth now are following shaitanic teachings; they are
not following heavenly Teachings, therefore that cursing (is) coming on
(And there is) no way for their safety, for their saving, except (that)
they are coming to say: “O our eternal Lord, we are asking eternal life!
No one can grant it to us, only You Almighty! Grant us!” (But) they are
not saying (this).
They are running like zebras or wild ox…running on streets- what you
find on streets? (It is) enough that you are running after Shaitan,
leave that Shaitan, turn back to your Lord! That is (the) heavenly
Announcement, saying every day: “O people, come and ask your Lord and
love Him and respect Him!”
That is heavenly Announcement daily, but people (are) putting… not
cotton, but putting brass…(It is) quickly melting and (they are) putting
(it into their ears), not to hear, not to listen, not to obey to their
Creator, their Lord, that (is) calling them: “Come to Me, o My servant!
Just I gave to you life, I am bringing you into life, I am honouring you
to be My servant! Come to Me, I am granting to you eternity, eternal
life. Come to Me, give your love to me! Just I gave My Love to you, but
you are not giving your love to Me!”

And that is trouble for mankind in our days. With technology they are
trembling, not from (the) fear of the Lord Almighty they are trembling!
People are drunk and when they are drunk, they can’t understand
anything… May Allah forgive me and bless you…
Come to your Lord! That is my mission, to call people: “Come to our Lord
that just grants to you life and grants to you everything that you like!
Come to your Lord! No one can give to you a new life except Him
Almighty.” That is our mission: calling people to Allah as (it was) the
mission of all Prophets. Come to your Lord! We have an invitation to
Heavens, come!

If (the) maire (was) sending (an) invitation (to you): “O Mr X., we are
inviting you for an assembly night on Thursday for the honour of our
Majesty Queen’s birthday night”, (you would say:) “What they are saying?
Ohhh, I am a VIP person that maire sending to me this invitation! I am a
very important one, look! I must go!” For maire’s invitation you are
running, (you are) running to go to his invitation, and the Lord of
Heavens is saying to you: “O My servant, come to Me! I am granting to
you eternity!” Eternity…so sweet word through languages… Ebedi, Sermadi
in Arabic, that (there is) no any translation (for these words on other
languages). They are doing only one word in European languages, other
languages, saying ‘eternity‘, and in Arabic (there are) so many words…
(The Lord is) saying: “Come, that your Lord (is) granting to you eternal
life, Sermadi, Abadi“…and you are saying: “Eh! Leave it! Come, we may go
to Pub“?…(They are) sitting (there) on wooden tables, making like
this…(If it is a) long sitting, making their leg to be paining, taking
(it) like this, taking (it) like that… Some of them (are) standing up,
to be rest, then, because his head is turning, (he is) sitting (down)
once again…
“You are not coming to Me? Come to Me and I am granting to you eternal
life that no any eye just saw it, no any ear (has been) hearing about
that, no anyone’s knowledge (has been) reaching to that one! You are
like ants in earth- what (an) ant (is) knowing about this world? What an
ant may know for this huge space? You are in such a way. Come, I shall
give you something for eternal life!” But people are running (away)…May
Allah forgive us!…
Think on it! Think on it and try to be a good servant and run to your
Lord’s invitation, you should be happy here and Hereafter and honoured!

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of that most beloved, most praised
servant of the Lord, Allah sws. For his honour we are asking forgiveness
and blessings, Fatiha.

Lefke, 9.4.2006

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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