Maulana Sheikh NazimNeverending Worlds of Enlightenment

If we have no connections to Heavens we will be like a cassette, only able to speak as long as there is a recording on it. When it is finished we will stop. We ask for something which is never-ending. We are preparing ourselves to reach a never-ending life with never-ending power, knowledge, wisdom, feelings and understanding. We are running after never-ending qualities. That is our pleasure.

In this world we are imprisoned, all of mankind is. We listen in limits, we hear in limits, we smell in limits, we taste in limits, we move in limits and you understand in limits, your knowledge is in limits. Everything you have been granted is in limits. If someone is in limits, they are imprisoned.

The Lord of Heavens has given everyone a chance to use these limited powers to make a connection to the never-ending worlds, never-ending universes and never-ending oceans. You are like a drop, when you reach the ocean you will become the ocean, you will be finished. You cannot take it back. It belongs to the ocean and will become part of it. It will be the ocean. Everyone has this chance. If you don't take it, you will always be in limits.

The ones who have reached a connection to Heavens are in the never-ending spheres. The first level of Heavens, the second Heaven, the third Heaven... each level gets larger and larger and includes the previous one: the second includes the first, the third includes the second, the fourth the third, the fifth the fourth, the sixth the fifth and the seventh the sixth. That is the limit for creatures. Only prophets are allowed to move beyond. This is what happens when the drop becomes one in the endless oceans. Lucky are the ones who ask to be connected to Heavens, those who are interested. Those who don't during their lifetime must reach a connection in their last moment. It is impossible for anyone to reach the last moment without having a connection to Heavens. Some people reach the level of the First Heavens, but do not have enough to pass over to the next.

Allah the Almighty causes some people to belong and to be connected to earth, others to Heavens. Those who never reached any connection during their lives will reach the level of the First Heaven, but cannot pass through it to the next, because they belong much more to earth than to Heavens. Finally everyone must reach Heavens, but if you can reach it now, by using Heavenly Steps, you will get higher. If you do not, you are like an insect or a creature who only walks on earth, unable to get up.

People must come back to their connection. Those who are connected to Heavens will reach the enlightened worlds. The souls who are not interested in Heavens, only in this earth, will continue their travelling, development, improvement and their interest without reaching any lights. Their enjoyment will come out of darkness, out of the worlds of darkness. They will never find any enjoyment in the world of lights.

It is important in the life of man to ask for a connection to the enlightened worlds. You cannot do this without contacting someone from that world. If you ask for lights, you must ask for an enlightened person who is connected to the enlightened worlds. People who live in darkness cannot give you any lights. You will become like them: on earth, under earth or on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh level of darkness. Like the levels of light, every new level of darkness includes the previous one.

It is important in our life to find a person who belongs to Heavens. To be with him and to follow him.

This is a summary of all Heavenly Teachings. Unfortunately our physical desires usually pull us into the worlds of heaviness and darkness. Physical lights depend on those dark worlds. Without our bodies our souls could never become enlightened. People are mostly imprisoned in their physical bodies. Only a few out of hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands or millions of people: a very small group, is able to be interested in the enlightened world. If you are, you must reach it.

Nowadays people are usually interested in their physical desires, even though these come and go so quickly, to finish and to vanish. Spiritual enjoyment, peace and contentment, continues endlessly. Our mission is to call people out of the darkness of their physical bodies into the lights of enlightened souls in the Divine Presence. Every second their enlightenment will increase in a never-ending enlightening, the neverending enjoyment continues, the neverending beauty continues, the neverending wisdom continues, neverending, neverending... They will belong to the neverending worlds. That is the honour and target of mankind: to endlessly belong to the enlightened worlds.


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