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He came to me in the evening, at midnight. What did he say? They told him that "Your Shaykh didn't cry for you". At midnight, a crying state came upon me. I said "O Abdul Karim!* I may cry for you!" "My Shaykh didn't cry for me" he said. Such a crying state came upon me at midnight, don't even ask. I felt lighter. I felt lighter. When it happens, I will call him. You understand? When the Sahib, Al Mahdi (as) comes we will call him here. Have no fear, O Bahlul! What is this? All these awliyas, all this power.. They can make it all upside down!

(* Shaykh Abdul Kerim Effendi al-Kibrisi al-Naqshbandi)

S.H. He went like a lion! I went & saw him. He is like a lion.
M. They took him to the other side, for service. They made him disappear from here, as if he is dead. Understand? May you know this. Therefore you complete the mission here. All is good with him.

He said "My Shaykh didn't cry for me". This news reached me at midnight. And I said, "O Abdul Karim, may I cry for you?" I cried for him, I cried for him. He got happy, he was relieved.

I said "You continue to take care of your own mission". They took him to the other side now, to the back of mount Qaf. You understand? To the side of awliyas. The strong ones are on this side. They made him disappear from here. You understand? Huuu, We will keep appearances. The spirituality is different. He has a power on him. He has the power of a dragon on him. He stood out against the world of kufr-unbelief, only one man. He stood out against the unbelievers of Turkey, made them upside down! And US also, another center of kufr- unbelief. He also taught them their lesson & limits!

He came here like a lion. And he returned to his mission here. He is an astonishing man. His tajalli/manifestation appears to be like this now, but he will come. When the Sahibul Waqt appears, he comes.

S.H. I would insult him, poke him from here and he would laugh.
M. He started his mission there now. He is not from the common people. No! No! One man, one man on his own stirred up the whole country.
S.H. No one put anything in his food to poison & kill him?
M. It doesn't touch him, doesn't affect him. His mission is different, these ones' mind & mentality is different. ...He was touched, then he said "My Shaykh didn't cry for me". Such a state of crying came on me & I said "O Abdul Karim. Don't say I didn't cry. You are like my son. You know your mission & you carry on with it. You go about your mission". But I cried, cried at midnight. I cried in the bed, quite a long time. "My Shaykh didn't cry for me" he came, saying like this. I cried for you. I may cry now that you see it? I cried. I cried a lot at midnight. I cried a lot, O Hussein. He has started his mission now. He is received by the other... They put these ones at the back of mount Qaf. This one was a dragon, one who stood up against whole world...
S.H. Upon the power/support that comes from you, not by his own will.
M. There is nothing in us but our Grandshaykh Hadrat...
S.H. No Mawlana, with your support..
M. A dragon, a dragon...

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