Maulana Sheikh NazimAllah is saying: 'O My servants, if you are thankful, I will give you

Allah is saying: 'O My servants, if you are thankful, I will give you more.'. No excuses for the situation in the world- the servants must look to
themselves to find out why and how something is happening to him, why he
fell in that bela.
In the case of a car- if one little piece is broken, the car cannot move at
all. If there is one mistake in one place, everything goes wrong. People are
not grateful to Allah, they don't say Shukr, but they make Kufr, and Allah
is not happy about it. He wants them to be grateful. You also, you expect
gratefulness from your children, and not bad behaviour.
Give me 4o days, and I will fix the situation, I will show you if the mind
of a holy one is functioning or not.The situation is because of the
ungratefulness of people towards Allah.According to the Shariat you can only pay something with another thing that
has an equal value. For example you may pay a bag of wheat with a bag of
rice. According to Schariat you cannot pay with paper- it has no value.
They removed the Bait-ul-Mal and put instead banks, where you have to pay
interest for your credit. The Bait-ul-Mal was to help Muslims. Who was in
need, applied for a credit. Rich people gave to the poor. There was one
Sultan in whose time no one was in need to take from the Bait-ul-Mal
anymore, because the system was functioning well. Nowadays everybody is
taking without giving anything. And they take tax from poor people. How a
system like that can function!.
According to the Schariat everyone must be able to look after himself and
not be a burden on others, not to be like Parasit. And one should keep food
enough for one year.A state also should be self-sufficient. You cannot stand
on debts.
Lefke - 10.01.2002
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