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Audhubilahi minesh shaitana rajim Bismillahi Rahmanir Rahim. Destur, ya Sayidi…Meded… A new page is opening… By the Name of Allah, Almighty, All Merciful most Magnificient, most Beneficient…

For His honour we are living and no one can carry Allah Almighty's honour. No creature can carry except one, one may dress dress of honour from Allah Almighty…only one. No prophet, no angel, no any we know or we don't know creature, cant be able to dress the dress of honour that belongs to Allah Almighties divinely Presence. Impossible. Only one! That one, most honoured servant of Allah Amighty Sayidinna Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallim. Everyone is taking honour… Rasulullah (sws) he is most honoured one, because if you are saying most honoured one, that honour must come from Alllah Almighty directly, directly coming, No creature is able to reach to take an honour directly from Allah Almighty impossible…

And we are asking honour from Rasulullah (sws)… Every prophet just asked that honour, and everyone through Heavens asking honour from Allah Almighty. As long as they are glorifying Allah Almighty, for His glorifying coming honour. If you like to reach more honour you may do much more glorifying and you should be dressed much more honour. You are giving much more time for nonsense aspects here, taking nothing. People waste their very valuable time for their lives and taking back what they are giving, but they are taking nothing. Nothing... Here there are hills of real diamonds, and it is free to take from it as much as you like, there, left hand side, there are imitated plastic diamonds, not real ones, and it is also thrown through land, through dirt, but shaitan saying: Leave this. Because there are hills of diamonds, but… only there are in need to take and to work on it, to appear their real positions. There: plastic, imitated diamonds, thrown through swamps, and shaitan calling: Leave that, that is nothing there, come and look, just it is prepared, and showing to them Come and look, why you waste your time with this? Come and take. And people now leave real diamond mines and run to take from imitated plastic ones from swamps, that are bad smelling and as they are thrown through… it is also through there.

But as some people who work on leather of animals, their place so bad smelling, but who is working there. They are accustomed, saying No it is okay, and if anyone coming there, saying Uhhh, bad smell. Now people who ask form that imitated plastic diamonds never smell bad smell of swamps and fighting each other… you take much more, I am taking small I must take form you more… in such a way whole fighting among nations and among people… only that is the reason, Everyone rushing on it to take more. What is the value? No value and that is never giving an honour to people, no. Everything through this life is imitated and temporary. If bringing from imitated diamonds, no one is carrying even though his finger small diamond also, taken from him or from her and outing through their graves without anything. No honour no value and no benefit. Here troublemaker that is people asking for imitated diamonds and valuable imitated stones and running after gold also, that as well as it is imitated also, wasting their time, their life and finally coming at the end finding nothing through their hands. And they take nothing from honour, finished. Honour only from Allah Almighty and that honour just distributed from Rasulullah sws. He is center of honour, Seal of Prophets. Therefore he, that most honoured servant of Allah and his companions lived in a way with nature and never running to make a complex life, they lived most simple life. They know reality, they learned what is reality, and shaitan and his helpers can't be able to cheat them, finished. Shaitan was hopeless to cheat one Sahaba, saying: Why I am wasting my time? We can't cheat them, look another one... And after coming and cheating…

Now we have a Muslim community on earth, perhaps their number reaching 1 ½ billion people or more, and I may say- and I am authority to say- all of them cheated. Very, very, very few ones, that they have reality about this life, about Dunya, about the pearl, real pearls, real diamonds, real rubies, shaitan running away from them and saying don't run with those people, you can't cheat them, finished, mahfuz- those people are protected. How a person going to be protected? Who keeping steps of that most honoured one… If you are protecting, keeping that most honoured ones' steps, you should reach to protected area, and shaitan and his soldiers can't reach to you, no, finished, you are in protected area.

Once the son of Sayidinna Omar, Allah bless him, was going to Hajj, coming from Medina Munawwara and going, and so many people. Just he arrived at a crossroads, and people, most people, going on the way that commonly people going on it. He reached there and making a turning right hand, turning a small hill and getting behind that and reaching to people. And people asking: O disciple of Rasul, why you did this? Just I saw, I witnessed that Seal of Prophets came here and he did his camel right hand and making a circle and coming and going that way. Therefore I like to keep his steps, only this reason, nothing else, to keep his holy steps, must be because they have another kind of light, they are not looking with head eyes only, but also through their hearts eyes looking, and heart eyes showing them: every step coming a light. Therefore he said: I am following steps of my much more beloved prophet, to follow his footsteps.

They were so careful to keep steps footsteps of Prophet (sws). What about this nation now? They are so careful to change their steps from steps of Rasul (sws), Allah bless him, to follow steps of western people. And western people are not Muslims, no. It is big shame, blame to Muslims to follow steps of western people. Western people are either Christian, either Jewish faith, they are not Muslim. They keep their prophets and their steps, nothing for ourselves to follow them, no.

And the current in our days is modern Muslims, no. It is so wrong to be modern and Muslim. Modernized Muslim means either becoming a follower of Christian beliefs or Judaism, their belief. How can be this with that? No. 'Muslim' is a big cheating for people, can't… and Prophet was informed as from his miracles that should come a day my nation, my Ummah should be so happy to follow steps of book given people. They should be so eager, happy to follow steps of those people who are given heavenly books, that means Christians and Jewish people, and every fashion that Christian and Jewish people bringing first Muslim world, Muslim men and women they are using… And they lost… they lost the essence of Islam. Finished, no essence, only a shape, out looking they are Muslims, or through their identity card they are Muslim, If out looking also they are following new fashion always from Christian and Jewish fashion books, finished.

Therefore even Muslims just have been granted mush more valuable areas of Dunya, very rich, most rich part, Muslims their accommodation on that area and they are in crisis. For what? What is reason? Allah giving to you countless richness, how you can fall in crises? Economical crises… No economical crises for Muslims - It is through their belief. They lost essence of Islam and they fell in that deep less and hopeless crises. That is we must try to understand and we may say as long as we are following western people, what coming to them, must come on ourselves. Till we are leaving westernising in Islam and coming on its original beliefs and rules and orders, we can be saved and also we can save other nations. If not, western people going to vanish and finish and whom catching them and hoping from them a salvation, they are also going to vanish and finish. That is final point that we are in it. May Allah forgive me and bless you and forgive me, for the honour of most honoured prophet of Allah Almighty. Ask honour for him! Fatiha.

Lefke - 26.05.2002

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